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AGENDA behind the Black Projects

This is a short list of what this rogue civilization or program wants to achieve:

1. Control and rule by secrecy of the United States and ultimately the world.

2. Control and rule of the Solar System and beyond. This includes the terraforming of planets including moons, for example of Jupiter and Saturn. As well as the established bases on the moon and Mars, the Command and Control center in Phobos and the emergence of Solar Warden, the interstellar space fleet already fully operational. This includes non-terrestrial officers and fleet-to-fleet transfers of equipment and troops. (see Gary McKinnon Camelot interview for more on this).

3. The creation of a “Master Race” or Humanity 2.0 that will then go on to rule planets and travel the stars. This involves, nanotech, bioluminescence, robotic implants and a host of other technologies… all aimed at creating the Ultimate “superman”.

4. The domination over other space faring civilizations or at the very least the capability to be a “force to be reckoned with” regardless of the level of development of friend or foe whether encountered ‘out there’ or visiting our Earth. Including those that inhabit inner Earth or races that simply live hidden in undersea and underground bases within the Earth and inter / intra dimensionally.

5. The re-terraforming of the Earth and eventual reduction of the population of surface Earth down to around 500 million. (see Georgia Guidestones and Iron Mountain Report for more info on this…)

5. The use and acquisition of technology to maintain their edge and power in all the above.

This covers the most basic parameters of the raison d’être or MO (modus operandi) for the creation and maintenance of the Secret Space Program.

With that in mind, let’s look at how they go about achieving such far-reaching goals. And that brings us to the Black Projects themselves. It is beyond the scope of this article to address every Black Project they are working on (or have worked on over the years). Suffice to say, what we can address are several of the top Black Projects that will give us a very good idea of what arenas they are working on, so that you, the People and those in positions of responsibility within the power structure, can begin to understand where your money is going and what you are supporting.

The Providence of Information

Before we address the different topics the Black Projects cover let’s deal with where this information comes from with regard to those projects. That is, how do we know? We know because of the many whistleblowers both public and behind closed doors who have come forward to reveal the levels and depth of the secrecy and who give testimony and sometimes hard evidence in the form of technical specs, documentation and even tangible evidence i.e. technology and other evidence (photos, films, etc).

In other words, we are indebted to those who have worked on these PROJECTS who have either escaped, been let-go or retired from or in some cases, communicated from inside. Those who are still employed by the SECRET GOVERNMENT leak information to individuals and organizations around the world. (see Project Camelot for one example). Some evidence has also been obtained from law enforcement, FBI, and other alphabet agencies and military (that is, surface military who have stumbled on evidence either by accident or intention that begins to reveal a particular PROJECT.

Which leads to the question of who to believe and what to believe even when it is staring you in the face. Ultimately, it is through the triangulation and simple multiplication of reports coming from individuals or places unrelated to each other (in other words, people who don’t know each other). Individuals coming forward often at totally different times and places with the SAME or SIMILAR information LEADING IN A DIRECTION which after further investigation may lead to the SAME PLACE or CONCLUSION.

So it is a given that information can and is suspect until further substantiated, but once it has been substantiated time and time again over the years… a picture can and does EMERGE.

The Black Projects in Short

So what are at least some of those primary BLACK PROJECTS that our SECRET GOVERNMENT has been involved in FUNDING and committing resources to, including HUMAN RESOURCES over the years?

1. MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL OF HUMANITY including but not limited to:

A. Microwaves, scaler waves, EMP and more

B. Programming through TVs, radios and internet, media

C. Programming through education, religious institutions etc.

D. Music and art forms (i.e. Rock music see Peter Levenda for more on this)

E. CIA and NSA use of electronics, hypnosis, drugs, neural linguistics etc

F. Food and atmosphere alteration, additives

G. Chemtrails : a vast program underway with many purposes

H. Drones & surveillance of all kinds

For use in the future and now in case of :

A. Nuclear winter/fallout

B. CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) or EMP (electro magnetic pulses – events from the Sun (super storms)

C. Labs: to explore uses of and discovery of new technologies and to house and store those working on the discoveries of technologies and to store (hide) technologies and products of such from “the People” and other rival governments and ET races..

D. EARTH CHANGES: To prepare and use as shelter in the advent of major Earth Changes involving Earthquakes, Meteor showers, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, High velocity Winds, Electromagnetic Storms, etc.

E. Prepare and shelter during POLE SHIFTS (magnetic) or POLE REVERSALS aka Day After Tomorrow scenario

F. INCOMING PLANETOIDS/ METEORS and ELE (extinction level events)

F. As a place to house all BLACK PROJECTS and the evidence thereof

G. To house and create or build: ARMIES OF SUPER SOLDIERS (both human and non-human, androids robots etc. (see below)

H. To establish a secret military

I. To build weapons and SPACE CRAFT for use in space travel and wars with various unfriendly ET races whether visiting or terrestrial both undersea and in residence here on Earth surface or underground.

J. For experimentation on Humans including but not limited to MIB abductions working in collusion with Grey ETs. Farming of human body parts and fluids to “feed” reptilian ETs and reptilian based races such as some Greys. (see Dulce material for more on this).
…and much more

3. WARFARE : Building weapons for space war, starwars, biowarfare, satellite grids, nanotech, nano satellite grids operated by an AI involving SKYNET (a centralized AI possibly known as MOTHER) for use in ALL OF THE ABOVE in other words in MIND CONTROL, WEATHER WARS, WARS WITH INVADING AND RESIDING HOSTILE RACES both human, ET or off worlders (who may look human or not) or who may temporarily takeover a human vessel for use etc.

4. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH into all of the above.

From a report issued by Bill Cooper with regard to a person who contacted him.

…”He showed me a military I.D. card from Fort Carson and another with a strange checker board design on it. He said he had a Super Top Secret clearance and worked as a laboratory assistant in southwestern Colorado associated with the Delta Group out of Fort Carson.
He witnessed cryogenic experimentation going on with human beings. This experimentation was conducted by both ‘aliens’ and some Super Secret intelligence group. Some high ranking military and scientific personnel were taken down to cryogenic temperatures through a process of draining their blood and pumping a chemical mixture into the circulatory system to prevent cell destruction during the freezing and thawing periods.
The ‘aliens’ were the only ones who knew the mixture formula and the gradual thawing process. They at first refused to give the formula and process to the scientific team, and threatened to leave the above mentioned personnel in that cryogenic state forever unless the scientists cooperated on some certain issues.” — from THE DULCE PROTOCOL by Robert K. Teske (a producer who has assembled reams of pertinent info about the DULCE base and secret space program. Available here on Amazon.

5. BUILDING & HOUSING SPACE CRAFT… based on ET technology NOT available in the public sector. Some of these craft are spotted and called UFOs but they are actually “ours” as opposed to craft flown by visiting races.

6. TIME TRAVEL – altering TIME LINES for humanity, traveling from planet to planet or dimensional travel. Dealing with races from other galaxies… and more. For example, the Mars we see and the Mars that the Secret Space Program is “jumping to” (see Camelot video “Jump room to Mars) is a 4th Dimensional Mars. They are entering via a portal on surface Mars which takes them to a Mars with green grass etc. Terraformed and welcoming to humans according to a highly placed whistleblower still employed by them.

7. VIEWING & PREDICTING THE FUTURE – in order to prepare for and/or alter it (see time travel)

8. LONGEVITY & GENETICS : cures for cancer and other diseases, prolonging life and all the possible ways of genetically enhancing the human as well as creating whole new species (Jurassic Park) etc. Dulce and work with certain races of Greys to create a Grey-human hybrid to repopulate the Earth going forward (after the Earth changes?) and other genetic re-engineering of the human genome to build a better, faster more advanced race of humans (Humanity 2.0).

9. SUPER SOLDIER PROGRAM : training children and young men and women to be spies and secret agents as well as soldiers to fly the craft and fight hostile off and on planet races and beings that they designate as “the enemy” as well as to police you and and rest of the masses. (see multiple Camelot interviews including Duncan O’Finioan, Aaron McCollum, John Robey (Torchwood is real)… and many more.

10. SOUL RETRIEVAL AND TRANSFERENCE : Taking souls from bodies and putting them into stasis and then into new bodies to serve the ‘machine’ of the secret state. Clones, androids etc. using Grey technology.

11. TERRAFORMING EARTH FOR A NEW SPECIES. There is substantial evidence that the Chemtrails program is part of an ongoing effort to change our atmosphere. This includes intentionally created events such as FUKUSHIMA. Such orchestrated events involve a release of radiation that could have a significant affect on the amount of cancer in the population in years to come as well as the GULF OIL SPILL creating a more methane-like environment more conducive to certain races of Greys and Reptilians.

The increase in the number of children with Autism is a case in point. There is evidence that radiation exposure by parents leads to a high incidence of Autism in children. Autism is especially prized by the Secret Space Program because Autistic Children test have a greater predisposition for being pre-cogs (ability to see into the future and predict events).

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