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Psychic Medium Ilona – Coronavirus

2a ) SuperSoldier James Rink:   Is coronavirus a synethic a i from the future which is programed to kill off people in fear and negative mindsets.

Answer EBE OLie:         – Your human species already lives in the future. After all your human species already lives in the future. It is a blending of a dimensional spacetime spiral, a leap at one moment. Everything is given in advance and the transformation of the Earth, your planet, the transition to a new Earth as a planet

2b) Is the trump adminstration about to do mass arrests during quarantineDid the chinese make a deal with the draco to release the virus to kill off 500 million Chinese and harvest their bodies for slaves and food.Is that good enough for now? Yes my source said the same thing Protomolecule. Maybe ask how much food should we stock pile, for how long, and what else should we stockpile? Does this end with release of replicator and supressed technologies to jumpstart our economies?My source said chinese and darpa joint group who got the virus from the ssp and they got it from the future/.

Answer Answer from EBE OLie:       ( BIOROBOTIC RASE ) This means the transition of the human race to the transition to the bio-robotic race.   This also happens. They want to deploy the bio – robotic race. They want to take over the planet Earth of the human species. They want to create their background. They want to destroy a certain number of civilizations, a certain number of documentation that is on record under and on the surface of the Earth. They want to have their source and destroy the original content of all happenings on planet Earth. This is also in the Acakshic record and in the Bible. But they do not know our control and conditions, as rescuers from other advanced planets and dimensions such as Pleiadans, Arcturians, we Ebe, Orion, from the constellation of Swan, from other constellations that are outside your Earth, outside your Galaxy.  We are more of us.

They certain species , who wants to take over your Earth, think they’re stronger.Anunnaki  partly, those who were here before you, Nephiles and Elohim.  They are the same, but they differ in something. Yes, arrests, it’s already driven as manipulation, as intimidation. That is why the virus was created to be intimidated, to take  without freedom, human rights and life, love, limiting and turning off pineal gland consciousness, as you people call Pineal Gland. And they would have people like rats in laboratorys. Yes, Ivana has an extracorporeal experience when her body does not move.The moment when the level of ALFA consciousness occurs. Alpha level finds itself in pineal gland. And there is the possibility to establish all connections. Getting into extracorporeal programs that we also control. And evil entities can get into it, like Reptilians and another  kind, kind of evil. Not every Reptilian is evil. The one who is not evil is just like nothing for his superiors.He is undeveloped, it is like you embryo, so he is under the main Reptilians, so it works. In doing so, he reacts and perceives, but without consciousness.The consciousness is in the human soul and that is the Draconians, the Reptilians, all the negative races that are they well controling it. They have it under control. They watching. Yes, the Reptilians acquire the human body by metamorphosis and other evil energy forces.Yes by metamorphosis, yes by skin renewal. They Reptilians have skin, tissues and quite  too strong, eyes too strong.  With use  theirReptilians  Eyes, they can control a man, people at a distance. They have evil in their eyes, which is hidden under the  face mask  of good. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..                                                                                                                                  .                                   ( SARCOPHAGUS – TROJAN HORSE )

2c) Explain where the scarphagous is located Seems like a trojan horse./-

The sarcophagus is located between the star space in the space laboratory. The intergalactic council from our council primarily guards the sarcophagus. We are researching  biology, and another alien species is exploring other parts of evolution that are associated with perception with energy and consciousness with intuition, and everything regarding the part of spiritual evolution that is associated with the soul. We share the program with them. Trojan horse is in myths. This is stored in the Nazi United Army program.The Trojan horse led to war and as a code. It began with evolution, and then with war and possible other weapons. But not as comprehensive as they are now in this space.


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