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Peter the Insider ACIO – Mars Colony Corporation Part II – Include Notes

Peter Insider is director of 12th division inside the ACIO which is tasked as a liaison between human and ET relations. He works in Pine Gap in center of Australia and Dreamland, Groom Lake, AREA 51 in Nevada US. These bases are sister facilities of each other. In this video Peter will continue his conversation about the MCC, Mars Colony Corporation.

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Tiamat – x Millions of years ago
500,000 golden age
Was nicer than planet earth – biome was intact until 1900
Millions of people were living on mars prior to the Cobalt bomb. Settler communities were mostly Germans. But there some cities already existing there prior to 1863 full of ET, hybrids.
Humans first settled mars in 1863 from point of origin in 1918 on earth using Die Glocke.

1900- 120 years ago, Cobalt Bomb burned up all of mars. Cyborgs wanted to destroy everything they don’t like. (1900). They have a soul but its not like humans. Cyborgs wanted to have their own right similar to humans but they were treated as subrace. These were cyborgs were descendants from cyberlife androids created from the year 1505-1555, taken from planet earth in which they had facility on planet earth. These cyberlife androids used time travel from our future to travel back in time to 1650 earth. The Martians called them cyborgs but they are technically androids.
Jumprooms probably were built 1500’s. ACIO has no idea how many exist now.

Survivors in 1900 had to leave because a wormhole opened back in time 500 year. This opening was causing memory loss.
They didn’t want to stop the cobalt bomb because it changed the context of existence which made things better here.

In 1952, there was a cobalt bomb accident on planet earth
So, survivors of the 1900 cobalt bomb traveled to 1950 to restart the colonies.
When they show up in 1950 a group of shapeshifters already settled mars again and built a wormhole to alternate version of mars which was paradise and they were gathering food their as their greenhouses couldn’t grow food in greenhouses as nighttime was so cold, had to live underground.
They would get stuck in the portal so settlers decided not to go back into the portal.
Settlers had fertility problems. Children were born healthy but few children were born
At that time in 1950 they would go through the wormhole to paradise earth back in time to year 1555 and abducted humans from renaissance earth. Possibly taken 100’s of people. They were converting most of them into cyborgs again. They are not bad people but they are considered slaves. They were tasked to build out the colonies.

In 1955 Germans made deals with Eisenhower to abduct humans on planet earth 55,000 year this increased to over 1M per year, slated for 20-year tour of duties. Most of these people have now gotten their memories back, but they are in the alternate reality in which Mars is paradise. They are not happy about being forced into a tour of duty. They basically forgiven us and not want to attack because planet earth is a paradise planet.

In our reality on earth most of those forced into tours of duty have yet to recover their memories. Eventually Martian Vets will recover our memories. This will be bad because people will remember good memories but the side effects from trip seats, milabs, trauma, lobotomy will cause people to go crazy until we break from the previous matrix of existence which took place in April 26, 2020. Now that we are past this date people will start to remember and they will not harm others or themselves.

So MCC continues their operations and grows out their bases. There are now 1 million slaves on mars. ACIO has no idea how many people are living on mars, but it’s around hundreds of millions to 1 billion “people”. There are many hybrids, ET, Crossbreeds, Clones, cyborgs.

On Mars paradise, there was a slave revolt that was successful in 1950 but in this reality it did not happen. However, in the year 2000 there was a slave revolt on mars that was only partially successful. They got their freedom but MCC upper management allowed other ET groups to come in abduct them and enslave them again.

2070 – New time travel machine comes into play which can be used to rescue the slaves. But SSP don’t know what they are messing with.


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