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R.I.P. Michael Hemmingson


Michael Hemmingson is no longer with us. Michael was the host of two shows every week, Story Time with Michael Hemmingson, and The Art of Dreaming on Revolution Radio on for nearly the whole time the station was on the air. Its been alleged he was former white hat but not confirmed as such officially anyway. Revolution Radio’s owner, staff and hosts offer their deepest sympathies to his daughter Rommina and his family.

His body was discovered dead 2-3 days (Jan 2014) ago in Tijuana Mexico, apparently from overdose of medicines, from what the roommate contends may be linked to his depression. However there may be evidence of foul play as his last communications report him on the run. Here is a copy of one of this last known messages.

“No she was Sindicactura, sort of federal internal affairs, went after crooked cops…that is how I met her five years ago when I was beaten and robbed by crooked Tijuana cops and I reported it…then she ulled me out of a cantina that was about to be raided, she was ding recon she saw me…we were friends for a few years, then when I was woring wuth D|ino di Laurnetiis on a flm proect in Ensenada she joined me and one thing or another…she was supposed to be yaken off recon and unercover work as a mother but she is a gun tooting adrenaline junkie…not oo fr from ALIS Mexican style…I suspected two months ago she was copromised as she suddenly had a lot of money…then she disappears for 7 days, no word…she is alive, have heard from her…but two guys were following me…kidnapping is big business in Mexico…so I tok off out te back way with two bags and a kid, guys coming after us firing .22 pistols…hpped in taxi…

But since she was intel she was privvy to safe houses and bogus businesses that CIA and DHS has in TJ, going after arabs and chinese disguised as Mexicans…I already had my spook contacts down there from my journalist days and when they had me on sset payroll, I passed on info on drug cartels…too much spook world for my child.

she is alive but gave me a code word for not all is well. We had pass words and plans a b c d in case she was compromised or taken…But I am not returning nor is my kid…left an apartment, computers, clothes there but if I go back I will disappear. SO will my kid. So we have been bouncing from Portland to L.A. to Seattle for a bit…may move to Japan or New Zealand not sure yet. But far from the border.” – Michael Hemmingson

Since a investigation is still pending there is little more I can add to this however according to a friends remote viewing session it appears his death was a hit was executed from someone within black ops. He may have been murdered stateside. A woman associated with a team of black ops hit squad approached him with heavy cleavage in a business suit and jabs him with a syringe in his right arm. He dies shortly thereafter and his body is transported in a truck across the border to rot for a few days and then dumped it into a salon or hotel room or whatever where it was later discovered.


  1. WOW… He could have pissed off some Cartels. The Zeta’s and other cartels do not f**k around, I always thought it seemed dangerous he was in Tijuana. I bet Duncan is over the moon. RIP Michael

    On a side note FWH has been silent for weeks now…

  2. I miss being insulted and mocked by him, I miss his threats. I miss his attempt to disprove Duncan a level 2 super soldier and I miss him insulting the X men. I miss so many things about him. I miss him threatening the government, I Guess this is how the “new world order” repays you for insulting them. I am assuming a lot there accusing the new world order of having something to do with this. Anyway this news was no surprise to me. Duncan claims that Hemmingson is a sex offender and that Hemmingson had something to do with a murder of one of Duncans friends. I think he was right about Duncans name not really being Duncan

    click there to read the article about him

      • Louis Nin was a porno writer and had connections to DOD disinformation people, there may BE black ops Space Programs…but the public’s need to limited to employment issues and
        spiritual warfare concerns…SEMJAZE is a demon along with all the rest of those tulpoidial intruders.
        Ask Tommy Blann..(who I was friends with briefly in 1989)…the depth of illusion and deception is profound,,,the “earth consciousness” is manifesting all this stuff…not SPACE GUYS. WW

  3. How much information can we trust from Michael Hemmingson? I remember him saying some outrageous things like half the people visiting his page a clone. I know there was some truth in there but how much is trustworthy? Is he disinfo agent? Just wondering from anyone who knows for sure.

      • I don’t know about you but I’ve tried looking within a million times and receive no answer still. If it works for you can you look and tell me? 🙂

  4. I just heard Michael Prince’s latest and his mentioning of him being Former White Hat. Amazing how that blog is dead now, it was one of the most active blogs I have ever seen. Truly there is a war! James are you aware of there being an internal war with the Super Soldiers?

    It seems a lot is happening, and Heaven is also being greatly rearranged. I have run into a super soldier and saw him make a change to believing in the Lord.

    Recently I bumped into Ian Clayton, a man who is preparing a lot of Christians for a total revolution and preaches what I call “Heavenly Super Soldier Training.” I hope to have the chance to have a conversation with you sometime, as I have followed your supersoldier talk broadcasts for several years now.


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