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Cause of Indianapolis explosion still unknown

Authorities are investigating an enormous explosion that killed two people, and left an Indianapolis neighborhood uninhabitable Saturday night. Bombs have been ruled out as the cause of the explosion.

By Charles Wilson, Associated Press / November 12, 2012

This aerial photo shows the two homes that were leveled and the numerous neighboring homes that were damaged from a massive explosion that sparked a huge fire and killed two people, Saturday night, in Indianapolis. Nearly three dozen homes were damaged or destroyed, and seven people were taken to a hospital with injuries, authorities said Sunday. The powerful nighttime blast shattered windows, crumpled walls and could be felt at least three miles away.

Matt Kryger/The Indianapolis Star/AP


This could mean that time-lines are converging…what is known in one Construct, is discovered to have CHANGED!!! What is really happening, as we get closer to the Photon Belt, Menasic Ring, time-lines of the 1,728 64-Octave Constructs are blending…wake up one morning…friggin lsland is there…two hours later….GONE…get me drift?>? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-20442487

THIS IS REALLY EXCITING…probably why RUMSFELD & Brezinski cannot see a predictable future…using LookingGlass, YellowBookDevice, or Pegasus…Constructs are converging on such a rapid pace, that what these people who believe they can control the future, changes from moment to moment…like who knew the missiles would follow the flares all the way down to the Neighborhood in Indiana…rather than just fall harmlessly from the sky…damage somebody;s roof, or yard…BUT for them to arm themselves, tracking hot flares all the way down…now that is not something you see everyday…. Thanks ever so much for sending this to me…and the fact that you had a gut feeling that it was important….yahoo…

Based on real-time intelligence along with previous evidence, multiple analysis of all time-lines.  PETRAEUS IS A HERO…

-September 12, 2012 –  J. Christopher Stevens, the American ambassador killed in Libya. Probably because he was trying to stop certain factions of the US government from balkanizing Libyan and turn it into another vassal state like Iraq now is. Most likely sleeper agents within his own staff took him out.
-At 2135Hrs EST, on the 10th of November, Petraeus published his resignation letter to the Public. At this point he briefed president Obama about the situation in Benghazi
– Around this time ONDI Director of Intelligence Michael Vickers afraid that Prateus spilled the beans about their illegal covert operations ordered a first strike against US Government Buildings located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. These buildings processed billing for the entire US military if they were destroyed military personnel would not receive any funding for quite some time and result in a lot of havoc. So in other words a coup was played into motion.
-At 2200Hrs CST, on the 10th of November approx. two Hellfire-114 Missiles were launched by a MQ-1C Gray Eagle Predator Drone, with an intended target of two US Government Buildings located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.
-OFFICIALLY Petraeus was off-the-CIA Official Watch on the 9th, of November.
-ONDI James Clapper is made aware that evidence exist in these two US Government Buildings in Indianapolis.
-ONDI Director of Intelligence Michael Vickers, makes this intel known to Clapper.
-ONDI DOI, Vickers, runs Wargaming Template for the Gray Eagles operating over Indiana skies. chooses the Template that is projected with best percentage of success.
-ONDI DOI Vickers obtains a “Get-Outta-Jail-Free Document for approval by Clapper ONDI’s Intelligence Director.
-ONDI Clapper, signs off on the mission “labelled” CIA Mission full well knowing with the “change of the guard” has not yet had time to filter through the system of Government Red Tape. gives the operation a “GO” STATUS.
-ONDI DOI Vickers, give the Camp Atterbury Predator Detachment the “GO” STATUS.
-Unbeknownst to ONDI CLAPPER OR VICKERS, Petraeus, has already sortied an EA-6B Prowler  into Indianapolis Airspace anticipating any attempt to destroy the US Government Buildings.
-MQ-1C Gray Eagle Predator Remote Pilot receives the command to launch the preprogrammed  Hellfire-114 Missiles.  Remote Pilot fires on Vickers command.
-EA 6B Prowler’s ECM detects two Hellfire-114 Missiles launched, & begins course change to intercept the two missiles.
-EA 6B is then engaged by missile radar locks & deploys ECM measures, & takes evasive action climbing rapidly…
-EA 6B evades both missiles successfully.  Two Hellfire Missiles follow ECM Flares deployed, & missiles follow flares to their termination point, which happened to be the Housing Tract that suffered the extensive damage, killing a Married Couple, injuring 7 others  & causing $4.4Million damage to the Southeastern suburban homes.

The ONDI Wargaming Template contained and included mis/disinformation along with COINTELPRO to blame Petraeus in the confusion.

As of 1643Hrs 22nd of November 2012…

Note this older Intel below indicates Petrateus as a guilty party however it appears he was playing the other side and was actually working to stop the missile attack against US Government Buildings. 

The UFO sighting from a city West of Indianapolis is KEY…the KOSMOS/COSMOS 2479 Satellite is a military satcomlink specifically designed to detect early launches…This can be countermanded by ONDI, or NSA, but I doubt the CIA would come within a hundred feet of this…

They have already screwed the pooch & like the Israeli Mossad Operatives & Agents…they are proned to shooting themselves in the feet…Oh for the days of the Italian MOB, when Assassins were very proficient at what they did…not personal…just business…lol Nothing to get excited about…

Who cares about the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency’s sex life… Get to the real reason he resigned immediatly after these Hellfire Missiles missed the Government Buildings Petraeus was trying to destroy. Did they contain Proof Of Evidence of High Treason Crimes committed by the DCI? Who is minding the CIA? I know what CIA stands for…CAN’T IDENTIFY ANYTHING!…Virginie Farm Boys, who have Licenses to Kill, Steal, Plunder the American People…then retire & make $50,000 per Speech on the lecture circuit.

Are the people of Indianapolis ASLEEP at the Wheel? Wake up…you now know what it’s like to be an American Soldier in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, & Pakestan!!!

PETRAEUS GATE…is not Sex Scan oriented, but Crimes against the United States Government & the People of Indianapolis, Indiana…what was he trying to coverup, by blowing up these two Government Buildings…HIS SEX LIFE? No…he is guilty of something much more devious than this. Hiding monies, hiding financial support for Secret Wars against the American People? Will Zbigniew Brzezinski the Chairman of PI-40 or the 40 Committee, use President Obama as a “MEAT-PUPPET” to let Petraeus get a sex-scandal slap-on-the-wrist? Or will he be held accountable for HIGH TREASON?

The Oh So Social(Office of Strategic Services, which became the CIA in 1947) are covering up the manslaughter of two innocent Americans and multiple injuries caused to the residence, not to mention blowing up 2 square city blocks of Homes…places where children sleep! Will you folks in Indiana stand for such Anti-American activities? Will you let the Major Media spin this into a personal mis/dis information sorded sex scandal when it should be a Capital COURT MARSHAL that Petreaus should be facing!!!


ALERT!!! RUSSIAN Satellite //Indianapolis Predator Drones Attack!!

CIA TARGETS US Army Resources Services(PPBES) & US Finance & Accounting Service (DFAS) both located in Indianapolis, Indiana” with 2 each AGM-114 Hellfire Missiles. US Air Force EA-6B Prowler Electronic Warfare Aircraft monitored both missile’s flight trajectory which had changed course simultaneously because it was countermanded by the Electronic Countermeasures—AN/ALQ-99 ECM Device on-board, causing the missiles to deviate from their assigned flight track….all of this was recorded by the Aerospace Defense Forces (VKO’s) Kosmos 2479 Satellite. The Prowler was dispatched from Wright-Patterson AFB to track the CIA-operated MQ-1C Grey Eagle Drone & Hellfire Missiles when the missiles deviated to the South East Indianapolis Neighborhood & detonated, causing the lost of 2 lives, multiple injuries & massive 2 square blocks of damage to local homes there….so there it is…IT WAS DONE PURPOSELY TO ATTACK THE TWO MILITARY TARGETS, but accidentally caused this massive “Phantom Explosion”…Question is, what are you folks in Indiana gonna do about it…?????

Phantom BLAST??? Is this as in QF-4 Zombie-Killer Drone? Was the QF-4 Phantom “Zombie-Killer Drone” the Target or was it the source of the JAGM launched on an unsuspecting Indianapolis Community?


When the American Major Media BLOCK the news of existing evidence from the Russian Satellite, is this America or Amerikynski?

Gives a whole new meaning to “Death From Above”. I believe I have solved this strange mystery. Why did ABC World News “lable” this “PHANTOM BLAST”? Is this a cruel pun? I’m done here…Mystery Solved…follow the breadcrumbs…as I have, draw your own conclusions…

RUSSIAN SATELLITE HAS PROOF POSITIVE that a MQ-1C Gray Eagle fired the JAGM Joint Air-to-Ground Missile that struck the Indianapolis, Indiana. Question is, will Camp Atterbury take responsibility for the deaths, injuries & damage caused. Why did this Drone strike the Indianapolis Community? Was it a horrid accident? Was it a Strategic strike? What gives?

INDIANAPOLIS – The former owner of a house that exploded in Indianapolis said he wonders if a faulty furnace might have been to blame for the blast that killed two people and destroyed or damaged dozens of homes.

Jennifer Longworth, a teacher at Southwest Elementary School, and her husband, John Dion Longworth, died Saturday night after an explosion at a neighboring home in the 8400 block of Fieldfare Way in the Richmond Hill subdivision, near Sherman Drive between County Line Road and Stop 11 Road, teachers and the school’s secretary said.

John Shirley told RTV6 on Monday that he received a text message last week from his 12-year-old daughter about a problem with the furnace at the house the girl shares with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend.

The girl said that the family was staying in a hotel because the furnace had stopped working. Shirley said no one was home at the time of the explosion.

“I suspect the problem was with the furnace because I know I had couple of issues with the furnace,” he told RTV6. “The house isn’t old, probably done in 2003 or 2004. I had issues with the cooling and heating.”

Citizens Energy spokeswoman Sarah Holsapple said a homeowner with a furnace issue or a contractor that repaired a furnace would not be expected to report it to the utility company.

“We’re not in the business of repairing furnaces,” Holsapple said. “We did not no receive a call from this resident that they had a faulty furnace.”

Jim Roundtree, a field manager for York’s Quality Air and an expert in heating and cooling, said he’s seen the images from the south side explosion, and he has his doubts that a faulty furnace could have caused that level of destruction.

“It’s possible, but very unlikely,” he said.

Roundtree said there would have been definite signs of a leak including an odor so strong it could be smelled outside, and a technician could locate a leak with an electronic meter or a soap bubble test. He also said there are safety features built into furnaces to prevent gas buildups from happening.

“To get enough gas into your home to cause an explosion, it’d have to be a very severe incident,” he said.

Authorities have not said what they believe caused the explosion, although Mayor Greg Ballard said investigators had ruled out a bomb, a methamphetamine lab and an airplane crash.

Investigators said it could take weeks to find out what caused the explosion.

Shirley said he knew neighbors Jennifer and John Longworth well, and that John Longworth kept a meticulous lawn and garden.

“He grew some of the most beautiful wildflowers I’ve ever seen. It was incredible,” Shirley said.

Shirley’s ex-wife, Monserrate Shirley, declined to comment Monday.

Indiana real estate records show the house had been for sale for a year until it was taken off the market in March.

Eight people were injured in the blast and ensuing fire, which displaced at least 200 people.

Watch RTV6 and refresh this page for updates.

Copyright 2012 Scripps Media, Inc. The Associated Press contributed to this report. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed

Hi All,

I have not ruled out the U.S. Army’s “NETFIRE”, NLOS-LS Missile or the PAM Missile(Not Line of Sight-Line of Sight or the Precision Attack Missile) as you can see below, it has a range of 40KM & packs way more punch.


The U.S. Army NetFires (or NLOS-LS) is actually two different missiles, identical in weight and size, but different in how they operate. The main one is PAM (Precision Attack Missile). This is a 178mm diameter missile that weighs 120 pounds, and has a range of 40 kilometers. PAM attacks from above, with a 28 pound warhead. This enables it to kill any tank by hitting the thinner top armor. This warhead would also sink a small boat, especially one carrying a suicide bomber. PAM uses a GPS, imaging infrared (seeks a particular shape down there) or laser seeker.

If the MQ-1C is being tested in Indiana with NETFIRE(NLOS-LS or PAM), what is going on? Are we going to war with “Threats from Outer Space” POTUS Ronald Reagon? Unmanned Drones carrying amazing amounts of tactical firepower…boggles the mind. What’s next? Quantum Phasors & Photon Torpedoes? Who is all of this firepower for? This is one of the 39,000 drones placed into service within the CONUS, Continental United States. Are we expecting an invasion? Why practice/test those things in Indiana? The body count would be extremely high if these things are actually being used in the United States…

Oh and something else…what about the 44 UAV/UCAV Crashes that have happened because of Drone failure or hijacking signals(SIGINT). Just the thought of these Drones crashing with a full payload of these JAGM’s makes me nervous, well not nervous but more like concerned for folks in Indiana… I wish good fortune to you folks who live in Indiana…

Comments Section


So, let me get this straight. The owner lives in Noblesville, while his ex-wife and her boyfriend (along with his 12 year old daughter) still live in the house. They tried to sell the house but were unsucessful. His daughter tells him that the furnace wasn’t working (and may have smelled gas) and later the ex-wife says they had it fixed but went to stay at a hotel.

The temperature saturday in Indianapolis was a very nice 72 degrees. Chances are, you wouldn’t even need a furnace, even for the night. I live in Beech Grove and we didnt have the furnace on for the latter part of the week.

Why would anyone leave a house if they smelled gas without calling someone…anyone…to check out the cause of that smell?

Who would benefit if that house caught fire (because of a faulty furnace) and burned to the ground? The ex-husband (who owns a house that his ex-wife and boyfriend reside in)? The ex-wife, who can’t sell the house?

Or both?

So, someone disconnects the gas lines, or blows out the pilot lights, sets the thermostat or oven to high, leaves for a day or two, and just waits as the home fills with gas. They probably didnt think it would take as long as it did to ignite and what they actually created was a large two-story bomb. One static spark…and catastrophe happens.

The investigators will check the connections to the furnace and stove (if they can find them)—were they still connected or unscrewed? was the gas lines on or off? Many other things can verify if this was an accident or on purpose.
It seems awfully strange that the occupants are not talking….

This was no accident. For an explosion like that to happen means there is an awful lot of gas, and awful lot. Too much to not notice quite quickly if you’re living in that house.

Or, hell, maybe it was a meteor…


Greg – exactly what I was thinking. It’s an easy way to get money for a house that wasn’t gettting any buyers. And what a coincidence that they weren’t home when it happened. I have discussed this story with several people, and we all agree that your explanation is very plausible, especially in this day and age. Let’s hope that the investigators are as smart as you are. my thought on that…….the anti-christ will call fire down from the sky……….but, it sounds like a furnace may have been tampered with


LIARS. It was no furnace. It was a Meteorite, because I saw three of them, here in Florida entering the atmosphere heading North, by North East. From my view, a minimum of three, a few minutes apart each. It wasn’t Gas, It wasn’t terrorist, and wasn’t a Meth lab, it was a Meteorite.

WOW…what are the chances that a guy who owns/operates a website that monitors meteors/meteorites, GETS KILLED by all things…a meteorite…what are the odds? “Stranger things in heaven & earth Horacio”…but you might well be absolutely correct…once the investigation is over, I wonder if the BATF & NSTB will actually look for a meteorite…I hope they find it… Thanks for commenting on this, as this one, if in fact, happened, needs to go down in History or at least Guiness World Book of Records…

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News had a link to the site below, which also had a link for Unidentified Flying Objects. Well, Well, Well, seems someone in Martinsville Indiana had a sighting of something unidentified, lets see:

“Sudden fireballs with a propulsion trail,” Hum…sounds like a JAGM, “for about 2 minutes” Strange…”took a Northwest direction” Not much detail here, as from where to where, but it still to me it sounds like a JAGM…

“and acsended vertically” Well, that is what a JAGM does before begins it’s decent. “and watched them disappear” Still not enough exact reporting, but I would be more inclined to believe BAE Systems lost a JAGM, before I would begin to believe the explosion was a result of a UFO, but hey, that’s just me…

So tell me folks, was this a UFO as the person reporting the incident, or is what this person is witnessing a Missile? Peruse the report at the webpage and tell me what you think, no matter how insane it might seem…THANKS…(See Report below or just follow the links)…


“Date of Report: 11/12/2012
Date of Occurence: 11/10/2012
Location: Martinsville, Indiana
sudden fireballs with a propulsion trail for about 2 min took a n/w direction
and acsended vertically and watched them disappear. ”

Hi Jack,

I’m not sure of the exact time when this explosion took place, on the evening(10th) or early morning(11th), but I believe my post listed above regarding the website owned or operated by the late John Dion Longworth, but there is definitely a series of breadcrumbs to follow, with an evidence trail so wide, you really don’t need to be a “rocket scientist” to follow, but this whole Incident seems like nothing anyone in Indiana has ever experienced before….UNLESS you were in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakestan/Iran. I’m just following the crumbs as they fall…Please, tell me what you think of these events & factoids supplied…I would be interest in your opinion…in the light of which they have been presented by myself, and/or the Major Media…Thanks

Could BAE System’s MQ-1C have crashed into their home? Doesn’t seem to be any sign of wreckage from a UAV/UCAV… Wonder if he might have seen some meteors that weren’t meteors…or made a report of such meteors, fireballs or bolides. Asteroid? Comet? Whatever happened to him & his wife, it sure displaced 200 people & quick. Planet X/Niburu? Sounds nuts doesn’t it? None of this Incident makes any sense…

What did John Dion Longworth do for a living?


Sep 21, 2012

Indiana’s National Center for Complex Operation announced that it is pairing up with its first customer, BAE Systems. The company says it intends to use Indiana airspace to test the unmanned aircraft it produces. It will also use the state’s … Continue reading →.

Why is the National Transportation Safety Board AND the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms working together on this, IF is wasn’t AIRCRAFT related? The Joint Air-to-Ground Missile is BAE & Northrup-Grumman’s latest Missile, & Camp Atterbury is the place where they have been testing it. Along with the fact that the Missile Gunnery Range is 6 miles or less away, leads me to wonder if one of the JAGM’s strayed off-course. It was developed to have a three-fold mission parameters, of which, one was Precision Strikes in Urban Areas.

From a previous article “The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the National Transportation Safety Board, which oversees gas lines, were called in to help with the investigation.
(http://www.theindychannel.com/news/local-news/36-h… )

Wow, thanks, I had no idea that NTSB deals with natural gas disasters, I though they dealt with Transporation via Highway, Aircraft & Train derailments & such. Are these kinds of explosions common in Indiana? I noticed the Crime Scene tape & one of the witnesses/victims mentioned an airplane….of course he might have just heard someone’s supposition, i.e. that it could have been an airplane. Thanks again…


It was 70 degrees Saturday night, people were out walking in their t-shirts! Why stay in a motel when most of us were sleeping with our windows open?? Makes you wonder if the utilities to the house were shut off.


So the family had enough money to go stay in a hotel, but not enough money to get the furnace fixed. Could be the Ex-Wife told the Father that if he didn’t cough up the money to fix the furnace, they’d just go to a hotel and she’d show him. Financial expectations from free loaders bring out the worst in people.

It was either a Friendly-Fire incident or these people were mixing 200 lbs of Semtex with a lit road flare in their backyard. One only needs to check the Battle Damage Assessment of this incident against B.D.A. of the JAGM/JDAM Missiles dropped in Urban Areas in Iraq or Afghanistan to see the exact same blast signature.

BTW, Camp Atterbury is responsible for training/trainee Remote Pilots for the MQ-1C Grey Eagle Predator-type Drone authorized to operate within the United States. This is where they do the testing.

Any one check with JFAC-IN-DET1-Air to Ground Gunnery Range Commanding Officer to see if one of the MQ-1C Grey Eagles Pilot Trainee’s lost a JAGM/JDAM or if one went off course & dropped a hot-pickle in the wrong place? Camp Atterbury is only 6 miles from this house due south, & the blast damage assessment wreaks of a JAGM

Sorry Google map has a very messed up scale when I looked it up…but the fire & forget range is 28 kilometers or 17 miles from a fixed wing platform… Northrup-Grumman gave them 44 STARLite Wide Area Surveillance Radar Systems for testing on the MQ-1C Grey Eagle Drone. Thanks for the correction…

Oh NO!!! I hope they weren’t using this new Wide Area Surveillance Radar in an attempt to extend the range of the JAGM. The yahoo map shows surface traffic distance…not flight point to point distance or as the crow flies…but this wouldn’t have made much difference, distance wise. Thanks again for the updated information.


Leave it to the media to take a question and turn it into an answer…..


This was the ex-husband of the owner, going off a text he received from his daughter…this headline is very misleading.


So nobody had the furnace checked.


the ex husband mentioned having a couple rounds with furnace, but no furnace servicemen were mentioned. to me, it sounds as though he may “serviced” it himself



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