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Reanimation of Nimrod and Venus Colonies

James we are a tough lot of people even when it comes to pain we can take a lot of hammering more than the normal Joe blog in the civilian world. So bear with it if you can it is not going to be forever I promise you that. I have the same problems as well be course of those nut cases if they had another brain they would be lonely.

But I have some very important information that may help MILABS below. More so as you get further down on who the main players are in space. Some of the fires in Aussie is due to UFOs that have been starting the fires. They have been seen and recorded. So someone is upset with Aussie land.

Also someone has gotten to Nimrods burial chamber under the Pyramid complex in Iraq. His body is missing. Milabs are especially interested in anything to do with Nimrod and other nations technologies.The sarcophagus was surrounded by two water ways or moats and had ritualistic technology black monoliths surrounding the sarcophagus. He was a giant, he may had been a 18 foot or more. I can assure you the milab idiots have made a new clone of him or refitted his head and reanimated him somehow.  He was killed by decapitation. Also they raided the Gilgamesh tomb, he is gone as well probably to be used for the same reanimation or cloning projects. So do not be surprised if these two or one of them come onto the world stage somehow.
Nimrods body can be regenerated and DNA memories can be reawaken although the original is dead a duplicate can be made with all the memories intact this method is used to reanimate dinosaurs and other long since dead relics of the past. This is similar to cloning but is a separate state of affairs. So his father would not know him.

It will make life very interesting since there are Giants with in some of the bases. To change the subject there are over 10 Russian huge advanced bases on the Moon. They are the most predominate of the nation’s up there under the Eastern Illumin-nuti. Japan is also involved with these bases and very advanced and have bases on Mercury, Mars, Venus, Titan and many other moons. These are super advanced cities. This is one of the well-guarded secrets of Japan. And has been like this over the centuries. The US is a rival at present. However Japan works with the alliance of the Russian federation in space working against the US and UK. The Russian Federation is the strongest in space and Japan rivals them.

Japans colonies are the oldest and when the Germans in the 40s went to the moon they were guests in the Japanese bases on the moon. Much of this is not known to the world let alone to the Japanese’s people but only to the Japanese’s elites. It is a secret that is held among the Illumin-nuti families regarding Japan.  When the Germans went to Mars they always had Japanese with them and were guests in the Japanese Mars colonies that were very old. So when the US and UK set up their bases on the Moon and elsewhere they had help from the Japanese. Just as the Germans did. That is why there is a trilateral alliance although there is a lot of rivalry which will lead one day to a brutal massive war. There is also a German base on Venus with the help of Japan that was built in the late 40s and 50s. By the way Venus is all swamp lands and jungle and yes there are Reptilian cites there. The German base on Venus is now a super advanced city called Venus Stan with other linked cities. BTW space light speed is the norm.

The Japanese have had the technology for centuries. With the help of the you know who’s. Over the centuries they have stopped and then restarted of and on more so with changes in government. There technologies goes way back. The Germans were similar in some respects but wars and change in rulers changed a lot of their projects unit Hitler came on the scene. Space advancement and space faring has been around a long time James. The US and UK are new to this all of this where as some nations have had this for centuries as well as the elite family’s.
The Vikings also had clocking devises going way back to when they were migrating. But the most common thing of all is that all of them were adept in the black arts and that is also where they got a lot of how things worked regarding technologies. St Patrick of Ireland had his hands on a devise that made him and his lot invisible thanks to the Templars. There is also special liquids that once drunken can make you invisible regarding the light rays that hit you on earth. This is kept secret among the ruling elite Ilumin-nuti. I do not know the formula for this yet.
These colonies have many of their own problems. During  attacks and up risings among the people there can be with food shortages such as on the moons etc. when things do not go to well. But they are very advanced anyhow.
There is an overall alliance among all these nations regarding on the up and coming world order on Earth. However there is a bitter rivalry that will break this alliance up. This is why whatever happens on Earth among nations is important as it impacts with the space colonies and city complexes of these nations.

For example, the nuclear power plant that is in Japan that was attacked by the US was vital for Japanese space ships on route to Mars. So the nuclear power plant was not just a normal plant there was a great shift in funds to repair that plant to keep other projects running for Japan. But when Japan recovers from this you can expect them to retaliate, and they will, like the Ninja in the shadow the US will not see it coming.


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