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People Aren’t Acting Quite Right

Today someone messaged me with another bizarre case of a friend that that has turned on me yet again.

“James WTH is going on ? Why are so many ppl not speaking at SSSIII? I seriously doubt if i am going. i still don’t know. … then today, there’s this shit … what is going on ?!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT4w1l9b2iQ When I saw that William Ross vid, I went to SST and saw how long he’d been working w/ you. I thought something specific had happened between you & him to cause this! Why do i get the feeling some certain ‘women’ are behind this? Maybe i’m wrong, just a vibe i got. A lot of people aren’t acting ‘quite right’. Also a lot of us seem to be plagued w/ bad luck & hard times. My past 2-3 months have been Unbelievably fucked up in like, 5 different ways.”

I have always highly respected William Ross, his experience and testimony as a milab liaison for the 4th reich is very important in this field of research. Additionally I many spent hours of my time assisting him edit his world watch reports as i felt it was a message worth reading.

I don’t recall doing anything recently that would merit such a response. However, I would like to mention he has lately seemed distant and the quality of his material has continually declined over the past year, so I no longer supported his work as much as I used too. Ive seen this switch before in other individuals who have been subjected to mind control. This happens quite often in this field of research because of the trauma we have been put through our auras have holes in them where other entities can enter and control said individuals. If such individuals are a young soul or one who is service to self they are easily manipulated.

Individuals who are either from source energy or are very old advanced souls can handle the trauma better due to experience and still live within a realm of normalcy. Additionally protection for our star family helps in this process but when ego gets in the way that is out the door as well.

William has admitted milabs have cloned all his family members and friends as tools to control him. Could they not also clone him as well and use that clone as a wedge to destroy the friendship we had built together? I am not the position to make that judgement but based on his latest video which aims to discredit me and yet support individuals of questionable character surmises an assumption that in my opinion WIlliam Ross appears to be compromised.

He has recently posted a video claiming that i work for NASA and DARPA. For the record i am willing to put in a court affidavit that i do not work for those govt agencies in my waking conscious life. However, what William failed to mention is that he has claimed to work for those agencies as a milab so is he not judging himself as well? And if he thought the NEO meditation cube was so destructive to the soul then why would he keep this knowledge to himself all these years without making a fuss to me in private.

As for the other individuals in said video, Information relayed to me via Duncan O’finioans akashic record shows he was never involved with milabs. He was used in the army and given experimental drugs to enhance his aggression, when his handlers realized what a mess he had become they stopped his program and focused instead on genetic engineering. But I am not trying to negate his experiences and testimony as it is a message which deserve to be heard.

When i use the term milab and super soldier I am referring to mind control programs assisted with help from off world and interdimensional beings, involving greys, reptilians, sirians, nazis, and other parallel alternative realities. Here I am a 7 foot tall silver colored cyborg super soldier used for military combat applications in off world scenarios.  I figure this message will eventually make its way back to Duncan with his standard train wreck response but i dont really care anymore. I place a high importance of reporting the truth on this blog to the best of my ability and will continue to do so.

The other picture shown in the video is of Michael Prince. The guy is so loaded with malfunctioning nanites he is a total tool of the dracos and is of no good to anyone anymore sadly. He has recently threatened to kill his wife, max spires and his partner Rachel(Sarah), Ben Murphy, Me and others as well. He has sent me and many others pornography of his ex partner to humiliate her and as a result the Department of Homeland Security has issued a warrant for his arrest and if he steps on soil in the United States he will go to prison. Perhaps a future timeline may show a different path in his life as I suspect he will start to improve as the arcturians have since interviewed and cut him loose from his handlers. Whatever the case may be i wish him much love and light as well.

As for Erin Green Hicks and her alleged light, lets just say i seen it up close and personal and it doesn’t look so bright. Her negativity and drama has played a significant role in destroying the unity I and many others have been trying to bring to this movement for many years. I now admit with much regret that I am truly sorry I have ever promoted her story. It is my belief she should not be in the public forum until she learns how to control her emotions otherwise she is making all experiencers look bad. I have already explained my reasons for this and feel if i bring it up again it will be a detriment to what little relationship i have left with her.

So for these reasons I am not going to post any more content from William Ross for the foreseeable future.



  1. A lot of people aren’t acting right. Either cloned and/or mind controlled. I’m seeing this in my own life as well. It’s like the shit has hit the fan for many of us in a very quiet, but most disturbing manner. Keep posting the truth. Screw the liars. We know who they are and what they are about. Thanks, James. 🙂

  2. And you wonder why James I am having a go at you. You are having a go at those MILABS again James. What the hell is wrong with you mate. People are Aren’t Acting Quite Right that for sure this is far from mind control or cloning James.

  3. There is an enormously WIDE berth of difference between having an OPINION, change of heart, suspicions or concerns about a person’s motives or integrity (for WHATEVER reason(s) ) vs. PUBLICLY producing & publishing an all-out personal attack on a person and just randomly puking it all over the internet.

    Frankly, anyone in this (Milab) arena who publicly does something so profoundly dramatic, slanderous and inflammatory, begets a tremendously higher note of SUSPICION FOR QUESTIONABLE MOTIVES AND PERSONAL INTEGRITY.


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