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MARCH 20, 2016

UFO and paranormal researchers have made the bizarre claim that a sleeper cell of members of an alien race known as the Pleiadians or Nordic aliens — an extraterrestrial humanoid species from the Pleiades cluster of stars — has been uncovered in a remote area of rural Argentina. According to alien hunters, the discovery of the community could trigger a larger invasion and takeover of Earth by the highly evolved Pleiadian ETs.

According to reports making the rounds in the UFO conspiracy theory and paranormal research blogosphere, an isolated community of purebred Pleiadians have been uncovered in a rural area of northwestern Argentina about 70 miles from the provincial seat of Salta, precisely between Cachi and the rural La Poma, along the country’s National Route 40.
The online UFO and alien research community is abuzz with news of the discovery of the alleged extraterrestrial community.

Pleiades cluster
Pleiades is an open cluster of stars about 400 light years away. The Pleiadian aliens come from a planet in the star system, according to Alien hunters [Image via NASA/Caltech/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain]

“The Pleiadians are known as Nordic aliens and are humanoid-like aliens that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars,” UFO blogger Scott Waring comments.Alien hunters claim that the community was found after very careful search because it is very difficult for strangers unfamiliar with the lay of the vast tracts of undeveloped and unexploited land in northern Argentina to spot the community hidden behind hills and thick vegetation.
Visitors who make it to the gates blocking access to the community must ring a bell to make their presence known. Recently, an investigator was given a rare opportunity to enter the secret community.
“We were expecting you. Our brothers of light told us you would be coming,” a leader of the community reportedly told the investigator.


Members of the community allegedly confessed to investigators that they were extraterrestrial beings from a distant star. They claimed that they were living on Earth as heralds of the “end of an evolutionary cycle,” a statement that could be interpreted from the perspective of Earthlings as a threat of impending invasion and takeover.
While the unlikely news of impending takeover of Earth could cause alarm for many, members of the New Age Movement are excited because all traditions concerning the Pleiadians agree that they are a very highly evolved and spiritual race deeply concerned about the welfare of humans and the Earth and want to help humanity evolve to a higher spiritual level.
Thus, a takeover of Earth might not be a thing to fear, with the world in conflict, threat of nuclear annihilation and global warming. Some alien hunters and contactees believe that the Pleiadian stage is the next stage of human evolution.

Fair-skinned Pleiadians
A takeover of Earth by fair-skinned humanoid Pleiadians may well not be a thing to fear, because Pleiadians or Nordic aliens are very highly evolved and concerned about human welfare [Image via Shutterstock]

According to local paranormal investigators, only two Pleiadian communities have been identified in Salta but it is believed that there may be more than 30 hidden communities in Argentina and the rest of the world.A community that claims to be descended from Pleiadian settlers from distant stars has also been uncovered near Cafayate, also in the Salta Province, according to alien hunters.
According to the lores of paranormal alien research, the Pleiadians — also called Pleiades aliens or Nordic aliens — are an extraterrestrial race from the planet Erra which orbits the star 10-Tauri or Taygeta, one of the seven stars visible to the naked eye in the Pleiades star system, a beautiful and dazzling open star cluster about 400 light years away in the constellation Taurus. On the galactic scale of interstellar distances, Pleiades is one of the nearest star clusters to our Sun.
Although only seven stars in the cluster are visible to the naked eye, there are hundreds of stars in the system.
According to ET experts, Nordic aliens or Pleiadians are very similar to humans in appearance and it is often very difficult for the untrained eye to tell the difference. Thus, they are able to live among humans undetected. A way to hunt for and identify a Nordic alien or Pleiadian, according to alien hunters, is to look out for exceptionally good looking individuals with exaggerated Scandinavian or Nordic features, such as fair hair, skin, and blue eyes.

Alien hunting guide: according to experts, a way to hunt for Pleiadians or Nordic aliens is to look for exceptionally good-looking people with strong Nordic traits [Image via Shutterstock]
Alien hunter’s guide: A way to hunt for Pleiadian or Nordic aliens is to look for exceptionally good-looking people with strong Nordic traits [Image via Shutterstock]

But some Pleiadian aliens are darker and look like Asians and Africans, according to alien hunters. But both dark and light-skinned Pleiadians are slim, tall, and very good looking.Native Americans, such as the Cherokee, have legends that their ancestors came from Pleiades long ago. And while it is not thought that the modern-day Cherokee and other Native Americans are pure Pleiadians, alien hunters believe that they have Pleiadian genes.
Some alien hunters also claim that the Scandinavian populations of northern Europe may have genetic links to fair-skinned Pleiadians, and that the recently discovered Haplogroup I1 unique to Finland and Scandinavian populations was probably derived from Pleiadian ancestors.


An apparent contradiction that arises from the claim that the Pleiadians are very spiritually advanced is that their native Pleiades star system is very young, only about 150 million years old, according to astronomers. According to scientists, if life has started evolving anywhere in the Pleiades star system it could not have evolved beyond a level equivalent to bacteria on Earth.
But alien hunters explain away this apparent contradiction by claiming that the ancestors of the Pleiadians are another race called the Lyrans who were forced out of the ancestral planet Lyra in a different galaxy during savage wars with neighboring alien races millions of years ago.
The Lyrans arrived in our galaxy on advanced intergalactic spaceships or Beamships, similar to those used by the Grey aliens. They settled in the Pleiades millions of years of ago, and discovered Earth more than 200,000 years ago, alien contactees claim.
Alien hunters and contactees claim that after they discovered Earth, the Pleiadians engaged in controlled and limited interbreeding with primitive humans. This explains why some human races, such as Native Americans and Nordic humans, are believed to have Pleiadian blood.
[Image via Shutterstock]



  1. As a former SRA [Bloodline] Survivor, i am shocked by the arrogance in which so self proclaimed Alien Hunters, claim that Pleiadians can be a] spotted easily under certain circumstances and b] that those people with a certain Nordic Beauty must be Pleiadian ET’s. I rather have Highly Developed Pleiadian Beings running Planet Earth, than the Majority of hill billies and Rednecks out there. The majority of low class idiots who only care to destroy the planet. Whose Intelligence wont go further than the daily or weekly visit with buddies to the Pub / Bar talk about alot of garbage such as Sports, Soap Series, Reality TV, instead of trying to help and educate people in how we can better ourselves as a Human Race.
    Lauren xx.

  2. Reportedly in truth there are human aliens from a known planet in the Earth’s solar system had contacted a young man by an anonymous name of “Sherman Oaks” in a remote area near the Laguna Mountains in California years ago. Their representative to meet Sherman was a 19 or 20 year old looking female who presented herself as “Vitaka.” Supposedly she arrived in a 200 yard diameter circular craft which Sherman was allowed to go aboard for a brief visit.

  3. To add to the previous (Sherman) encounter I just want to say that the report was from one I received and found quite interesting to read. I made copies of the report and sent one to Rob Baldwin, former chairman of the San Diego UFO Society. At a subsequent meeting Rob thanked me for the report in which he too found interesting to read. Reportedly Sherman experienced depression after the alleged experience and initially reported the experience to someone he knew personally one Dr. C. Paul Villani, a clinical psychologist. Dr. Villani spoke to Sherman in a transcribed tape recorded session in his study. A copy of the transcription is included in the report. Villani’s conclusion was he found him not to be lying and might’ve had some kind of unusual experience but had no say in what Sherman really experienced. Personally I believe the (Lonnie Zamora) and (Betty Cash) cases are true; possibly the Trent sighting in McMinnville, Oregon from 1950. All the others to me are either a question mark or lies and hoaxes.
    That’s all I gotta say.


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