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Physical Teleporation ?

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James these pics where taken on a Cannon Power Shot A75… 2006-2007 model.. I managed to use my psychic abilities to tap into the sensors system so it could pick up different stuff… In the pic with the name “chakras dislocated” I attempted to put my presence where you see the lights… and take a picture… simulating a teleportation…

energy centers or chakras dislocated

energy centers or chakras dislocated

When I went to sleep and woke up in the night my body was “shut down” or close to Dead… because I didn’t feel my heart beat or something close to it … I don’t remember exactly but after a few minutes I managed to move but felt very numb…. and I smelled like rotten Eggs… excess Ying?? or Yang maybe??
The camera was rendered useless after a few days of the pics… maybe a glitch accidentally implanted… I’m not sure but I may have it still somewhere that camera… Dont remember…
When I “dislocated” I went into total darkness and when I went back to my body I felt something what would describe like a contradictory spin like a blender pulling me from the bottom down through my spine… really really difficult to describe it accurately though… Take care…

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