“POSITIVE TIMELINE UPDATE 2012-2025: Now onto creating our Agenda: (1) Deconstruct and Disappear the Moon and its Mind Control Matrix; (2) Out with the Draco Reptilian and Orion Grey bases, interventions and mind control; (3) Deconstruct the Exploitative Annunaki-Illuminati exploitative hierarchy – Abolish hereditary rule!! (4) Abolish private central banks starting with the Federal Reserve Bank and all Fiat currencies; Money as a public utility like electricity and water – Free capital for everyone’s creative and entrepreneurial projects; Disperse the illegitimate $250 trillion wealth centers of the bloodline banksters – everyone on Earth a billionaire! (5) Direct virtual planetary democracy 24/7; (7) Universal disarmament; (8) Teleportation and free energy economy. In Light, Alfred Webre ;-)”