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Questions about Nathan?

Hi James,
I did read your book 2x. I am so curious to know more about Nate Wilder. Mainly, are you sure he passed away, and how? Did you call his family or any of his friends or contacts or do any follow up research to confirm his death, maybe a death notice or something? Maybe he is OK.
I am a bit of an older woman, and my son and I share information and interests in this and many other subjects. I happen to live in an area close by where Andy Pero was in college and he was beginning to discover many things. I think we may have even crossed paths. I also have had to stand up to some very elite people all by myself to protect my son. My journey is what exposed me to some of these things. I began a long time ago trying to wake people up.
I so admired the way you tried to help Nate. You are very smart and have a kind heart. I hope your Mom is proud of you. How are you doing yourself these days? My son and I think of you often and pray for you. I am also wondering why the link on your MySpace page to the .pdf book does not work?
I lost my sons hard drive by accident, and he was so upset. I tried to recover your book on his drive. Then I tried to find it online, LOL. Lots of Luck. I really like the beginning of your book. I believe you have done some really valuable research. I got pretty upset by the time you met that mark guy. People online can be so cruel.
I myself have had to learn so much more than I thought I knew about evil. My son once told me I was like a flower child only Christian. He once said the reason I could not protect him very well at the time was because I did not know how to think evil like the people after us. But God led me to some very interesting teachers after I meditated on what my son said and asked Jesus for help! My son had all he could handle and was about to commit suicide. What transpired after became such a miracle and a very bizarre journey as I promised him I would do something to stop them if he did not do such a thing. I just did not know what at the time.
Some people are really evil. God has saved us so many times. I should have written a book. God Bless You
I contacted Nate’s ex wife after they separated from their brief 2 month marriage. I didn’t go into many specifics on how i knew Nathan but asked her if she would like to know what happened between me and Nathan. But all she would say is marrying Nate was the worst mistake of her life and she just wants to move on and forget all about it.
About a year ago I attempted to contact Nathans mother asking if Nathan had a stick card for me with data about some files he had found about me and without giving any specifics she said no and called the notion ridiculous. So without trying to sound crazy i didn’t pursue the matter any further.
Andy Pero has been through much and I do wish he finds the healing he deserves in life. Because he was so brave during a time when no one was talking about this subject matter he help set groundwork for others to wake up.
My mother believes I have shamed the family name and does not want me making any more public appearances in this subject matter but that is her job and I respect her choice albeit a milabed one.
I have stopped using Myspace years ago when everyone switched to Facebook and haven’t kept maintaining it but here is a link to the PDF to download a free copy of the latest version of the book Lone Wolf – James Rink. Note if you like to purchase the book click here
What happened to me back in 2005 was my learning lesson. Main stream medical community does not recognize anything milab related which makes trying to heal using conventional means a impossible task.
Your very welcome.



  1. Thanks for making your book freely available. there’s an alien book available which warns readers against actually reading the book, or the Grays will come and harass you, just for reading it. a scientist leaked it onto the internet, some years ago.


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