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Religion is a Prison of the Mind

James, keep revealing and doing what God has called you to do, to expose the supersoldier programs, because Jesus Christ prophesied that all secrets would be shouted from the rooftops.

Mark 4:22-23 Amplified “For there is not anything hidden which shall not be revealed, nor which was kept secret, but that it should come into light. “If anyone has ears to be hearing-let him be hearing or, be paying attention.”

I came back from the Vietnam War and Cambodia War as an atheist, but had an encounter a few years later with Jesus Christ the Son of God. When that happened my spiritual eyes and understanding were finally opened.

I have been to Heaven twice, and have seen Jesus and have had visits from him at least 14 times, once I was transported back to into Time when Jesus walked on the Earth, and then he came with me through a time portal to present today, and I thought he would talk about Time Travel, instead he reminded me that God loves evil people though not the evil, and that I cannot tell others that God hates evil people and then he went back into the time portal back to his ministry on Earth. That was more important to me than to speak on time travel, though God’s spirit has taught me much on time travel during those years.

I have had many visitations of God’s angels, and have had two visits from Satan himself, the one who wrecked all the Universes, Dimensions, and Spiritual Realms, which is ongoing. I have seen fallen angels also, one of them resembled the grey aliens, but they were whitish chalk color with black shiny capes, but they were not grey aliens. You have to have the spiritual experiences in order to know things because we are spirit beings.

As for Time Travel and supersoldiers, I have learned much from the Holy Spirit on all of these subjects and they are very real. Unless one understands time, they won’t understand the word of God, nor understand how to pray correctly. God lives outside of time, not in time. When God created these many Universes, Dimensions and Many Spiritual Realms, he created their past, present, and future all at the same time. That is why He declared He is the alpha and omega the beginning and end at the same time.

Angels are sent through time portals throughout the Universes to serve God. In the Original Koine Greek Bible, Jesus said that He had sent Ambassadors and Prophets to many worlds before the Earth was created.

But that was taken out of the English bibles, which are nothing, but butchered versions of the real truth of the Koine Greek. The Koine Greek is the only written Bible, not the bastardized English Bible. The ignorance of Christians is too great it is not worth talking to most of them who are heavily brainwashed. I as a Christians stay away from most all Christians, you cannot teach a child quantum physics, just as you cannot teach a child Christian the word of God. They won’t understand the truth. They have been fed on ignorance and lies their entire Christian walk.

God is a multidimensional God, not the water down Christian version, which is based on their making God into their own image, which is an image of no knowledge and no understanding, but plain ignorance and man’s ideas.

Jesus The Anointed one, not (the Billy Meier Jammanuel) who came to Earth to abolish Religion and to teach mankind to walk with God individually. But the Christian Religion, is supposed to be taught by God’s Spirit to mankind, not some religious leader. There is no such word as Church in the Koine Greek Language, religious leaders put that in the Bible, and the deacons are not in the bible either nor are the bishops. That is just a religious hierarchy created by man, not God.

Until you read the real Koine Greek original Bible you will remain in ignorance all of your life and believe in the party line of Religion which is nothing but Ministers building their Kingdom on earth rather than building God’s Kingdom in man’s hears.

Many of the other Alien Races from my research have stated that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and that Satan is highly dangerous and they fear him also.

As for Aliens I have had the Angels of God take me on board one of their starships and have seen what goes on their, that is not known to most people that are abducted. They are very real and tangible and they are not demons either.

The alien agenda has been going on long before the God created the Earth. God has created many worlds that cannot be counted of people and other types of living sentient beings. The Prophet Enoch was told by God in Heaven that the angels do not even know how many stars there are and there are God’s angels living on all the stars in the Universes and dimension. God told Enoch that He did not reveal everything to His Angels.

Religion is a prison of the mind to finish the job of mental slavery that the Government overlooks in their mind control activities. I can tell you this as a fact; The CIA could learn a lot about mind control by observing the religious leaders, for they are experts in the field of mind control. Religious leaders created most all wars in the western world and other parts of the Earth.

Unless you meet God face to face, and Satan face to face and meet God’s angels and Satan’s angels face to face, then you have no concept of what is going on in the spiritual realm and the physical realm and in the Universe. And Satan is highly dangerous, but he delegates his angels to do his work, and mankind cannot count high enough in many lifetimes of the number of the fallen angels, for they are actively involved with all civilizations in all universes, dimensions and spiritual realms. Satan’s fall is beyond your understanding with a human brain. All of the minds and super computers cannot even equal the mental powers of the fallen angels of Satan who have been around for trillions of years. Most Christians will never meet Satan, because they are no threat to him. Christians are controlled by the smaller demons, because they are not danger to the Kingdom of Spiritual Darkness, they are trying to have their cake and eat it too. Christians do not live for Eternity, they live to build their own kingdoms here on Earth which is forbidden by the word of God.

As a matter of fact, in 40 years 99% of the Christians I have met lie all the time, and Jesus said all liars will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. I haven’t met any Christians living the life Jesus talked about.

Many preach about the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ but very few live the life they talked about.

Christianity is not a threat to the Illuminati, nor the aliens, nor Satan and his fallen angels and his demons.

To debate with them is a waste of time and energy, they are nothing but time thieves, stealing your time to rant and rave, but refuse to obey what Jesus Christ taught in the Koine Greek Bible.


  1. Awesome. Kind sir, have you a website or a place people can reach you or find out more of your material? I would especially be interested in learning the details of the “Angel’s Spaceship” you visited. I agree whole heartedly with your points, and I myself also have come to the conclusion that Mainstream Churchianity is a waste of time, however we who are hungry for more MEAT of the Word certainly do appreciate any sources from which these New Truths may be found. God bless you, sir!
    — Michael Basham

  2. we’re back to this whole God vs Satan debate again. nothing ever changes on this planet. This to me, sounds like a christian-scientologist. Now we live in a multiverse, a very new term, even for christians, I would say. I agree with some things, but not everything this ‘christian’ is saying. The Greek version is more accurate. I didn’t know Jesus (or is it Sananda?) had a star ship, aliens know about Jesus and they’re ALL shit scared of Satan. This sounds to me like a Dr BillDeagle-ite.

  3. i agree that religion is a prison of the mind
    but the way your mind is free to create fantastical images of reality is beyond me.
    I guess we’re both happy, what else matters?


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