Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Peter the Insider ACIO – Mars Colony Corporation with Session Notes

Peter Insider is director of 12th division inside the ACIO which is tasked as a liaison between human and ET relations. He works in Pine Gap in center of Australia and Dreamland, Groom Lake, AREA 51 in Nevada US. These bases are sister facilities of each other. Today’s topic is Mars Colony Corporation.

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Session Notes

INTERGALACTIC COUNCIL – Council of Five doesn’t like us talking about Mars on Earth. Not allowed to break their rules.

Peter served on mars for 80 years. Military rotation on earth is 9 months, on mars is 20 years. He spent 4 rotations. Those years were filled with a lot of suffering and pain.
Peak of Control 1950-2000. Told personnel earth was destroyed but earth was placed in backup universe. Was told earth was destroyed in a cobalt bomb attack around 1952 a little accident occurred and whole planet.

Original MCC is a mixture of humans and hybrids. Peter had a career as a triple agent, they know we know they exist. HQ core are not crazy. Lockheed got people from Monarch MSL to infiltrate MCC. Peters group was infiltrated by Monarch and gained knowledge and science was brought back to earth to make crazy experimentation’s. They used a credit card like device to get ticket to access mars…

Why didn’t they use time dilation tech to go back in time to change the timeline? Because they used a time dilation system that wasn’t high tech, Monarch can slip through time and get around their countermeasures.

Peter was an officer, but was an observer on secret mission. You can’t give orders. James was Colonel Derrick Reinhold. Multi-located in numerous bodies at same time. Transmitting intel. James Tried to rescue the slaves and ended up badly for James. Peter was also upset that MCC was allowed to enslave beings on mars. Also intergalactic council looked the other way for trading technology for human trafficking. Traded goods, intel, people, technology, DNA.

Technology development on mars was used by Umbrella Corporation to make COVID-19. First version was based on the zombie virus and second version was from some dead pumas.

Do the personnel on mars feel badly about their responsibility in the infections on earth? Yes but not much they can do about


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