Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Regarding a guard…

“Hi James I have been thinking why would they have a guard with a technician when you are milabed? They use two greys to keep you under control so what is the guard for? Could I be wrong or do they need protection against something else.

This is important and something that should be noted as it is showing a weakness of some kind. If you can get in touch with other super solders and find out if they have had similar technicians with guards. There is something not right because even with greys around why would there be a guard since the greys are over seeing what is happening and they also have generals overseeing it and have high technologies to managing it.

Sooooo what is it that forces them to have a guard around when they would not need one? I think they are not as all powerful as they make out to be due to the fact that they should have a guard on the ready and ready for what.”

What you think James?

Regarding a guard….They always have someone, it could be a liaison handler/ a member of the team operating tech or over seeing in some manner. Milab teams vary depending on your area of operation. It can be casual or ready for trouble it just all depends. Now the greys obviously wont need security. But the human element operates a little differently.  Which is where you make a good point. I am wondering if in fighting factions is surfacing and perhaps some factions have tightened security. Another point is technology. During certain procedures for implants or updates certain tech may be put under guard.


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