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Peter the Insider ACIO – Umbrella Academy, Cyberlife, Neurocore, Lincoln Clay, Protesters

Peter Insider is director of 12th division inside the ACIO which is tasked as a liaison between human and ET relations. He works in Pine Gap in center of Australia and Dreamland, Groom Lake, AREA 51 in Nevada US. These bases are sister facilities of each other. We also have Jessica Areal Marrocco, is a medium, psychic intuitive, and seer who would see visions in the form of a movie within her “third eye” or “inner vision” and allow her to tap into the Akashic Records. She distinctly recalled a particular vision where she saw herself wearing historical period clothing and interacting with someone who shared the same past life with. She uses this ability to help others retrieve their past-life experiences to identify how their present life is revealed through their past. . Today we will be talking about the Umbrella Corporation, Umbrella Academy, Cyberlife, Neurocore, Lincoln Clay, and A.I. entrained protesters.

Jessica’s website is http://www.readingsbyarael.com
Notes: https://backup.supersoldiertalk.com/peter-the-insider-acio-umbrella-academy-cyberlife-neurocore-lincoln-clay-protesters/

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Umbrella Corporation is based in alternate parallel universe which released Uroboros Zombie virus. They are a military corporation with focus on developing biological, chemical, and A.I. weapons or any kind of mix you want. Even though they are located in another parallel reality they send their personnel in to our reality.

Umbrella sought to eliminate certain genetic traits of violence from the human population. Zombie virus was supposed to mutate and remove this trait but it infected a crocodile, mutated, and the croc bit a human near Miami, Fl which soon became the zombie virus. Tracking down the owners of Umbrella is difficult as it had multiple owners in the past. The new owner and head of Umbrella Corporation is believed to be Richard Bay. In our reality he is Tom Cruise but he has since been replaced with a clone of Richard Bay. They are same person. Bill Gates also involved. He is a very important lead scientist and virologist for Umbrella.


1. T Virus – Tyrant – Early stage development
2. U Virus – Uroboros – Zombie Virus. Originally created to reduce aggression in hybrids but it infected a crocodile near Miami and mutated and then the croc bit a human and then the zombie virus began. Virus came originally from Indonesia.
3. V Virus – Extremely dangerous, Umbrella is afraid to release it to world so they don’t even mess with it. They keep it in the dark vault. It has a high r-naught infection ratio, airborne, and can spread into all lifeforms destroying DNA and creating mutations in animals and plants , some of which can mutate into predators. The virus was created by the doctor named Veronica. She is from a dream from another reality.
4. COVID-19 – Project Rainbow Moonlight; 1= A 9= I or A.I. Project Rainbow Moonlight. Its name was based on the fourth phase of water in our body and the moon sending the signal to create that fourth phase hologram. COVID-19 was created by Umbrella Corporation in another parallel universe and under the code name Project Rainbow Moonlight Covid-19.
The virus is extraterrestrial in origin and experimented upon by Umbrella Corporation who programed it and sent it to our reality via quantum tunnel technology to D.O.D. DARPA biological warfare department and nanotechnology fabrication department. ET and Umbrella worked together to hybridize COVID with BSD 165 which was brought back by the Nazi from Brazil in the 50’s. BSD 165 F is a dangerous mixture of highly poisonous snakes; the mixture can mutate very fast. The particles are very small and can pass through water filtration.

DARPA worked in conjunction with various think tanks including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Pirbright Institute (Pirbright institute owned by QenetiQ , owned by the UK crown), CCP, 5th Reich Nazis, and Illuminati think tanks. DARPA $4 billion budget is closer to $20 Billion. The release was known as Operation Lusterkill and was managed by super computers within DARPA’s Project Cornus. Bavarian Lodge illuminati claimed the virus was designed to kill 5 billion people.

In May 2020, UK deaths are more than twice the usual mortality. It feels like a mild flu… and after a month, feels like been catching the flu for the whole month… and then clots in the lungs. 80% of COVID deaths are black people in the UK. In Genova, Italy the COVID massacre was a result of artificial “detonar” detonated tech (femotech) to activate the mutations. Doctors, nurses, govt don’t care about their patients.

The virus is biomechanical P.P.A.I. It starts from inside the bones and creates a cascade effect via too much iron in the blood causing a massive stroke, young or old. There are two ways it can affect people excess iron will catalyze Adrenochrome and you’ll get a SS shape shift or manifest whatever gift you have, or as a kill switch. If you are wondering how this ties into COVID, why so many strokes in young people lately, maybe it’s because now that people have a new surprise DNA mutation “they” probably want to test it out. Project Rainbow Moonlight is a MKultra Agenda. 4th and 5th Reich need the help with Umbrella Corporation to get huge projects completed in this reality. 5th Reich Nazi is ruled by Nordic ET.

We originally started off with 12 strands of COVID back in October 2019 and now there could be hundreds of millions of strands as of June 2020. No one knows how the mutations will affect ET’s, hybrids, crossbreeds, super soldiers, etc.

In October 2015, Slovakia wanted a vaccine for prevention of COVID-19. Around spring 2016, a Norwegian NGO financed the manufacturing of these vaccines. Then a company in Switzerland made the vaccine and less than a year later around January 2017 a vaccine was developed. In autumn 2019 people started getting this vaccine, but the A.I. in the vaccine is not dead and will spread to vaccinated people and they can infect other people.

CV19 is airborne in atmosphere and in the water. 80% is contaminated worldwide by mid-April 2015. The virus has a A.I. particle size, femtobot X minus 15. The protestors will be getting infected and infecting each other with mutating strains. They are being triggered by green colored lights in police cars which are causing them to become violent. Virus has up to a 45-day incubation period; so collateral damage may not show till the end of summer and then we may see another wave of deaths.

Using cloaking technology invisible chemtrails are beings sprayed all over the world. The chemicals are manufactured on mars and transported to planet earth. It’s made on mars because there are alien ingredients which have cloaking technology and it requires Martian environment to make. The ingredients are biological, chemical, and A.I. and are constantly changing. Femtotech in the vaccine have a particle size of x minus 12. The femto particles in the vaccines and in the chemtrails are spreading the COVID infection, there is almost zero chance to be A.I. resistant to this virus. Super Soldiers are generally not affected by the virus because they have alters that are in sleep state. However, some types of super soldiers are being targeted by COVID-19. The Chemtrail exposure helps maintain the mind control state of Super Soldiers in a sleeper state, everyone else they are looking in doing genetic experiments.

Our RNA contains our emotional & soul information, and the information of our ancestors; the COVID-19 virus attacks the RNA strong which is triggered by fear. So, the PPAI is activated with fear and rage. It will feed off the emotions of the protesters.


Visited a research milab facility with black windows on the top, no light coming through, there is red dim lights around us, there are animals in cages. See rabbits, monkeys, dogs, etc. Some of the dogs are growling at the scientists working on them. The scientists are wearing masks on their faces, and there are about 12 of them in every room. Umbrella Corporation logo on the back side of their white doctor gown or their rubber suits which are either white or yellow. Their logo on the back, the logo is about 3 inches in size. Some are carrying their badges on the gown and some on their rubber suits.

There are different vials with different compounds lined up in alphabetical order, some show at, a5, f, g, gt, gx, t, z. The ones with G are possibly the healing ones. GT stands for Generation transformation, its yellow colored for healing. GX is purple and Golgotha virus, x stands for programing which creates a mutation that replaces another program. They are in the same family but different serums.

They keep some in freezers, the ones in the heat are Covid-19 related. There are security cameras are focused on this area to keep product from being stolen. The z is possibly zombie virus. These are off world viruses where they put them in chemtrails in our timeline.

There is a laboratory where they experiment with cold and heat, some animals would explode due to explosives in the vaccines. They would inject serums to see how fast they would recover.

They have research on their computers what these vaccines do but a lot of these research was destroyed, when the milab research facility exploded, but they did have a backup database. They have lost years of research but they are trying recover as much as they can as quick as they can. And they also share their research with Dulce Base in our reality.

They started testing with animals, then went to clones of humans, then went to human trials. Then they started using a lot of implants to see how they inject them through vaccines. Implants are used for tracking; they also have holodecks to see how they would respond in the experiment. The people don’t know they are in holograms. The clones don’t know it’s an experiment.

Some would come awake, some wouldn’t. If they become awake, then the implant would activate and kill the clone. These viruses were not the normal flu. They would kill the clone, and if they try to use the regeneration tank, the clone was not successful at recovering. The regeneration tanks would not work on the clone unless it was exposed to the G-Virus. Professor by the Name of Mr. X, according to his name badge anyway, was the main project scientist that would study the vaccines. They also have a clone of Bill Gates in a pod and they keep reaging him. They used him as scientist because in that timeline he had a medical background. He was also the smartest of the operation.

Gates was doing experiments on these clones, some would die, the ones with G-Virus and put in the regen tanks would be healed of COVID-19, but the G Viruses mutates DNA so these regenerated treated clones have different DNA.

Umbrella is tied into the SSP on that timeline which gives them access to off world viruses and vaccines. They brought it back here in this timeline, they mixed Covid-19 with G virus into chemtrails to see what mutations would happen if they put into our atmosphere. So, when they mix these viruses together it’s a biological weapon, its designed to kill us. They want us dead because if you fail a mission in the ssp you go into abandonment and this creates potential sleeper super soldier who could possibly activate and rebel. So they need a way to kill off these sleepers because the future timelines show a strong probability that sleeper super soldiers will figure out how to activate their abilities and humanity learns what is being done to them.

Most of these vaccines they were hoping for a mutation some of them malfunction due to off world viruses in the vaccines. But there is a vaccine to treat the COVID-19 GT bioweapon. We need to learn what’s in the serum and also in the G Serum how its effecting zombies in their DNA provided they are put into a regeneration tank. So, we are all exposed the only way they can get us out of the programming. They have to regenerate us through vaccination.


Similar to the TV show, group of young adults (21 years) who are Licthsoldaten super soldiers. They are all crossbreds and hybrids and are part of a larger astral being. Specially made in a lab (85% are made in Black Shield in Antarctica.)


Similar to what we seen Detroit Become Human video game. Sister company of Neurocore. Run by Cara Delevingne who’s cover job is a super model. There is an underground base under Detroit which is making cloned androids, similar to licthsoldaten but android. They are so advanced you would not be able to tell if they have a soul or not. Possible trajectory for humans.

Kara and Alice featured in the Detroit Become Human video game are real people but not the most positive beings. We also see Lincoln Clay in the video game. They are buying up cheap homes in Detroit to live in them. They do not need food, water, or make poo, they need to be charged once every 6 months at secret dead drop places, similar to electric cars. About 35-50% of Detroit population is now these android beings. Most humans don’t want to live here. Could spread possibly to Minneapolis, MN. President Trump is familiar with the problem and responded about it covertly in his letter that I sent him. They are very concerned with situation. They are from the future and set up their operations back in time to our present era.


Something strange happened in Moody, Alabama, June 2, 2020. At the 17:50 minute a Lady talks about Neurocore which is an underground mind control device company. There were multiple shoots fired, both cops and the bad guy. Local news media and a woman approached to talk to them. This wasn’t an official news recording mind you; the lady was talking to a guy and it just happened to be on live feed. The guy works for the news. She goes on to talk about some European man that had hired her to work for a company called Neurocore. Partly to promote the Neurolink tech allows your brain to telepathically communicate with A.I. The neurofeedback device looks normal but it implants femtotech by exposure. As well as enhance brainwaves so they are more easily entrained by Monarch. Neurcore is a sister company of Cyberlife and work in tandem with Monarch.

In the video she talks about digital mind control and how they were holed up at the hotel but doesn’t say exactly why. They apparently broke into her house a few times and also stole her dog. Not sure what to make of it. I will get a link up when I can or transcript.

Moody police officer, Stephen Williams past away.

https://twitter.com/hornamania/status/126804731892381536?s=21 <=== edit, friend found the link

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=pD7vixQNDU4&feature=emb_title <=== found this on Neurcore so yes that is the name

https://www.spectrumnews.org/news/despite-dearth-data-firms-sell-brain-training-autism-antidote/ <=== a little more on neurocore


Go to Earthflies w/ Linda M. Howe to hear the entire story ..5/27/.20. The Magé incident~5/12~13th . Military insider said, U.S. was aware of increased activity in & about the area & the U.S. was ‘keeping an eye this ship’. An agreement btw the 2 countries resulted that the U.S. would take over command. U.S. intervened (as usual) & shot down craft w/ technology unbeknownst to England; don’t know the meaning behind that comment. U.S. killed 1 humanoid abt. 6′ tall, no further description. 3 other crew members were alive & taken away to an unknown destination. Ppl said the craft was a big as a “city block”. No mention of seeing a probe, drone or 2nd ship. No discussion or validity about the blue metallic sphere photographed in the region or if it had any connection to this incident.

According to information given by the Ashtar Command, channeled by Neva/Gabriel of Sementes das Estrelas, the following video shows the crash of a negative reptilian spaceship that was trying to escape from the planet. Nobody shot it. The Light Forces always try to prevent the death of beings. This ship crashed due to the Planetary Protection Grid mounted around the Earth. I here transcribe part of the information given by Neva:

«[…] It’s an Orion Star System spaceship for three crew members. The Earth Protection Grid that is activated by the Light Forces prevents any escape now. No one of the negative forces leaves the planet, fleeing, no matter how hard they try. It is a measure for all negative forces to be captured. The ship was shot down by the magnetic protection field after several warnings from the Ashtar Command not to attempt escape. It was not shot down by the Brazilian army / aeronautics or any country abroad such as the USA. It was manned by reptilians of the negative faction (I always like to emphasize also that not all reptilians or draconians are negative, but those on the ship were from the negative group). In fact, these negative vibrating beings have been trying to flee the planet, ever since they realized the real approach of what is called “The Event” and “Solar Flash”. The ship suffered a breakdown and was trying to return to the starting point when it crashed. The damage rendered the ship inoperative and without camouflage capability, becoming visible in this reality. […] The ship left the inner Earth through one of the caves located in the hills of Rio de Janeiro. The agencies responsible for these situations immediately sent their agents to resolve the case and, certainly, to distort the information in some way. I really hope that there will be massive pressure not to omit that anymore. People drones were sent to fly over the site and were shot down by the military present.»

Indeed, in the video below (in pt-BR without subtitles) there is an audio where you can hear that all civilian cellphones have to be seized to avoid spreading the information. For those who don’t know, ALL SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE CONTROLLED BY THE DARK CABAL and all videos that portray this event are being removed (as indicated in this link in English): https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/pkyy5g/ufo-over-mage-brazil-sparks-social-media-panic-and-conspiracies


Peter Insider revealed the occupants abord the May 12th, 2020 Magé Brazilian UFO crash looked human but they are shapeshifters. They thought they could land but because all the tech and personnel are from another context of existence about 80% worked correctly which meant it could not fly here. The craft was massive the outside dimension approx. 4.8KM, 3 Miles long and it is even bigger on inside then outside. It was broken into multiple smaller parts; however, the vessel is capable of cleaning up after itself after it crashed. The beings aboard are cooperating and do not need to be interrogated. About 600 ET were recovered, survived the incident. What was left of the mess was inspected by Brazilian military who in turn asked USA military for help retrieving the remaining debris. The explosions where them cleaning up the site afterward. The people who took videos of the craft and ET will face repercussions for their actions, deletions of videos, and harassment. MIB was division six ACIO, they are not team players, made their rules. MIB is using neuralizers on the locals who witnessed the craft. Some of the technology recovered could not be teleported away from the crash site so they used Venezuelan Oil Tankers for example to transport the debris away. https://www.rt.com/news/489549-iran-tankers-us-threat-venezuela/

Lincoln Clay and Monarch Refuge Group were involved in the clean-up. MRG are group hundreds of people rescued by Lincoln Clay and the organization he works for which is known as Special Forces a compartmentalized division of the US armed forces. They used laser guns, plasma pulls (can deform space), emp (neutralize electronics) guns.

This is most likely a Monarch, Mobius, Umbrella Corporation vessel. There were about 10 races of ET aboard the craft and they were doing experiments on the human population. They were converting kidnaped humans into cybernetic cloned bodies mixed with ET genetics to be used as slaves and traded for technology for the benefit of the SSP planetary corporations. About 90% of these people were pulled out of situations in which they would most likely have died such as fires, train crashes, plane crashes. But 10% are civilians which they could have continued living out their existence if they had not been abducted.


Also, abord the Brazil UFO crashed vessel was key technology used to mind control the masses. Goal was to direct large groups of sleeper cells to stir up targeted attacks. Protestors of Black Lives Matters and Antifa are mind controlled, A.I. entrained. They do not think logically and want to plunder and loot their communities. They have to be triggered first before they are handled by black ops.

The craft was transporting parts of this technology and they messed up the order delivery date. As a result, Black Op field operatives did not have the right technology and what they did have, did not work right, they quickly lost control over the protestors. Monarch didn’t think they would lose control. Now they got a big problem, they are unable to reboot the system. The system is out of control. This is because Mobius and Monarch are no longer in charge of the timeline as of Sunday, April 26, 2020. They now operate in a time bubble outside of our dimension there is a delay of communications.

The mothership crash in Brazil was not supposed to happen at that time. It was supposed to be transported to USA on special orders. The crew screwed up the order. There was a technology on board which is being put into vehicles that look like cop cars with green lights that triggers MKULTRA in people. Tech is also in signs. Even though they have time loop tech, there was a monarch timeline slip that can’t be undone, as they are unplugged from our reality.

Psychics see these riots spreading and getting worse. Martial Law Scenario. ANTIFA is a branch of Monarch. George Floyd and the Cop were monarch entrained. George Floyd is still alive and he will be part of the mass arrests when it begins. https://twitter.com/RealChiefPolice Most of the people have lost it and they can’t be rebooted.

Shadow men joined together to fund the protesters; not just ANTIFA/George Soros to blame. Groups involved include Kruger, Mobius, Monarch, Shoreline, Trinity, Umbrella, Ultimate, as well as Cyberlife, Neurocore, Zionists, Lionist (hostile astral cat people, but sometimes they are cooperative and helpful), Rotarians ( Black nobility old school mafia that spread into other countries ), Illuminati, P2, Rome Club (Pope and the Mafia bosses) , and Bilderberg Group. Seven mobster families run the secret space program known as the trimaritive (sp?). Many of these groups are losing power but their effects are residual and long lasting. Montauk is 50% run by Scorpion Corporation who are sister organizations of monarch and umbrella.


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