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Reincarnation posted by CapnGriff

In Response To: Heavenletter #5630 A Prevalent Idea in the World, April 24, 2016 (hobie)

Hi, all.

There are great reasons to avoid death if you ask me. First, we are most likely on the cusp of a new reality where death is prolonged to perhaps 900 years or so. Why not try to survive until we get the reprogramming of our DNA to do reach that limit or whatever the limit turns out to be. If this occurs perhaps the foe that causes us all the anguish of living on this planet will be soon discharged. And there is…

Another reason to avoid death and the spectre of reincarnation. While many of us believe in reincarnation it may not be a fact. But, what if it is, then to die may commit us to another go around into this piece of crap world where we get no say in what happens. Earth, at this point in time is not a place or has it ever been a place to desire to return to. The scholars, priests, light workers, teachers, ascended masters may say that we have learned plenty in this life but we still need to commit to or be forced to do another round of this so-called reason for rectifying our previous karma.

Personally, I am vehement about all of this. I could not care less about any reason to come back to such a sh*t hole as this planet is now. I find no redeeming value in learning to live under the thumb of some self appointed family or being or family of beings just to make their times on this planet more of a pleasure due to our work and sacrifices to them.

I can tell you that in my mind, I will lead a rebellion in heaven, to avoid any of us coming back to this forsaken piece of crap of the universe. If there is any reward for any of us to receive for putting in our time on this floating piece of space crap let it come now. Death sux! Reincarnation sucks worse. If we can’t fix this place this time around, I suggest they let the lizards have the GD place but let them enjoy it on their own and leave us alone.

Have a great day,


Mr.Ed responds to comments about Reincarnation posted by CapnGriff 🙂

I had some readers ask me about this topic so I will post it for others to see.
We discuss topics often and many times Griff tells me I should post this material for others…so this time I will. Sooner or later everybody will learn of these things so it is time to let it out there to the collective.

(the following is my opinion) Mr.Ed

I have done a lot of study on the topic of reincarnation. I don’t claim to know it all…but I have a pretty good idea in general…actually there are 2 schools of thought in my mind…and I am waiting to find out which one is correct.

Alex Collier was told by the Andromedians that we are / were considered royalty in the big picture and we were at the highest level of the 23 dimensions. We came all the way down to the lowest in 3rd (and keep in mind we are immortal spiritual beings) and only here in 3D do we experience death. Once we work our way up to the next level…there will be no more death and you remain youthful forever…(or any way you wish to express yourself)…and no more reincarnation.

It turns out the other galactics say they usually spend about 1000 years at any one level…and have experienced all they need in that period of time…so they move up to the next level. (it is a choice they make)

It fits the story we have always heard from the bible about the “Golden Age” where we have “Heaven on Earth” for a 1000 years. We are going from 3rd to 5th and 1000 years fits.

Now we are just now completing a cycle here of 13 millennia or 13,500 years. We are the same group of souls reincarnating in and out of this world / reality / hologram all this time. (Atlantis / Lemuria and the modern world of today)

But now comes in the dark element of the Chimera Group and they control this place and they want this world for themselves…but it is not for them and they can not kill us because we are immortal. They are not immortal and they do not have the god spark we do (spirit / soul) and is the reason they have tried to cross breed with humans to catch the god spark…but it can not happen. So they can kill us but we just keep coming back…so they use us to feed off of and work as slaves for them.
We have been trapped here by them and their technology…caught in the never ending cycle of reincarnation.
But we are about to break out of it now.

I can not say why heaven allowed this to happen or if this was done on purpose so we could learn faster from it. I do know it is a fast track experience to incarnate here as far as spiritual advancement in a short time. Others (ETS) envy us for this opportunity and our abilities. We have abilities that are hard to believe…but I have experienced some abilities we had for a temporary period of time and so I know they are real and I took it for granted when it happened which tells me we know…but we forgot. Again it all fits.

So when you say it is good to avoid death…you don’t really ever die…but if you check out early on purpose…you just have to come back and do it over again. (karma)

The only way out of this soul recycle trap is to ascend…and we will…but it has been the technology of the advanced dark forces in control here of the Chimera Group that keeps us here and it is almost impossible to ascend. A few masters have ascended from here but it is not easy. That will change and the earth will ascend and we will go along with her. Other good galactics (GFL) carry out the work ordered from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Heaven to end this madness and help us to overcome these evil advanced aliens who rule our world. Many of the world leaders are not human at all and they will be removed.

Once all the sheeple wake up and regain full consciousness it would be impossible for any race to come here and mess with us…we would know their intent and a mere thought would / could destroy them…we are almighty…we just forgot.

This timeline & reality was a hologram created by these dark ones and we are living their reality.
We are great creator gods / angels / galactics (disempowered and have forgotten who we are) and it will be us who create the new world…the heaven on earth scenario. Our abilities are coming back and it can not be stopped. The earth is always moving through space and never in the same place all the time…and we have been passing through the Photon Belt. This energy from this belt is transformational and will automatically raise the vibration / frequency and cause us to evolve back into the being we were meant to be…it can not be stopped. This may be why the creator promised us before we took a contract agreement to come here on this assignment. (to change this place from dark to light) He promised we would all return to source / heaven / creator or the higher realms. Heaven is not so much a place as it is a reality in the higher dimensions. We forget because the Chimera Group / Annunaki wiped our memory away. They took our 12 strands of DNA and disconnected all but 2. (so they could keep us alive and reproduce for more slaves. One strand is reproduction the other is involuntary body functions. (like heart beat…breathing & digestion) All the other strands of DNA they disconnected are the ones that allow our special abilities.
Also they took away our Chakras. We are now with only 6…but soon will return to 12 in female and 13 in the male. This also effects our abilities.
The DNA & Chakra manipulation caused our brains to go from 100% to 12% (full consciousness) and as well turned off the Pineal Gland in the frontal lobe of the brain which is to communicate with the universe / creator and connects the whole system to make us super humans…creator gods. We are greater than the ones who have entrapped us…which is why they do their best to keep us from remembering who we are.

Some think we can not have these special abilities return until we ascend to the next level…but I am here to tell you I have done it here in lower 3rd so I know better. Once the brain turns on to 100%…all systems come back online. You will know everything possible there is to know…instantly.

But our galactic family is returning and the truth will come out and we will all remember and we are all equally important to the creator…and we will all return to source / ascend and no soul will be left behind…you can not miss the boat…and there is no hell. That was a fabrication by the satanic vatican who manipulated the bible and took reincarnation out of the bible because they use fear and lies to control us. The dark ETs harvest the negative energy we put off from fear.

This is why it is important to fear nothing. There is nothing to fear at all…and when you walk with no fear…they can not control you.

So reincarnation is a fact here on earth but was it a plan created by the creator for us or is it a perversion of the original intent by the dark to keep us here. (no ascension)

Cobra tells the resistance movement (a galactic race from Pleiades) are working to remove the Chimera aliens and their bases and technology on this earth…in the solar system and this sector of the universe. As soon as all this mess is cleared away…we can regain our abilities…our memories…and our galactic family can return to put us back on our true path and show us the way. A grand reunion and the end on human slavery on this planet.

Once the dark have lost control here and we create a paradise…you can go anywhere you like and you will not be stuck here. And it will always be a nice place to come back to and call home if you like…but once you regain full consciousness…you will remember all your past lives in all dimensions and you may long to return to another planet you call home?

We are just getting started on this ride…and it is about to get interesting.

All the best Mr.Ed 🙂 Agent for Truth @ RMN

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