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Project: Childhood Interrupted

Project: Childhood Interrupted

A project to help victims of mind control, ritual abuse, milabs and et abductions


  1. Hello. I’ve been doing a lot soul searching since I was brought down with schizophrenia. I think I’ve sought much more before. But, being mentally ill made it all elusive. From being abducted into a mafia like family. To seeing the other-side that is nothingness. Almost a permenant white far side to blackness that leads you to the Grey’s. The color has been all so dime. I am talking all or nothing. Which side are you on? For it is Earth that we see, at dark the world is almost flip upside down. Wondering about stars, the moon and infinite light. Sometimes it is too bright like a the endless fall. The downward spiral. Believe in something. If you come into nothing as to break on through to the other side? Remember that you must come out of the other side. It is difficult to think your parents may not be for real. That there is all sorts of brujaria behind it. That the Anti-Christ is already here. Due the Sicilian profecy. Hollywood. The Black Agenda and how there is a need for control of the city of Los Angeles through old world scripture. It is the final show. The battle of L.A. 70’s-80’s. Lost children and sangre sagrado. Que vive la gente de America.

    • James, these entries are a couple of years old. Any idea where ‘Suzanne Vale’ is?? I’ve never seen this blog or site before, but have DEFINITELY read/seen this somewhere:

      “A couple or few summers, we went to a resort in southwestern Michigan called Tabor Farm; … except that this resort was later owned (within a few years) by Valdas Adamkus, the two-time President of Lithuania; his bio shows that he was involved in both U.S. and Lithuanian intelligence. ”


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