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Chemtrails contain nano-fibres which carry nanobots that infect the lungs, penetrate the blood-brain barrier to produce GHOSTWALKERS(Humans totally controlled by A.I. Super Computers at the National Intelligence Directorate)
Project SOLARWARDEN is not simply Tier 3 & above Spacecraft nor controlling space between Earth & Saturn, but to control the very minds of the masses.  See www.dataasylum.com for intelligence regarding how these Nano-fibres, which carry nanobots, which infiltrate the lungs & organs of the human body, then build Nanophages, which then attack the neuro-synapses by the billions.
Many examples are given on this website, many specimens have been collected & documented.  Thought-to-Speech, Speech-to-Thought Biological Applications Programmable Interface or BioAPI have been installed in the populations.  Phase II has been completed & Phase X has begun it’s testing-for-compliance tasking. 
You will find BioAPI apps in ALL SmartPhones, (your phone connects directly to your brain via BlueTooth, BTW BlueTooth was developed to actually place cellphones in one’s teeth, as far back as the late 80’s).  These chemtrail bourne nano-fibres with their payloads can cause the illusion of “Gangstalking”, it can create microwave-bourne bone-voice verbal communications without cochlear implants.
Originally this intelligence gleened from “YELLOWBOOK/YELLOWDEVICE/YELLOWCUBE” as a way to Biologically interface Pilots to Aircraft/Spacecraft, along with Psycho-acoustics, this has been accomplished since the early 90’s… Now Biological Interface is a way of life for the population worldwide.
Morgellons, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, CFS, Gulf War Illnesses, all of these are simply symptoms of what has been perfected since 1998, when Space-Based SOLARWARDEN went into affect.
Now BioAPI’s are in everything from medications to red meat, to the latest 4G technologies   Thus we, for all intense & purposes, are actually “PLUGGED IN & Awaiting the TURNED-ON Phase X”.
Just thought you should know why approximately 90% of the General Population are already Zombies/GHOSTWALKERS, as we near the “ENDGAME” activation scenario   There is 10% of the world’s population who’s neuro-physiology,.. that is incompatible to BioAPI, & Neuro-Linguistic Programming/Neuro-Associative Conditioning, due to natural anomalies amongst Humans.
Thank God above that you happen to be in the 10% of that population.  Should you investigate the above website, I am sure you will be as surprised as I was, as to how far along SOLARWARDEN is at every level.
I invite your opinion regarding this intelligence, as I too, am a part of this 10% that the Powers-that-Be have placed in the “Conflict Management” category.


  1. I believe your theory based on my own research. My question to you is, is this some type of alternative method to mind control than the more traditional methods discussed by fritz OR are we being prepared for something? How do you know if you are in the 10% or 90%? Is there a difference between civilian/community based gangstalking and gangstalking from robotically controlled humans? Gangstalking has been recorded all the way back since the Roman Empire days. Did they have this technology all the way back then too?


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