Ebe OLie 29 December 2018 told long time 90 minuts

something Olie told  that they are concerned about dangerous volcano ETNA Italy . Magmatic epicenter threatening earthquake.  And  the cloud over Etna broke them, diverted the plasma in their Ship. The axis in the Ship diverted. Ebe must repair plasma in their Ship.  Ebe also told about the dreams, the composition of their body. Organic crystals, we humans are  more  – layered, and Humanoids are one – layered. Organic Crystals is like jelly. Ebe told much.  I have a lot work with translate of more messages!  Whole communication we re filmed my old videocamera Sony. I want video add to youtube and make subtitles…. Olie  also said that they can something  turn away some danger,  but that it does not always have to be successful that it is like unguided missile