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Peter the Insider ACIO – Area 51 Earthquake, Brazil UFO, Visit to Ashland Atlantis (includes notes)

Peter Insider is director of 12th division inside the ACIO which is tasked as a liaison between human and ET relations. He works in Pine Gap in center of Australia and Dreamland, Groom Lake, AREA 51 in Nevada US. These bases are sister facilities of each other. Peter will be giving us an update on the state of world affairs, including the Umbrella Project’s Rainbow Moonlight COVID-19 biochemical A.I. which got totally out of control as well as a discussion about the Area 51 Earthquake, Brazil UFO incident, Super Soldier Tyrants, Ashland Atlantis, and much more.

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Today Notes

Earthquake Near Area 51

May 2020 earthquake 130 miles from Area 51 is 1.6 KM (1 mile in diameter) Motherships firing their engines up. The base is ours but they are reversing engineering motherships with help of ET. There are tunnels connected to Area 51 to this location. Area 51 is too small and would cause too much damage if they fire it up at A51. Its shaped like a tritamaran boat.

UFO Crash in Brazil

Look human but they are shapeshifters. Brazilian military asked USA military for help retrieving the debris. There are about 10 races of ET aboard and they were doing experiments on human population. Beings aboard are cooperating and do not need to be interrogated. About 600 ET were recovered, survived the incident. Ship was huge approx. 3KM, 1.8 Miles. It was broken in multiple small parts. They were trying to convert kidnaped humans into cybernetic cloned slaves mixed with ET genetics on board the vessel. Some of these people could have been in a position in which they would have died like from fires etc. but 10% are from homes where they could have lived out their lives.

Probably a Monarch, mobius, Umbrella Corporation vessel. The explosions where them cleaning up the site afterward. The people who took videos of the craft and ET will face repercussions for their actions, deletions of videos, and harassment. MIB was division six ACIO, they are not team players, made their rules. MIB is using neutralizers on the locals who witnessed the craft.

Super Soldier Tyran

They are very cruel light soldiers made by 4th Reich. Tyrant stands for cruel, dictator. Just like the capital T need to go on the Right or Left path. Service to self or service to other path. They are very dangerous to those who want to take actions against them. Made in 4D density of 4th array (Reich, but pronounced Hike).

Ashland (Atlantis Colony)

Called Ashland because the dome looks like it was burned but it was not. The city used to reside on the surface in Atlantis but the area sunk to the bottom of the sea and the city survived by a protective dome that is 180 miles wide, there are multiple domes of this size of the Atlantic, and its bigger on the inside then the outside. They have a total population of 300 million people. Inside this dome is a massive city of millions of people. There are clouds with rainbow colors, sees a light blue sky and their no sun. There are plants similar on the surface, these plants can be seen in the Voynich manuscript. 80% of these plants were derived from ET source and planted around the earth on the surface. They keep dogs as pets, border collie like dog (dogs’ same size as those on the surface). The pets have a happy energy around them. People and animals are vegetarians.

We meet Gabriella, she is a very tall lady; 6’9” fit and healthy with blonde hair. She seems like she is floating. There is a weird gravity. They communicate with telepathy primarily but they can also talk using mouth. There was also a short race of beings there, blue in color. Men are about 9’ tall. Normal they are 60 and 90 cm, 2-3 feet. But they can shapeshift the size of a bug or become 15 meters 50 feet tall. They do this so they can pass through interdimensional doorways. They call themselves white blues.

We tell her we are here to learn and Gabriella says let me show you around. She says her name is Gabriella. Gabriella says this place is called Ashland. It’s on the bottom of the Atlantic. It’s been there a very long time 500,000 plus years ago, it was covered up with a dome when Atlantis sunk 50,000 years ago. It was set up by Lemurians, they consider themselves descendants of Lemurians.

There are buildings that light up with a gold aura. She sees pathways that branch off that goes off into different buildings. Roads are shape like brick, they look like stone, really smooth but its white ceramic. Architecture buildings is much different than on buildings on earth, though there were some similarities. Like ancient Greece, Roman, Egyptian, Syrian.

She is taken to their command center, it’s a technology room to control some satellites gifted to them by the SSP, there is agreement that we are supposed to tell people of earth about it. The control room is very modern looking but it at one point it looked outdated like 1970’s shag carpets, they used to have an agreement with the ssp. They are supposed to get an upgrade, there are some ssp personnel working there now. There was a conflict that caused them to kick the SSP groups out because the SSP groups wanted to control the citizens. Something about their DNA. These SSP group were trying to extract their DNA. So, they stopped trading technology. They were trying to create hybrids, for the longevity aspects, more light in their DNA.

The technology in this command center has windows that can be turned into a screen. They can view any spot of planet earth. They also have a satellite that connects to the tech in the command room. They can connect to our internet if they wanted too. The communication between their technology does not function in the same way. Our Internet has a lot of mind control tech on our internet but the main issues is how we send pictures and how it travels their technology is different, as in much more advanced and enhanced.

They are concerned about their DNA. We are there to negotiate with their technology, observe and take back what we see. They can live a long time and have 3 to 4 kids throughout their lives. At 1,000 years old it’s like a 4-year-old child. At 10,000 years it’s like a 10-year-old child. 120,000 to 150,000 years old. They live so long because they unlocked 10 strands of DNA to 12 strands. Can use technology to extend that even further. Some people visit humans on the surface and come back.

She seems very motherly; she is the grandmother that wants to show all the details we don’t care about. Gabriella says humans have a lot of learn, we love them. They are aware of what’s being done to humans in the SSP.
They are one of the original root races, their fate is to eventually join us. Gabriella says Debra used to live there in that city but it was not underwater at the time. The military tried to use weapons to penetrate the facility back in the 1960’s. She says I love you but its time to go, she holds a hand symbol with thumb on her palm.
Peter lived there for about three months. The locals were friendly.


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