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Possible General Zagrief Sighting

A guy who calls himself ‘Jewgolds’. He’s Russian and was in the Russian army for eight years, he’s also connected to Isreal. Yuri is in Russian army for 8 years (1998-2006). Here is what he claims he saw….

“Towards end of my service I am transfer from Ивантеевка by an Colonel Pushkin & stationed in former soviet forest of T’selinoyarsk 200km NW of Arkhangelsk (Архангельск) I am told to guard mysterious vent in by shack in middle of forest. At night I am hear strange noise coming from vent & i am much puzzle by this so after an while I am decide to explore vent & see where it leads. I am enter vent through grill & descent an metal ladder and I am reach what appears to be an sewer like system but without water & faeces & more labrythine.

I train in sniper division & we learn how to move very stealthy so I am sneak down tunnel & past many doors like those in prison cell. Doors had small view portal that allow me to see inside. Many cell are empty but one contain what look like an lizard in Soviet Commissar uniform. I am continue to sneak & I am find an open door to what looks like an office.

Inside I am find an filing cabinet with papers ascertaining to something called “Operation Ocelot” which involved former Soviet research into kabbalistic occult ritual & contact with malign intelligence not of humans origin. More papers are mention something called “Project Orobouros Snake” which has something to do with an hidden Higgs-Bosun particle collider somewhere near Chenobyl site away from prying eyes. At this point I am hear footsteps & i am hide under desk. 3 men in scientist white coats walk through the room and (speaking in English) they mention that “operations are nominal” & “quotas will be reached” but one seems to dissent & says “the workings of this are too arcane. I’m not confident Dr Freeman has the skill or experience to achieve our current stated objective”

This met by mocking from the others & they leave the room via another door. I am now decide it is best for me if i leave & quickly but British scientists are still in the passage outside that lead back to ladder & vent so i am go through other door which British scientists enter through. Inside room is what appear to be lab equipment like bunsen burners, test tube, alembics, calcifiers, retorts ect but on walls I am see an strange system of what appear to be 3rd stage humans foetuses in some kind of membranes. Each are connected to each other with clear glass piping & an yellow liquid appears to being pumped through by an machine at the base of the wall. Each embro is labeled with an occult Goetic sigil.

I am look at this site for what seems like many mins but prob only 30 sec & I am think “Yuri is not meant to see this!” So I am return through small office room & back into sewer like passage that connect to ladder that lead to vent I am assigned to guard. I am sneak but also move fast for I am very unnerved & disorient by what I see. I am in many fear of what I see but I return to my post as to retain some semblance of normality in eyes of my superior officers.

When I return home on leave 3 weeks later all my house windows are broken and my house in ransack! My cat is killed also. His feets was cut off. My friend Sergei witness an suspicious black van parked outside my house just before the defiling of my house occurred. My computer, guns & silverware were stolen & occult symbols next to crude drawing of mens penis were scrawled on my wall. I am very frighten by incident so I am sleep at Sergeis & in morning I am retrieve my money from bank & book flight to my grandmother in Tel Aviv.

I am an Russian & I am have many experience with alien Kabbalah-Satanists. I have knowledge of an hidden military base in Soviet forest of T’selinoyarsk where occultist kabbalistic black magick military are making bizarre experiment in collusion with interdimensional alien devilish beings. The aliens look like an lizard in Soviet Comissar uniform. I have sneak in base & i am see many humans childs connected to pipes & machines but now i believe i am being chase by mossads for this info.” – Yuri



  1. some real spooky stuff..”hidden military base in Soviet forest of T’selinoyarsk where occultist kabbalistic black magick military are making bizarre experiment in collusion with interdimensional alien devilish beings. The aliens look like an lizard in Soviet Comissar uniform.”

  2. Interesting and informative. That’s awful the poor guy had his house ransacked.
    Sometimes being in these bodies and having these lessons we contracted ourselves to learn is really hard.

    Beem me up Scotty, I’m ready to go home!

  3. The symbols that are used. I’ve seen a few of them my self. Poor Yuri, he dosen’t even know what he’s in for. Shadow wars can take there toll on you if your not careful.

    Me and my squad will take care of these fuckers sooner or later. Chernobyl isn’t our juidiction but this info helps the GLF and Andromidians greatly. Thanks Yuri, your personal sacrifice will not be forgoten. Justice will be served. We wait and watch intent on doing so. New Colony waits just behind Jupiter phased just out of reach from long range wepeons. It moves for security reasons but if your lucky you might just have The Eye to be able to see it.

    As for those gaurds talking trash about human culture. Fuck’m we’ll see how they feel on the other end of the chain when were done with them.

    We wait, we watch, and we exsist. I look forward to the time when our pressence is known to all. If it be half-blood or human, ET or ED beings.

    Ever Forward.


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