Thursday, June 20, 2024

Reanimating the Dead: Advanced Technology & Process of How it is Done
In the Reanimating the Dead Advanced Technology & Process of How it is Done, I discuss how the Special Access Programs and Secret Space Programs have the advanced technology to reanimate the dead and also do cryogenic stasis.
There are references provided to an example from the Outer Limits Show, season 3, episode 11 to how the reanimation of the dead is possible.


  1. Re the reanimating the dead article, just a note, triple PhD. Russian Grigori Grabavoy some years ago proved, multiple times, the ability to reanimate dead organisms, among so very many other fabulous things that would help mankind. Maybe it went to his head a bit, claiming he was the Second Coming. He offered to help restore the lives of children killed in a raid on a town, and the women could only think zombies, some testifying falsely in court that he asked for money to do so, and Grigori may be on his 5th or 6th year in prison now (if he’s still in).


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