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Peter the Insider ACIO – Brazil UFO Update, Timeline Loops, Dark Shield Facility

Peter Insider is director of 12th division inside the ACIO which is tasked as a liaison between human and ET relations. He works in Pine Gap in center of Australia and Dreamland, Groom Lake, AREA 51 in Nevada US. These bases are sister facilities of each other. Peter will be giving us an update on the state of world affairs, Brazil UFO incident update, Timeline Loops, Dark Shield Facility, and much more.

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Brazilian UFO

Look human but they are shapeshifters. Brazilian military asked USA military for help retrieving the debris. There are about 10 races of ET aboard and they were doing experiments on human population. Beings aboard are cooperating and do not need to be interrogated. About 600 ET were recovered, survived the incident. Ship was huge approx. 3KM, 1.8 Miles. It was broken in multiple small parts. They were trying to convert kidnaped humans into cybernetic cloned slaves mixed with ET genetics on board the vessel. Some of these people could have been in a position in which they would have died like from fires etc. but 10% are from homes where they could have lived out their lives. Probably a Monarch, mobius, Umbrella Corporation vessel. The explosions where them cleaning up the site afterward. The people who took videos of the craft and ET will face repercussions for their actions, deletions of videos, and harassment. MIB was division six ACIO, they are not team players, made their rules. MIB is using neuralizers on the locals who witnessed the craft. They are cooperating, ship cleans up after itself………..

According to information given by the Ashtar Command, channeled by Neva/Gabriel of Sementes das Estrelas, the following video shows the crash of a negative reptilian spaceship that was trying to escape from the planet. Nobody shot it. The Light Forces always try to prevent the death of beings. This ship crashed due to the Planetary Protection Grid mounted around the Earth. I here transcribe part of the information given by Neva:

«[…] It’s an Orion Star System spaceship for three crew members. The Earth Protection Grid that is activated by the Light Forces prevents any escape now. No one of the negative forces leaves the planet, fleeing, no matter how hard they try. It is a measure for all negative forces to be captured. The ship was shot down by the magnetic protection field after several warnings from the Ashtar Command not to attempt escape. It was not shot down by the Brazilian army / aeronautics or any country abroad such as the USA. It was manned by reptilians of the negative faction (I always like to emphasize also that not all reptilians or draconians are negative, but those on the ship were from the negative group). In fact, these negative vibrating beings have been trying to flee the planet, ever since they realized the real approach of what is called “The Event” and “Solar Flash”. The ship suffered a breakdown and was trying to return to the starting point when it crashed. The damage rendered the ship inoperative and without camouflage capability, becoming visible in this reality. […] The ship left the inner Earth through one of the caves located in the hills of Rio de Janeiro. The agencies responsible for these situations immediately sent their agents to resolve the case and, certainly, to distort the information in some way. I really hope that there will be massive pressure not to omit that anymore. People drones were sent to fly over the site and were shot down by the military present.»

Indeed, in the video below (in pt-BR without subtitles) there is an audio where you can hear that all civilian cellphones have to be seized to avoid spreading the information. For those who don’t know, ALL SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE CONTROLLED BY THE DARK CABAL and all videos that portray this event are being removed (as indicated in this link in English):

Timeline Loops

The timeline event when Mobius took over did not happen because of wars. The wars started after the timeline event started. This coincides with the big bang. The big bang / timeline happened because scientists on a Sirius B workstation – which is the pocket Universe that administration location of a lower dimension which crosses over to another higher dimensional reality. Majority of races were using Technological Enhanced Genetics that were helping them with unfolding their genetics. These developed tech genetics were inserted in races to shortcut their way instead of spending thousands of years learning lessons of each reality (dimensions / densities). Some of the genetics were decaying rapidly so these scientists on Sirius B were working on these decaying technology. The experiment went wrong and ripped apart realities. Very similar to massive trillion nukes originating from this star system. It did not affect mater; it affected the genetics of humans. The scientists closer to the explosion had their genetics ripped and regressed back to billion years earlier to reptilian. The ripple happened all through our universe and multiverse. It affected our star system as well. The wars ensued after this event. Densities and dimensions were created as a result of this explosion. They did not exist previously. It may have been an in built safe guard of the universe to react so. The new density reality layer Density 1 was created with dimension 1,2,3. The other reality layers were also sectioned into dimensions. The density one created a new low in the universe. This Density 1 is in the process of being dematerialized right now and the whole density one should be totally gone within the next 100 years.

5th dimension = 5th array
Sirius B – not in our reality but located in a disconnected reality (pocket realities). They are not in charge of our timeline anymore either. Sirius B scientist worked in collaboration with Mobius and Monarch as they both need pocket realities.
April 26, 2020 2pm UTC is the date/time Mobuis is no longer in charge of our timeline and they don’t want to control our timeline anymore.

The universal cycle is in play. The Stellar Activation Cycle (2012) was another hijacked event. The Galactic Core activation cycle is in play currently. The 12 galactic core pillars activated one at a time from 2000 to 2012 (dec 12). The 12 core pillars are rolling up and cleaning up each of the densities of our universe one year at a time from 2012-2024. All the blocks placed by the regressed races are being deconstructed one year at a time for each of the 12 universes. each contains 12 realities (12 dimensions). As you have noticed Peter avoids the word reality, because this is what it really means. As he indicated, he is in a backup / pocket reality. We are being continuously relooped in our time because all these races have access to time displacement technology (CERN and 22 other devices like it). They cannot loop us back unless by approval of the council. They just received an approval by a race to loop us back 4 years to 2016 and our physical mental fields wiped. Have you noticed where it feels like 30 years since 9/11? That is because they have been looping us on average at least one to two extra years for every time year. (Monarch, Mobius, Umbrella are using old technology. In 2021 , they wait one year, and use old almost outdated tech and then they will go back to recreate timelines for their advantage , not for us but them.)

The regressed races want to get their genetic harvesting done (that is the only thing that humans are good for them – as cattle) for this, they are staying to the last minute before the resetting and at our genetic expense. This stopped in April 26, 2020. Every time they have been doing this, it has cost us our valuable genetics that we are going to need when the cycle ends to start ourselves up again in 2025. Nothing can stop the Galactic Core energies. They have tried to retard it with the chemtrails. Yes, the DUMBs are in their own pocket of reality where they can just step out of our reality, stay there for couple of years (2022-2025 mainly, they are upgrading their Lichtsoldaten super soldiers which take about three years, this technology was stolen by 4th and 5th Reich from parallel universe which Nazis won the war. ) and then step back in and continue their harvesting of humans. We have very few years and much work to do to work on ourselves and at the same to see if we can wake some people around us. No, not totally F’d, but not all is lost yet.

Black Shield

We go into another facility in Antarctica. She sees a blue and green water in a tank which fits inside a submarine. She sees the blue ranger he is wearing a black suit, there is a respirator attached to very heavy equipment, looks very old like steam punk era. Black suit around his head he is chained and anchored into the tank. He can see through a screen. There is water circulation in the tank for his body; and his soul is human consciousness. He was also tricked into this program and he wants a human body. The ssp can transfer him into a human body but they don’t do it so they can keep him a slave stealing treasures and sinking boats. There are many bodies here, they are doing the same thing to other people. Lots of experiments. It’s under the ice sheet and under the water at the bottom of the sea.
There are millions of genetic experiments in cryogenics chambers in an ice cave.

To the right of the cryogenics there are labs where there are men and women in white lab coats. They are looking through microscopes. The scientist are also slaves, can’t leave. Working on blood transmutations. Even the scientists are cloned. She sees a female with black hair, she has a pony tail, glasses, white lab coat looking at the microscope. She thinks it’s safe to talk to her.
They are inside an ice cave with big windows which let light in. They got seismic scanners to monitor earthquakes.

We ask the scientist if she could assist us. She says yes. They are working on tissue, blood, organs, bodies, mind, cyborg. Black blood, black goo blood, soldiers. Not super soldiers, high tech for new world order. Cyborg humans. This base is Nordic facility but the Nordics are not using this facility. Taught Nazis eugenics, racist philosophy, transhumanism.

We have been in this base as part of the Ultra Soldiers. It’s designed to create Licthsoldaten Super Soldiers but it was only producing Ultra Soldiers. The scientists are trying to improve on Licthsoldaten. The soldiers can read minds, mind games, targets.

The last time she was in this facility was 1890. 1886 for James Rink. They have clones of us there. They fed us the black goo which enhances programing easily controlled, it makes people more cruel and aggressive. The chips to control femtotech, helped us to make the left side dominant, more bionic man, woman, stronger knees and bones. For bionic man or bionic woman project; Ultra-Bionic Eugenics Program. During third Reich they failed so they pursued a program eugenics. The name of the facility is called Black Shield. It’s now under the control of Nacht Waffen, they used time portal technology to teleport the base into a pocket reality around the base and move it through time.

She considers herself German Swedish. She asks if we are happy and if we can free her. She wants to go back to surface to join her family. She misses her family; they don’t know where I am. I was taken and miss my husband and children. Covert Operation 99, she wouldn’t tell me what that meant, there is a number missing and she is scare of telling us.

She says her name Jeanine Klavozki. She wears black shoes, white lab coat, glasses, 5’8”. White skin, black dark hair, toupee, bangs. Dimple on right check. She is from Sweden; her family is living in Australia now. Her husband name is mark, she loves him and he is still alive and somehow, she will see him soon and her children. “I hope to see him soon. Keep looking for me. Tell the children I love them and we have a dog.” Even though she is a clone and original is living with family she still wants to go home and has dreams of home.

You and She were in many programs. 99 is very important but cannot tell you yet. Working on profiles. She sees flying flugreands disc to assist in terraforming earth and other planets, mars, Venus, Saturn, moons, and throughout solar system. Chemtrailing to cover up what is happening with terraforming. Mentioned something about the Soviet German police. Soviet Secret Space program with Germany, Russia, United States, China, South Africa. Soviets are still in business off world. They used others like the blue ranger to steal diamonds from South Africa, asteroids, and off world.


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