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Psychic Medium Ilona – Telepathic Spiritist Contact Q and A

2020-3-15                                                                                                  .                           ( EXTRATERRESTRIALS HELPING )      Aleluia oo! Welcome! Indeed, it is time to awaken your consciousness and your origins that have been given to you. Do not be manipulated . A certain negative race of Dragons and Reptilions. Reptilians are dangerous and they want the same race of these entities to stop you from running your earthly order as you wanted to live freely. Reptilians want to take freedom and take power over people. They do it by all means. Higher inter – galactic councils have a lot of activation around your orbit to spread the evil that is being done in an artificial way. Higher dimensions in which both negativity and positivity are present. They are higher above you people. oth the Reptilioids and the light-loving races. They want to control your Earth and want  preserve the old system. But he old system collapses and they want to keep it at all costs.  Because the planet is destinated  for your evolution, the human species. And they do not like it.  They want the destruction of humanity and have them in slavery….   They see that planet Earth is defending itself. Earth is organic. Earth is minded. Earth It is above the universal law and instructed on the property of the human species. Because the Earth is developing its vibrations and we are affectionate EBE, I am OLie and other loving civilizations from Lyra, Pleiadans, Arcturians, Orion. All and those who are hidden for a lot of safety around your Earth.    In a certain invisible vacuum in the ionosphere, we help to activate everything the way it is is given by the universal law. But we are going with  Pleiades. They Plejadani have developed a more source for healing and neutralizing evil. But Olie, our computers  we are putting everything into action quickly. Although we cannot intervene immediately. But we try to use strong vibrations in the electromagnetic field in our Ship. Our Ship sends healing frequencies to the ionosphere and atmosphere. These frequencies destroy all poisons. Therefore, the old structures of the system collapse, both on Earth and in the brain of leaders who are completely manipulable puppets. Telepathy is getting lost. Olie has questions.                                          

  1) Judoka Milano: Olie, is it true that China has already killed 3 million people after the 5G attack and was it all camouflaged?/ – Everything is controlled. camouflage is everywhere. It is a strugle,fight about your Earth. . Yes, these programs attack. 5 G radiation, CERN, radiation. Only positive vibrational love full of cosmic streams can reach higher dimensions that are intelligent and help love. 5G, CERN, CEMTRAILS. All this can create a GAMA radiation stream. Yes, it is a secret truth that should not have come to light. Yes, the Chinese died there, but it is a very strong and populous state. Their frequencies do not like the Reptilioids. Reptilioids want to depopulate the most populous states. Destruction of humanity. In China, there they deploy 5G radiation that’s theS code. It is their job, these acts. Therefore, most in China.                                                                                                                                                              .                                                                                         

2a ) Super Soldier James Rink:   Is coronavirus a synthetic a i from the future which is programed to kill off people in fear and negative mindsets…/   – Your human species already lives in the future. After all your human species already lives in the future. It is a blending of a dimensional spacetime spiral, a leap at one moment. Everything is given in advance and the transformation of the Earth, your planet, the transition to a new Earth as a planet      

2b) Is the trump administration about to do mass arrests during quarantine Did the Chinese make a deal with the draco to release the virus to kill off 500 million Chinese and harvest their bodies for slaves and food.Is that good enough for now? Yes my source said the same thing Protomolecule. Maybe ask how much food should we stock pile, for how long, and what else should we stockpile? Does this end with release of replicator and suppressed technologies to jump start our economies?My source said Chinese and darpa joint group who got the virus from the ssp and they got it from the future/.   

Answer from EBE OLie:       

 ( BIOROBOTIC RACE ) This means the transition of the human race to the transition to the bio-robotic race.   This also happens. They want to deploy the bio – robotic race. They want to take over the planet Earth of the human species. They want to create their background. They want to destroy a certain number of civilizations, a certain number of documentation that is on record under and on the surface of the Earth. They want to have their source and destroy the original content of all happenings on planet Earth. This is also in the Acakshic record and in the Bible. But they do not know our control and conditions, as rescuers from other advanced planets and dimensions such as Pleiadans, Arcturians, we Ebe, Orion, from the constellation of Swan, from other constellations that are outside your Earth, outside your Galaxy.  We are more of us.                                                                                                            .                                     

They certain species , who wants to take over your Earth, think they’re stronger.Anunnaki  partly, those who were here before you, Nephiles and Elohim.  They are the same, but they differ in something. Yes, arrests, it’s already driven as manipulation, as intimidation. That is why the virus was created to be intimidated, to take  without freedom, human rights and life, love, limiting and turning off pineal gland consciousness, as you people call Pineal Gland. And they would have people like rats in laboratorys. Yes, Ivana has an extracorporeal experience when her body does not move.The moment when the level of ALFA consciousness occurs. Alpha level finds itself in pineal gland. And there is the possibility to establish all connections. Getting into extracorporeal programs that we also control. And evil entities can get into it, like Reptilians and another  kind, kind of evil. Not every Reptilian is evil. The one who is not evil is just like nothing for his superiors.He is undeveloped, it is like you embryo, so he is under the main Reptilians, so it works. In doing so, he reacts and perceives, but without consciousness.The consciousness is in the human soul and that is the Draconians, the Reptilians, all the negative races that are they well controlling it. They have it under control. They watching. Yes, the Reptilians acquire the human body by metamorphosis and other evil energy forces.Yes by metamorphosis, yes by skin renewal. They Reptilians have skin, tissues and quite  too strong, eyes too strong.  With use  their Reptilians  Eyes, they can control a man, people at a distance. They have evil in their eyes, which is hidden under the  face mask  of good…   

( SARCOPHAGUS – TROJAN HORSE )    2c) Explain where the scarphagous is located Seems like a trojan horse./-     The sarcophagus is located between the star space in the space laboratory. The intergalactic council from our council primarily guards the sarcophagus. We are researching  biology, and another alien species is exploring other parts of evolution that are associated with perception with energy and consciousness with intuition, and everything regarding the part of spiritual evolution that is associated with the soul. We share the program with them. Trojan horse is in myths. This is stored in the Nazi United Army program.The Trojan horse led to war and as a code. It began with evolution, and then with war and possible other weapons. But not as comprehensive as they are now in this space.     

3 a ) Frank Van den Kommer: 3b)   and if yes, why is it kept secret”? Or “How can we get in contact eye to eye, so we can start communicating an learning from the Aliens./           

Eyes, these are signs, are a prerequisite for terrestrial energy, protection, transmission of flow  currents.But the connection with the extraterrestrials  species resides in the head in the pineal gland. The eyes just send from consciousness to the consciousness of the other eyes.From eyes to eyes.  It is a transmission from consciousness to consciousness, and a telepathic transmission may occur. From a human being to another human being. Telepathy with aliens is about another frequency power. This is about other vibrations. Because it to connet, flowing from the human species to another species. Each species has a different frequency of energy. So it goes in a different way, not the same way.     

3 b ) Frank Van den Kommer:. As “Is there already Alien-Human contact? / – Official contact has long been but  in the fog. All your army and super soldiers are obscuring. They  to fog  for people. They are  everything  fogging. They cover up everything that has long was on the surface. But we cannot step in with dignity completely and clearly. Because they it to fog, they are silent. so that your army does not fight our own and other advanced loving races.They are also afraid to step in because your territory is guards it by the negative race of the Reptilians and the Anunnaki, who have really awakened in great numbers. The Anunnaki are isolated and therefore cannot be seen. They can hide. They have a vacuum diaphragm . They are giants.   And we are demigods, They are Gods. Everything has its meaning and reason in the evolution of all races.                                                                                                                                                           .                                        

3c)  are Aliens guiding us trough mind control or DNA changes ? / – Humanity is dominated by DNA, therefore the weapons of destruction.  ( TERRORIST ) 

4 ) Radovan Ondracek: A question to Olie: “People don’t believe that the US dark federal government dominates the world through lies and fraud just to keep power. The sinking of the Titanic, as well as the fall of the Twins, was a planned fraud that went out. can Olie still add something more for people to believe? /-  Everything has been recorded, everything is not completely fraud.Everything is just a guided missile. Even your world is not an illusion, only part is an illusion. MATRIX is also from part. Because the MATRIX part does not apply to space time. The space-time axis is different and true. You are from something, you have established your earthly order and half the illusion. Your collapsing in town, alert, explosive was in America 2001 New York. Everything was a program, but it was not an illusion. It was true, it was also an posted evil . It is a struggle, combat to make as many people as possible die. I will not comment on it more.                                                                                                            .                                        

( ILona to note  🙂 I want to point out that 3 months before the terror in New York, me and Ivana both met the terrorist here in the Czech Republic in our town Telc. We even drank with him 3 hours of red wine in  square the garden in the restaurant at the Black Eagle – Cerný Orel. He was named Muhammed Atta and was from Egypt. He Muhammed was here with one of his friends from Egypt, and we never thought he Muhammed will  next 3 months be flying plane 11 and he will a future terrorist. We would never have thought of it, that we were sitting in restaurant  with the biggest terrorist of all time. Muhammed Atta was also pleasant, he knew German  language well. We talked about Egypt, the Giza pyramid about extraterrestrials, etc. And then, after the terror, it was on television that Muhammed visited historic cities in the Czech Republic. So I and Ivana met one of those terrorists, we want to ask Ebe /       

– Yes, it was a guided attack. No camouflage. It was no coincidence that he met you. There are no coincidences. The universe is not a coincidence, but it is from nothing. Coincidence is therefore out of nowhere, so coincidence does not exist. Muhammed Atta, it was his way of navigation that made healing in his mind and order in his consciousness for recovery. . The terrorists are led, run by a program called MK ULTRA. All terrorists are so trained. So like presidents, leaders of all countries. They are puppets in the system and are suddenly reprogrammed in their minds and attacking. Therefore yet, as a human species, he is ordinary, sweet, and affectionate.   

5a ) Janet Kira Lessin:  Mike from Radio doesn’t believe Olie is real.  How can you prove that you are “real”.  Where do you live?  Are you in physical form? / – We don not live on your Earth the way you think. We are in intergalactic space. But we will visit your Earth in a protective vacuum. Without contact of our physical part with your space, with your touch of the ground. . That would limit our energy. It would activate our chest small plate as an no intake. Thus our Ship would not have to take us back to the dome at the bottom of Ship. We are physical, but in a different space. We are not on Earth, we do not live, we do not have dwellings, building. We have houses cupola on our Elielji as well as crystal areas where our energy is territorial. There we have dwellings, residence.           

And I EBE Olie civilized dimension is real. We can not get every joker on his mind and request and command. We are intelligent and dignified. We can not do as anyone wants. You need people to understand. We are related to space-time with other energies in space-time with other developments, and we cannot talk to everyone as children or people. Children have more intelligence. We cannot do what you ask us to do, that we do. This is limiting me and Olie friends from my Starfleet. A fleet trying to do tasks around your Earth and in the right direction. We help along with the Pleiadians and others to rescue your life, your kind. So please do not be keen, eaer and evil not to believe in our existence. Ivana, as a telepathic link, does not deserve to have any attacks, nor do I, Olie from the side of the negative individuals. Mike from the radio is an inferior being, has no developed consciousness. It is the ego that manipulates it and knocks it to the very bottom of your Earth.            

 5b) What does your body or form look like?  Are you in this dimension?  Are there others of your species “living here” or in contact with other human beings? Why have you chosen those you have chosen to communicate through? / – We chose Ivana because we had to. It is a long time ago in the hall of Akasha Amentha Akasha. Your spiritual library. We do not choose the kind of individual who knows nothing about astrophysical conditions,  properties, the characteristic. Who knows nothing about your planet. We choose half-earthling  with half-extraterrstrial that have extraterrestrial half-DNA and half human. Ivana has it from more incarnations. And we addressed her in those other incarnations.              

6 ) Mirka has question if there is a God and how did the universe come about and if  can be Mirka communicate with you?/- That is a petty question. I want to say that God is the universe. So we will not divide the  notion of how God came into being and if there is a universe. After all, God is the space. And how did it come about? How created it. You think the big bang, but the bang was not created. The space arose from nothing. Atom is in space. The Big Bang could not have arisen from the atom after all, she tells Olie. Yes, the universe , space originated from an atom. Yes, the atom is in space, but not originated from the bang and the bang from the atom. Yes, the atom is in space, but not originated from the bang and the bang from the atom. It has no binding, no connection. Bang no originated from an atom. An atom and thus the universe was formed, although it seems by chance that something of nothing is not a coincidence.

 / Ebe, can you also talk to Mirka?  /  – Mirka is an isolated yes with the content of her mind. She is at a low energy level, She is held in the hands of her existence. No Ilona, ​​it is not that I do not give Ivan the information you think. We know everything. We are all about the source of everything that moves Ivana in her brain, so both throughout the day, we know what Ivana does, how she communicates, what she communicates. We know everything if we are fully connected. Yes, because of the coronary virus, we all interfere. Olie is trying, but we are not a race like the constellation Lyra. Keep in mind that it affects the highest order of cosmic law and drive accordingly. And that is love and peace to the heart. Be calm. Everything is a putsch, epoch. Everything wakes up and you are now witnessing it.  But you have to keep calm. It is controlled as it was before your evolution, even though it was human, but different evolution, it was a different evolution, but they experienced the same thing, different nuclear weapons and biological weapons. Mainly nuclear weapons killed the original Earth, was destruction and GAMA radiation. 

  /EBE, will  our dad , me and Ivana survive the coronary virus?/ – Yes, and we really appreciate it. Yes, we do your best to protect you. Do not worry. And everything goes on.  Will be another change.  Will be  reign higher mind. Because the forces of positive races are around your Earth, they cannot look on this anymore. Be calm, time does not exist. . Everything happens at once, caution! Not to say how long it will be. Just here something turns on and immediately turns off or not. But we EBE to help, to turn it off. Yes, at this moment in your moment in your transition to the second phase, you should first think positively of yourself and the most loved ones and your animals above all, not other people that you do not even know are harmful to you, stand in your way and criticize your of truth. Ivana tells the truth from me. Yes, Ivana is the medium, she is now speaking what I tell to Ivana. There cannot be two of the same medium. We registered, activated only Ivana consciousness, her ability to connect telepathy. We cannot handle two connections in one way. It is Ivana, her mission, not anyone else. Yes, Ilona, there are 5 overall medium,  contacts with me, that’s true, but Ivana has an extensive consciousness to which other races can join, but not the negative races. I point it out.You can not trust all the information.  Here  is a clear evil here, that it is a biological weapon, but what they write you can not believe everything. You must mainly to conserve energy yourself and control yourself and protect yourself. Other things at this moment you should not be interested. Yes, Olie will must end.We are on the intergalactic council. We do good deeds for  your Earth. Aleluia


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