Monday, July 15, 2024

Rebecca Rose – MCC LOC Secret Space Program Cyborg Asset

Rebecca is multi-dimensional galactic experiencer working as an energy intuitive, seer and channel. As a lifelong abductee, she was taken to work in dark government programs as a child, a path that was facilitated by her father’s top secret military clearance.

Through abduction and trauma-based mind control torture, she was used in hybrid experiments, off-world battle testing, genetic harvest, and as a mind-to-mind interface gathering intel from various extra-terrestrial races. She was first sent to the moon, then to Mars where she was developed into a cyborged, cloned and weaponized asset. Her service continued on Planet X, where she was owned by the Draco.

Rebecca’s strong meditation practice and devotion to spiritual development are what supported the return of her memory and putting the pieces of her life back together. After awakening to her deeper mission, intuitive abilities and psychic vision, Rebecca also realized she had a vast array of helpers from many different realms assisting her.

To this day, Rebecca relates to benevolent galactic family from other races and includes an indigenous mother and father from a past life in her healing team. Her integration, wellness, and memory retrieval is ongoing. She now assists others in recovering from their own anomalous experiences.

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