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Psychotronic Astral Projection

First of all Psychotronics is the term given to electrical devices that have capability to change, control or modify our Central Nervous System or mind functions (Pyschology) the brain works on oscillating frequencies that are below 16Hz these are known as Extra Low Frequencies (ELF’s),
Our hearing range can’t hear audio frequencies below 30Hz/20Hz (varies in certain people) so normal sound waves don’t have any effect, however called Tri-Tones does, 2 frequencies are used and are panned either side to create a stereo effect, one frequency is panned left and frequency is panned right and a 3rd tone is generated in the brain hence the expression Tri-tones is used, Tri meaning 3 as in a Tri-cycle has 3 wheels. The term Astral Projection is where the body remains asleep but the mind remains awake and is controlled by the power of thought and imagination hence the term Projection (imagination).

The Intelligence agencies mainly the NSA and MI6 have studied Tri-tones for there use in mind control and programming, one thing that is not really known is there use in Psychological Operations aka Psy-Ops or PSI-Ops, they tend to use people with RH/O negative genetics due to there psychic traits or left handed people as left handers are mainly right brain dominated and the right brain controls emotions, imagination and dimensional awarness, The person is placed into the Trip Seat which is a large chair similar to a dentist chair that has restraints, headphones and a visor screen in front for displaying video images and pictures, the Trip Seat is also hooked up to supercomputers (Emerald or Titan) and machines such as ECG’s and EEG’s to study biological functions and brain wave activity, the person is then Hypnotised and then the Co- Ordinates or map reference of the target to be Remote Viewed are subliminally by being flashed rapidly on the visor and are given a codeword as correspondense (eg. Place 1), the person is then put into a futher deeper trance almost sleep like by a Post Hypnotic Command given (eg. You go to sleep now, deeper, deeper, heavier and heavier) or by stimulating the brain waves of sleep and REM by using Tri-tones dropping from Beta, Alpha, Theta then into Delta, the person is then told through headphones to go to place 1 corresponding to the Co-Ordinates or map reference, high frequency Beta Tri-tones (6Hz) are played through the headphones at low amplitude to put the mind into an awaken state, Now the person is in a deep sleep, the body asleep but the mind awake to wonder in the Astral and will travel to the target by the subliminally given Co-Ordinates or map reference, What the person (person in Trip Seat) see’s and hears is encoded by the EEG and is decoded by the supercomputers so the lab technicians can visually see and hear what they’re (person in Trip Seat) seeing on a computer. Bet Andreas provides slot machines for virtual coins and gives everyone a bonus of up to $300. Slot machines and casinos have more than 500 types of gambling games. BetAndreas Promotions – available bonus offers for regular and new players.


Image courtesy of Barry King

What people don’t realise the NSA are many years ahead of us in technology due to the ET treaty the CIA/NSA Ultra teams singed at the Edwards Airforce Base with Eisenhower, the treaty allowed negative factions of the Zetan Greys to abduct humans in exchange for advance technology as the US government and the CIA/NSA was the beneficiaries. Once the Intelligence agency has gathered the Intelligence required the person is then programmed with a false memory as a cover, by electroshock to scramble the brain then via the Trip seat by being under hypnosis the subliminal cover memory is then flashed on the visor such as taking the dog for a walk for example, a Post Hypnotic Command is also given (eg. You will only remember taking the dog for a walk and nothing else), the person still under still under hypnosis will be driven away from the programming site by Intelligence Operatives and dumped off somewhere in there local area.

You can easily spot the NSA operatives they wear usually posh tailored Black Suits, White Shirt, Red or Black Tie, Black Trousers and Black shoes and have a taste for luxury saloon cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, & Range Rover Sport they’re usually on US plates, You’ll see these usually driving around UK sites such as USAF Lakenheeth, USAF Welford GCHQ Cheltenham, GCHQ Bude, Berkshire and the Wiltshire area, and the South Wales area such as Brecon Beacons. Just so I don’t create any confusion I mentioned above 30Hz/20Hz (varies in certain people) and below sound waves don’t have any effect on us and they don’t this is true for ELF sound waves, however the Behavior modification waves the Cell phone towers/masts and GWEN towers do you use ELF’s but these are not sound waves these are Electromagnetic Radiation Waves they just oscillate at the same ELF frequencies but in a different form, I thought I must add this so people don’t get mixed up or confused.


Tri-Tones:- Audio Waves
Cell/GWEN towers:- Electromagnetic Radiation Waves
Formula for reading waves and calculating Frequency (HZ)
Wave Bpm / 60 = Hz or CPS (Cycles Per Second)

Hz or CPS (Cycles Per Second) x 60 = Wave Bpm


  1. I recently learned how Dungeons and Dragons works, similar to Astral Projection in my opinion. I wonder if there is any connection to the millions of people playing MMO and these kinds of technologies that connect the spiritual and physical? Great post, James! Keep up the good work, hope to talk to you some time. –Michael Basham

  2. Reblogged this on starsword and commented:
    These ELF waves and electro magnetic pulse weapons are getting out of hand now adays. Interestingly, I’ve heard that prayer can actually stop them! That’s because they are entering the realm of the Spirit, where the Name of Jesus rules! Soon His presence will be known from shore to shore, but now it’s all still by faith!

  3. My old neighbors used this on me. At first it was a prank hearing something like a whisper, feeling a tingle on the back of my head than it turned into something much worse. Long story short My neighbors daughter was upset I kicked her boy friend ( my brother ) out of my house. She got her sister to use something that projected sound at me thru my windows one night that also put me in a state of mind that made me feel like they could tell every lie or truth I told.


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