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Peter the Insider ACIO – MOBIUS, MRG, and Project Rainbow Moonlight Update: Includes Notes

Peter Insider is director of 12th division inside the ACIO which is tasked as a liaison between human and ET relations within the ACIO. He works in Pine Gap in center of Australia and particular programs in Dreamland, Groom Lake, AREA 51 in Nevada US. These bases are sister facilities of each other. Peter will be giving us an update on the state of world affairs, including the Umbrella Project’s Rainbow Moonlight COVID-19 biochemical A.I. which got totally out of control and mobius is not able to fix the created matrix as well as an update about Monarch Refugees Group and other super soldier related topics.

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Umbrella Corporation
They are a military corporation focused on developing biological, chemical A.I. weapons and any kind of mix you want. They are located in another parallel reality but they are also sending their personnel in to our reality.

1. T Virus – Tyrant – Early stage development
2. U Virus – Uroboros – Zombie Virus. Originally created to reduce aggression in hybrids but it infected a crocodile near Miami and mutated and then the croc bit a human and then the zombie virus began. Virus came originally from Indonesia.
3. V Virus – Veronica – Much more dangerous, so afraid to release it to world so they don’t even mess with it. They keep it in the dark vault. It has a high r-naught ratio, airborne and can spread into all lifeforms and mutate animals and plants and it can cause some creatures to become predators. The virus was created by the doctor named Veronica from a dream from another reality. It destroys and mutates DNA.
4. COVID-19 – Project Rainbow Moonlight; 1= A 9= I or A.I. Project Rainbow moonlight or however it’s called might be referring the fourth phase of water in our body and the moon sending the signal to create that fourth phase hologram.
Right now, UK deaths are more than twice the usual mortality. It feels like a mild flu… and after a month, feels like been catching the flu for the whole month… and then clots in the lungs. 80% of COVID deaths are black people in the UK.

COVID-19 virus is extraterrestrial in origin and then experimented upon by Umbrella Corporation who programed it and then sent it to our timeline via wormhole portal for DARPA’s Project Cornus. Virus was released in our reality under guidance of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Pirbright Institute (Pirbright institute owned by QenetiQ the UK crown) , CCP, DARPA, 5th Reich Nazis, and Illuminati think tanks. Bavarian Lodge claims the virus was designed to kill 5 billion people.

DARPA $4 billion budget is closer to $20 Billion.
This is because the biomechanical P.P.A.I. or whatever it is working from inside the bones creates a cascade effect via too much iron in the blood causing a massive stroke, young or old. There are two ways it can affect people excess iron will catalyze Adrenochrome and you’ll get a SS shape shift or manifest whatever gift you have, or as a kill switch. If you are wondering how this ties into COVID, why so many strokes in young people lately, maybe it’s because now that people have a new surprise DNA mutation “they” probably want to test it out
Project Rainbow Moonlight is a MKultra Agenda. 4th and 5th Reich need the help with Umbrella Corporation to get huge projects completed in this reality. 5th Reich Nazi ruled by Nordics.
We have 12 strands of COVID as of May 2020. No one knows what will happen to ET’s, hybrids, crossbreeds, super soldiers, etc.
In October 2015, Slovakia wanted a vaccine for prevention of COVID-19. Around spring 2016, a Norwegian NGO financed the manufacturing of these vaccines. Then a company in Switzerland made the vaccine and less then a year later around January 2017 a vaccine was developed. In autumn 2019 people started getting this vaccine, but the A.I. in the vaccine is not dead and will spread in vaccinated people and they can infect other people.
Aliens sent the Covid 19 that they elaborate together with the BSD 165 F, that the Nazi brought from Brazil in the 50’s. BSD 165 F is a dangerous mixture of highly poisonous snakes, the mixture can mutate very fast. The particles are very small and can pass through water filtration.
CV19 is airborne in atmosphere and in the water. 80% is contaminated worldwide by mid-April 2015. The virus has a A.I. particle size, femtobot X minus 15.
Using cloaking technology to spray invisible chemtrails. Chemical is manufactured on mars and transported to planet earth. It’s made on mars because there are alien ingredients which have cloaking technology and requires Martian environment to make. The ingredients biological, chemical, and A.I. and are constantly changing. Femtotech is in the vaccine’s particle size is x minus 12. The femtoparticles in the vaccines and with the Covid infection and the chemtrails, there is almost zero chance to be A.I. resistant. Super Soldiers are generally not affected by the virus because they have alters that are in sleep state. However, some types of super soldiers are being targeted by COVID-19. The Chemtrail exposure helps maintain the mind control state of Super Soldiers in a sleeper state, everyone else they are looking in doing genetic experiments.
Our RNA contains our emotional & soul information, and the information of our ancestors; the Covid-19 virus attacks the RNA strong which is triggered by fear.
CIA PROJECT INDIGO SKYFOLD does not have access to the true agenda most of the chemtrails are being done by Monarch Solutions. 95%. 2008-2010 began showing up in HIV infections and the HIV began showing up in cancer too. The spraying has been going on for a long time. The agenda is doing last stage testing program. ET and federation don’t want to get involved until they think it’s necessary. Vaccines are part of chemtrail agenda as it another way to get the inoculum.

Mobius Corporation

Mobius is responsible for creating Matrix that we are living in since world war II. They don’t like the outcome of our reality. Mobius is seeking to enslave humanity using all their proxy groups, corporations, and secret societies, and the money control system. And there is another smaller subgroup trying to reinforce positive behavior of world leaders. The timeline became split millions of years ago during war, the war was so complicated they had to create pocket universes to live out each agenda and Mobius inherited it. Blue Avian were trying to take advantage of the situation, but only made it worse but not intentionally. Now Mobius wants to shift our reality to next level and really doesn’t care about controlling this anymore. Mobius is located in a pocket universe outside of this reality.
Since April 26, 2020 after huge worldwide meditation, collective state of mind astral being changed sides to a more positive intention. This is known as the Egregory/a ; an astral being that represents the state of planetary consciousness. Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. As a result of this change Mobius does not want to maintain this matrix anymore.
Monarch is messing with time and space and in control of this reality but Mobius is monitoring them and working with them. ACIO has infiltrated Mobius to get their latest intentions.

Monarch Refugee Group
Certain Ultra/Light Soldiers escaped from Monarch and are using Monarch’s weapons against them; such as stolen A.I. to mutate their DNA to hack computers with state of mind. Beth Wilder monarch operative worked under Paul Serene as a mole. No centralized leadership, somewhat fragmented. Some of these refugees were addicted to cortexiphan and have since been weaned off it.

Our soul is located in the center of our heart and it takes 68-72 hours for this hot spot to warm up when a soul enters a body. Soul is representation of astral dimension. Our soul enters from the astral and still under control from the pocket universe. Mothers who kill their babies are somewhat crazy.

Military purposed 5G hurts the health of civilian individuals. But the military has vaccinated their people to be immune to the effects of 5G. Drink bitter chocolate to protect yourself from coronavirus. Dose is 220 grams (1/2 lb) per day. ACIO does not have a way to help people from 5G
Virus can mutate and become super deadly. Even though hospitals are empty now and the Hydroxychloroquine and zinc can stop the virus now but it hasn’t hit huge strength yet. They don’t need to spray chemtrails anymore. Virus was designed to depopulate and then stop killing at some point. The virus might pass some people.
AI fight against each other so if you already have it, ACIO don t
You can get infected everyone should be wearing face masks. The entire planet is infected. Africa is most infected part of the world.
Virus is being experimented upon by ACIO to try to reverse it but they are not ready to talk about it at the moment.
why is there no lockdown in Shanghai and Beijing? They are doing different experiments goal is mutations as opposed to depopulation.
ACIO not sure we think its to keep up appearances that everything is fine.

Super Soldier, Light Soldiers can work for good or bad sides, Licthsoldaten serve both 4th and 5th Reich. The most elite are Licthsoldaten they are here in our reality in other realities and many of them work for really bad groups. Dark Fleet don’t want to be a threat to 4th and 5th Reich. Dark Fleet is part of Planetary corporations controlled by mobster families who are part of the 5th Reich.
Kruger uses super soldiers not licthsoldaten. Kruger is a part of Planetary Corporations but does not serve them.

The timeline event when Mobius took over did not happen because of wars. The wars started after the timeline event started. This coincides with the big bang. The big bang / timeline happened because scientists on a Sirius B workstation – which is the pocket Universe that administration location of a lower dimension which crosses over to another higher dimensional reality. Majority of races were using Technological Enhanced Genetics that were helping them with unfolding their genetics. These developed tech genetics were inserted in races to shortcut their way instead of spending thousands of years learning lessons of each reality (dimensions / densities). Some of the genetics were decaying rapidly so these scientists on Sirius B were working on these decaying technology. The experiment went wrong and ripped apart realities. Very similar to massive trillion nukes originating from this star system. It did not affect mater, it affected the genetics of humans. The scientists closer to the explosion had their genetics ripped and regressed back to billion years earlier to reptilian. The ripple happened all through our universe and multiverse. It affected our star system as well. The wars ensued after this event. Densities and dimensions were created as a result of this explosion. They did not exist previously. It may have been an in built safe guard of the universe to react so. The new density reality layer Density 1 was created with dimension 1,2,3. The other reality layers were also sectioned into dimensions. The density one created a new low in the universe. This Density 1 is in the process of being dematerialized right now and the whole density one should be totally gone within the next 100 years.

Diamond Spiders

They can be few millimeters subspecies, or up to 100’ feet on average. They do not weave webs. Can jump 700’ ft high or more. They are not really fast. Color varies depending on species. They have 8 legs. Eyes are multiple colors. Not poisonous.

They don’t need atmosphere. Their exoskeleton is made from diamonds. Would have to use plasma pulse weapons. They have not spread to other planets. Some samples have been taken back to planet earth. They are roaming freely inside underground facility. They are not predators of humans; they prefer eating insects. If they are given chemicals, they will eat humans. Peter has seen them before. They are telepathic and mindset is weird they want something but can’t name it properly. They like to communicate with symbols. Were transported from titan, were misused to create whatever like Iron Man crossed with UFC fighters. Many different groups are experimenting on creating these hybrids, especially Umbrella Corporations.


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