Hi James, I was born on what used to be Griffiss AFB, in a city called Rome, in the heart of New York, and raised there for five years before my family left New York and moved westward (coincidentally within 10-minute walking distance directly outside yet another AFB, though my dad was at that time no longer in the Air Force). O.o
I just read the following writing that super soldier Michael Andrew “Andy” Pero wrote many years ago, and as you could imagine, given all the weirdness that I have reported as happening to me, I found the passage kind of unsettling.  Could I have been programmed on a Montauk-esque chair? (I say “esque” because Pero claims while he was in Rome he was used in an identical trip chair as the one at Montauk, and it seems there may be many such chairs worldwide by now?).  If that’s so, am I still being used in a similar capacity?  Would this explain all the crazy “attention” I seem to be getting all the time since the last few years?  Bear with me, I’m just groping around in the dark here.  At this point, I have more questions than answers.
The air base and the laboratory Pero mentions have undergone different names over the years.  You could read more about them in wikipedia, here:
EADS Stewart NY ANG.jpg
and here:
By the time Pero was there the base was no longer called Griffis AFB, but became known as a “business & technology park” and the lab’s name has changed from its prior name, too.  There’s a bunch of Griffiss memorabilia on eBay here:
The stuff kind of tells a story, for instance, this pic reminded me that my dad had been stationed in Iceland at one point:
Apparently the Griffis site worked closely with facilities there. I also made some more sketches regarding “memories” (real?  false?  screen? don’t know).

Here are the pictures…
Click on each pic to enlarge (a little).
Left to Right/Top to Bottom:
Drawing 1:
“I” (is it my body? is it an avatar body with my consciousness in it? is this a false memory? is this other? don’t know) am walking away from a military facility with a small group. It is an exercise of some sort. We are in uniforms, holding weapons. We are peering around very slowly and cautiously. I am looking forward to this exercise, as I believe I’ll be very good at whatever the activity is. Leading us is an individual whom I mentally nicknamed, “The Druid” for whatever reason. I never call him this out loud, though.
Drawing 2:
While I am walking, someone is pulling my right arm. The the distraction annoyed me. I yanked my arm away from the person, and kept walking. The person grabbed my arm again, and so on. The person was very upset saying, “You didn’t come here for this! This is not your purpose! Live your purpose! This is not your purpose” and so on. Then, as the person held my arm, we started slowly levitating. We kept floating in the air.
One of the other people in the line turned and saw me and the person levitating. He called to The Druid. The Druid, stopped and looked up at me. The others stopped behind him, too. And here’s the trippy part…
Drawing 3:
The Druid instantly astral projects (for lack of a better term, here) out of his body, which is still standing on the ground. His spirit or consciousness is floating in the air with me, face-to-face, eye-to-eye. His gaze gave me the sensation of his brain being like a computer. It went into analysis mode. “He” (or it?) was scrutinizing every aspect of my being. It felt like there were others “mes” and that The Druid could see those, too (that’s what I try to get across in the drawing). I still “remember” the sensation. It was intense. I felt like all aspects of my consciousness was being sliced into pieces, and carefully examined. He was very quick about it, too, like a super-powered machine.
I don’t know. I got the sense he was, perhaps, searching for my sincerity, as if trying to determine, was this really happening against my will, or was I purposely trying to escape? It felt like he found me to have a “clean heart” so to speak, regarding the entire matter. I got the sense he concluded that forces beyond my control were causing me to leave. So, he ceased from analyzing. It felt like someone pushed a stop button.
For some reason, though, he didn’t stop me from leaving. In a sense I wanted him to, because I really wanted to participate in the exercise. But I didn’t say anything. I was still trying to fight off the person making me leave. I was yelling all kinds of things at him, really mad now. But since The Druid didn’t make me come back down, I sort of resigned to my fate in the situation.
The Druid withdrew his consciousness back into his body standing on the ground, like you would reel in a fish after you caught one. He reeled himself back in. The others looked at him and asked about me. Still looking up at me as he spoke, he sagely replied to them, in a knowing tone, “______________________________ is going to be…where ______________________ needs to be. ” And with that, he turned around, recovered his composure, resumed his focus, and started walking slowly down the path, as did the others behind him. The exercise would go on without me.
I had “seen” all these things in my sleep right before I woke up in the morning. I laid there for a while thinking about what seemed to have just happened. It seemed so real. I wondered to myself who that person was that had been pulling my arm and making me levitate. I gasped when i realized it was my “guardian angel.” Now that I was in my “right mind,” I easily recognized him. I felt terrible. I apologized for not listening to him, and being ornery. Whatever reason he had for getting me out of there, it must have been a good one.

Jury’s still out with me regarding this ACIO and Peter, lol, but thanks for taking the time to do the interview nonetheless.  I think what Peter was referring to has been called officially by a lot of other program people “age regression” technology.  Interesting he calls the more advanced TR craft TRF because I’ve seen people refer to them by increasing numbers not letters, as in for instance, TR4, TR5, and so on, but I suppose both could be possible.  I found it also interesting he seemed very pro-Monarch Solutions in your first video with him (like he trusted them that they are taking care of everything, so to speak), yet in this video suddenly he’s stating they’re “controlled by dark ones.”  (?)  That was an interesting change in tune. lol  Sorry, still not buyin’ this guy, but I’m interested in how you vetted him, as you stated at the beginning.
Here’s the excerpt from Pero’s autobiography:
The small lab where they did their experiments on me as I have mentioned earlier is the secret laboratory attic in the roof of the University of Rochester library. The BIG lab where I had most of work done to me was done at the ROME NATIONAL AIR BASE. Located in Rome NY. To maintain security and for discretion they dug an underground tunnel going directly from the Rochester facility (located under the Andrews Street bridge) going to the facility in Rome, where the other “Montauk chair” is located. They use electric cars (as not to create any undo suspicion from ground vibrations) to travel between the two facilities.
Rome National Air Base (located in Rome NY)… Where another “Montauk Chair” is located underground. The reason they went through so much trouble with me is because I have the ability to concentrate and focus on one thought and one thought only. Because I can do this, they used me to operate the “Montauk Chair” and open time portals going to different points in time. What they do is have the “chair operator” focus on ANY point in time in ANY part of the Universe and the thoughts are then amplified and a time portal is opened. A computer then records these thoughts and the time portal is then stored in a computer (on a storage disk).
As the work progresses a library of time portals is then created {{note: Al Bielek has mentioned something called the m.a.l.t.a. base, the “montauk alsace-lorraine time archives” underground base, which is located in Germany near the French border in the Alsace-Lorraine region which has been a disputed territory between Germany and France for centuries – Branton}}. When they want to access that particular moment in time, they insert the storage disk of the time portal and they are off and running. The only complication is that the computer must readjust the time portal for the starting point as the “Earth” and our “time” has since moved since the portal was recorded. So once the new calculations are entered as the starting point the portal is then opened. –Michael Andrew Pero
Source: https://domoregooddeeds.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/the-super-race-project-andy-peros-story/