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Shocking Q-Anon posts dated August 31 & September 1, 2018 (so shocking that we had to interupt our weekend at the shore to bring you this) open up a new window giving us a glimpse into the ghoulish world of child sex-torture (we refuse to use the benign term “pedophilia” (love of children)). That’s nothing new for Q, and nor is the allegation of Hillary Clinton’s involvement with child-sex trafficking. What surprised us is Q’s not-so-subtle insinuation that Killary may not just be a high-level trafficker, but also a demented participant in the psycho-sexual abuse / murder of children.

From August 31 — Q proves that, in private E-mails (NSA intercepted?), Hillary is referred to as “Alice in Wonderland” by some weirdo named Marty Torrey, who signs off as “The Mad Hatter” (another character from Alice). result for alice wonderland cover

Image 1 was linked to Q’s post. Hillary is addressed as “Madam Alice.” Image 2 is a cover of Alice in Wonderland, showing Alice and the big rabbit.

Q Post:

HRC = Alice (HRC is Hillary)

SA = Wonderland – Saudi Arabia


Re_read drops re: SA

Have faith.

For God & Country.



From September 1, images of pedo-monster “art” (which clearly symbolize sexual violence and torture of little children) posted, with text below it from Q.


Past drops important to frame context.

These people need to ALL be ELIMINATED.

Those who know cannot sleep.



Are Alice in Wonderland and giant white rabbits some sort of pedo-monster code (and these demons use lots of secret codes!) that we need to know about? I dispatched Sugar the Crazed Conspiracy Cat on the scent and, despite her declining health, she showed that she still has got the killer instincts! Here’s what she sniffed out and brought back unto the house.


The Pedo-Monster Art of Alex Podesta

Regular readers of already know about the pedo-monster Podesta Brothers, John & Tony. John was Killary’s campaign manager, and Tony (current wherabouts unknown, probably under arrest) was one of the most influential lobbyists in DC until Robert Mueller (who is working with Trump) put him out of business late last year. As a quick intro for newbies & normies, here are a few pieces of crap produced by “artists” that Tony Podesta, by his own admission, ranked among his favorites! Image result for podesta art
That’s not even the worst of Tony Podesta’s favorite art!
It turns out that the pedo-monster-bunny “art” is the perverted product of an “artist” named Alex Podesta (switch the “o” and the “e” and you get “Pedosta” — which suggests that this shit runs so deep that last names were changed by pedo-monster parents many years ago). Recall that the full name of “Pizzagate” pedo-monster James Alefantis (a friend of Tony Podesta), is French for “I love children.” We cannot establish a direct family relationship between bunny artist Alex Podesta and the Brothers Podesta, but it really doesn’t matter. These freaks are all part of the same underground world, as we shall see.
More provocative pedo-monster-bunny-filth from Alex Podesta (That’s Alex in image 1 below):

 Image result for alex podesta Image result for alex podesta bunny art Image result for alex podesta bunny art 


Image result for alex podesta Image result for alex podesta

The “art” speaks for itself  ///   Q: “These people need to ALL be ELIMINATED.”


The Pedo-Monster Art of Anna Gaskell

Alex Podesta’s “art” gives a new meaning to the giant bunny of Alice in Wonderland. But the pedo-monster imagery of yet another “artist” takes the symbolism to a whole new level of “wowness” — especially in light of Killary’s secret moniker of “Alice.”

From Washington Life Magazine:


Party for Anna Gaskell: A Different Kind of World

Tony and Heather Podesta hosted an intimate gathering for New York-based artist Anna Gaskell, whose work is featured throughout the couple’s D.C. home. Gaskell burst onto the art scene in the late 1990’s and immediately caught the attention of critics internationally. Her work has been described as cinematic, profound and provocative … The subjects are often young girls and two of her well-known series of photographs, “Wonder” and “Override” are loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s “ Alice in Wonderland.”


Another of Podesta’s favorite thrill-kill psycho-sexual “artists,” eh? Interestingly, the article (here), does not show us any of the images of Gaskell’s “provocative” photographs of Alice. Not to worry, Sugar sniffed those out too. Brace yourselves.


Image result for Anna Gaskell Related image Image result for Anna Gaskell

Torture and murder pf children — Evidently, that’s what “Alice in Wonderland” means to pedo-monsters.


Image result for Anna Gaskell Image result for Anna Gaskell Image result for Anna Gaskell

Would you display such photos in your home?Or throw a party for the “artist?”


Is there really anything else we need to say? Oh yeah — James Alefantis of Pizzgate (strangely well-connected for a pizza-shop owner, eh?) was present at the party which the Podestas threw for Anna Gaskell.


Image result for anna gaskell Related image
Anna Gaskell is SICK AND EVIL!  // Photo above-tight is titled “Hide” (as in hide the dead body)
Image result for Anna Gaskell Image result for pizzagate images Related image

1. The infamous “pizza-maker” Alefantis at the Podesta party. — This connects Pizzagate, giant bunnies and Alice in Wonderland — are Q and Trump going to link it all to Hillary and higher? Look for the signs….


Image result for trump with easter bunny Image result for trump with easter bunny

Coincidence? Or “Sicilian Message” from Trump?*


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