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Pine Gap
I worked at Radio Station 8HA back in the late 70s. We were officially instructed by the Australian Government never to mention on air the words Pine Gap. We were to try and ignore the biggest employer in the town, I was told over 600 people worked there. Being a small town I did meet people who worked there and I naturally used to ask questions about what happened at the ‘base’ I was told by my American friend a Sargent in supply logistics don’t ask questions or seriously I will have to report you and there are CIA in town.
My other friend whom I had some beers with once was more forthcoming he said he was a technician, he told me only a select few who worked in the ‘inner circle’ or clearance area actually knew what went on there the rest were in circles 1 and 2 who were just support workers, when I asked just what his thoughts were on what happened in the inner circle he told me that he was once taken there to repair some equipment, he was blindfolded taken to the piece of equipment, repaired it then blindfolded and taken back to his level.
Goff Whitlam the Aussie labour leader back then campaigned on exposing what went on at the base. After being elected Prime Minister he went to Pine Gap for an inspection, I remember he came out visibly shaken and was quoted as saying ‘somethings we cannot change’.
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