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PSI Tracker with Tyler Clark – Illuminati Sex Slave

2012 Bellvue Washington 
“Infiltration of The Illuminati Sex Slave Center The Westin”

I’m driving in thick traffic on the phone with a mid level monarch, Going to visit an acquaintance that’s in a bad position. 

Mission: Infiltrate Westin
Target: mid level monarch K N
Status: Mental Stability Questionable
Notes:Identify Two Intel groups watching each other.

After driving around in search of decent parking, I play dumb and keep getting lost to bring her out in the open lobby need to see whose paying attention. So she says on the phone, “I thought you were a Triple Agent.” All the while I am looking through the reflection of my cell phone watching an agent acting like hes reading the paper, The other is in front of the elevator between the desk and valet parking entrance. Agents usually come in pairs like butt cheeks. I smile and say yes dear. She bitches and says something unimportant. I am taking note of the key card entrance to the upper floor suites and blind spots of the cameras. We finally make our way to her prison apartment. Provided by family handlers. I then take my zap checker and locate several bugs and continue to bullshit my way through the annoyance of being their and play the soft heart role. Which i play well ;). She begins to tell me about the agency across the way in a building next door that watch her change everyday and other perverted things. At this point I am trying to smoke as much weed as possible anything to take my mind off this sad little mission. I make some dinner suggestions and she gets bitchy and I realize the weed isn’t working and it might be more entertaining to taze one of the agents and take his shit. So ultimately I finally go to bed.

The next morning I awake and do some rv work and meditation and do some stretch work keeping my muscles tight and snappy. When she awakens she bitches about me for not eating breakfast and taking imitative”I don’t eat breakfast at this point in my life”. So she eventually makes a barely tolerable breakfast at best. at this point I am thinking of getting sick and puking on myself, we then go down to the parking garage to get her car which was sabotaged by her handlers earlier in the night. I went and tried to jump start the vehicle which didn’t work, I convince her to ride with me in my truck and go visit her parents during the trip she decides to have an alter bleed through and gets nervous when I want to meet the family handlers. She then directs me to a rear road behind their home in fear that i might plant a bug or ask them how they enjoy ritual raping their kid. she later returns in her normal mode and says she wants to buy me lunch we go and eat clam chowder and have the most civil conversation of the whole sad situation, I ask her if she wants to be free and she says she is satisfied with her life and I decide to leave her in her misery. 



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