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Remote Viewing Montauk Facility

Background Story Begins with Adrian’s Dream

May 15, 2018 – Remote viewing session with Adrian

This story begins with a dream my friend Adrian had, and we both use meditation to learn more.

In Adrian’s dream, he saw himself in a warehouse, probably a monarch facility; there were two doors on the outside of the warehouse. When he went inside, he saw cameras in each of the corner walls. They look like black op cameras, the bigger white cameras used for commercial buildings. He looked inside and saw a corridor which open up to a large round room with exit doors. The room was empty and appeared to be under construction. There are many different levels to this facility. In another dormitory like room, there were children running around and some were chained up. In each room, there was about two kids and two bunk beds.

On the other side of the building, there were offices for military personnel, black ops soldiers, guns and explosives, as well as advanced technology like flying scooters, and certain types of amphibious tanks that can go deep under the ocean. On the wall, there was a camera feed connected to AI and satellites, that was monitoring these children and the base.

In another part of the facility, there was an indoor pool that the children could use. There was a kid here with a cyborg hand.  There were also classrooms for learning. They had a cafeteria too and basketball court.

The entrance hallway used for greeting people was very luxurious. In the middle of the celling, there was a glassed widow dome. There were Nazi and American flags, hanging nearby two swinging doors with blacked out one-way windows, that said do not enter. That area smelled really bad. There are guards near this door which ask for a badge, in order to enter. They are using this area to sell kids into slavery and for sexual abuse. There was one kid behind that door in a bathroom and he was next to a toilet. His arms were around his feet and he was crying and just wanted to go home. Some of children were in cages. Just tons of lost kids. Everything here is very dirty.

Going the other direction, near the cafeteria, there was a six-year-old boy on a bench with a rose design motif that was made from pure gold. He said he wanted to go home, back to his family, and that he was taken here against his will in a black van. This area is beautiful and had Egyptian vases and lots of fancy furniture, it was also under construction, so there is no telling how beautiful it could have looked. Adrian responded, “There are cameras everywhere, do you want to escape with me?” The boy says, “I can’t go with you, it is too dangerous to leave.” Adrian asks, “What is your name?” and the boy responds, “James Rink.”

Adrian immediately wakes up, calls me, and we do a regression together to learn if this was a dream or something more.

Under regression, we both travel through an entrance which turns out to be an emergency exit. On the other side of the door are guys with guns and masks, and they keep all their weapons here. So, we decided to go to an entrance on the south side.

On top of the building, helicopters are landing and children are exiting the helicopter and enter the building through a long hallway. They travel past a security room which has screens on the walls, displaying security feeds from all over the base. The screens show many guards holding guns posted near many of the building’s doors. The facility is huge and all the walls are very bright white like a hospital.

The kids are taken down into the elevator and into the basement. Here the walls look all black and open up to a maze of different corridors with bright looking walls everywhere. Every room is locked down here, and each room, has a door with a number and symbol on them, that designate the children’s respective projects. On the outside of each of these doors, are strobing lights.

Inside the rooms you can see many little children’s feet chained to the wall, from many different ethnicities, and they seem to be separated based on race.

In the middle of the hallway, is a 14ft tall gold pyramid with the Eye of Ra symbol on the top, made out of glass.

In another room, there are pictures of businessmen in tuxedos hanging on the walls, these were probably businessmen that are part of Dark Fleet. The people looked very German, almost Nazi; and they are wearing some kind of metal reward badge. This room also has, German styled military desks, but very fancy like you would see in a palace setting. In one of the desks, the top drawer had a key lock and when you opened it; it had only a compass inside. On the bottom of the desk, there was a metal drawer which contained files and records of different missing children. On the door, there are red curtain blinds. This room also has Egyptian looking cameras with motifs and hieroglyphics watching everything.

This area, carries a lot of secrets. There is another door that leads to an office space, and a door for a closet, a door for the bathroom, and another door that leads into a bedroom. This bed room has many cameras around it. The bedroom also has a table with an antique record player that plays German music. On the walls of this room, there are red and black candle sticks that are lit up. You can hear demonic growling in this room, from all the murders, sacrifices, and black magic rituals.

After leaving the office, we both travel down a corridor and enter an elevator, which takes us down into the basement. Once the elevator door opens up, we see a statue of a knight holding up a sword, over a woman who is kneeling down, and it looks like the knight is about to chop her head off. She is holding up her hands and it looks like she is screaming.

After passing the statue in the hallway, we see a furnace room. It smells like a butcher shop, with rotting flesh, here. I think this is a crematorium; but it’s hard to see what is burning here, because when the furnaces are burning, this room is kept very dark. We also see night vision security cameras that can see in the dark, as well as more of the strobing lights.

Near the furnace room, we see tunnels, which lead into an area with prisons cells, that are filled with reptilians. Some of these reptilians have escaped from the cells, and are freely roaming the tunnels. The facility would only feed these imprisoned reptilians with the flesh of murdered children. Some of these reptilians were locked up for killing Dark Fleet Nazi soldiers, and some were locked up because something went very wrong with their genetics.

We used our intuition and approached one of the reptilians, which we thought would be more cooperative for questioning. This reptilian was wrapped in a black sheet. He had grey scales, two feet with three toes on each foot, and his deformed face had gargoyle like horns that gave him a creepy demonic look.

He speaks to us in a strange sounding Draco language, which we could understand through telepathy.

He asks us, “Why you are here?” We tell him, “we are here to help and we want to help the children.” He says, “you are way off, you need to get out and go to the 5th level. You are way too far down into the south level base. This is where they feed us. We will eat the flesh off your skin if you do not move out of here. It’s not safe; I am one of the nice reptilians you are speaking too. We have heard of you James Rink; I have been waiting for you to come. You are a new subject that has been here before; but your memories have been blocked. The Dark Fleet is on the move, but the Nazis are just hiding out at this time, but there is a great war coming. Now, is the time to get your memories and gifts back. I am growing old and I am dying. I will help you as much as I can; but don’t let the other reptilians know you are here. They will kill you in an instant. I will help you find a death ray gun for your protection; you will know when to use it. Others have chosen Dark Fleet to rule over planet Earth. I myself still believe in peace amongst us reptilians and humans. Both of you, carry a certain type of Draco reptilian DNA genetics within you. It’s very rare, I never smelled anything like it before; and I can sense it a mile away, just by smelling you. I still have my senses even though I am an old Draco. I don’t know how long; I have been in this current form. We only live accordingly, to how we are created. We don’t have a time limit like humans do, when they die. We die accordingly, to how we were created.

I have children and grandchildren on other planets. I am not well, but I can help you as much as I can. You are very lucky, normally I don’t like humans, and humans don’t like me. But I have chosen a different path; I did not rebel, like you did. My family was forced into servitude. The Dark Fleet is building their army, and we don’t have much time.

My name is Haracka; before they imprisoned me; I was one of the heads of the Dark Fleet family, one of their generals; and I made decisions based off their missions, and I had to deliver their messages. It was not easy for me, because my children were at risk of punishment on other planets.

This base is mostly responsible for converting the children into reptilians. They are building their army for the Dark Fleet, some will also be used as super soldiers and cyborgs, and the rest either food, or for genetic experimentation, with my kind and your kind. They used me to smell the children’s DNA, so that I know they have the reptilian genetics. But since I am dying, they can’t use me anymore. It’s either do or die. They will throw you away to even your own family to be eaten and they will kill your own children, if you don’t comply.

Your DNA is very rare, you have the DNA of a super soldier and you have the DNA of a Draco, but you have more super soldier DNA then Draco. They have built your clone here, they tried to convert you into a Draco; but since you have higher percentage of super soldier DNA they cannot do it. I have been trying to reach out to Adrian; as he is a most sensitive psychic one; and allow him to see the experimentations so that he can lead you to the door of your ability. I been watching and helping you this whole time. We worked together on many missions. We were in a project called Star Craft.

Project Star Craft was a very interesting project. We travel all around the universe from planet to planet, understanding different types of alien languages and how different worlds could coexist with each other. We also confiscated the weapons of these alien beings, and we have trained them to be used as super soldiers, for what is about to come. But since we failed our missions, on every mission, the Dark Fleet has confiscated many reptilian bases and destroyed our planets. We were the guardians of the universe and its protectors. We gargoyles made an agreement, to watch over and protect humanity.

I now suggest you get out of here and go find your clone. Try to find your memories of what they did to you. As I watched over you, as one of your guardians, when you were a child, you were the navigator. I was assigned as your protector. You were six years old. You don’t remember it, and that is why I brought you here to remember it. All your memories are stored here at this base. Some of these memories will be very painful, because of the torture that was implanted by my people, reptilians, and Draco’s.

I don’t remember much of my childhood. I remember being born human and genetically modified from human into my Draco form, at the age of 5 years old. I was created in a Milab. My human name was Adam Kessler. If you could restore me, take me back to who I was. I was one of the very first that were transformed into a reptilian. This is not how I wanted to live my life. But I ran away from home, because my adopted mom and dad used to fight all the time. My father was an alcoholic who used to abuse my mother and I had no other place to go and they transported me here. I was a homeless street kid.

Before I was with my parents, I was an orphan. I never had the opportunity to live a normal life. When I was younger, World War II was going on. They were dropping chemical bombs, which could change people into strange creatures. I remember screaming and crying with my mom holding me. Then the Nazis grabbed me, threw me in the car and took me into the base. The Nazi was speaking German, that I must go with them, I must go with them. I said no, no, momma, momma.

Father heard me, but he was too far gone with his alcohol, I think father was somehow tied into this. He was a business man; he never told us what he did on his trips. But we all knew he got his money somewhere and used to hide it. I think the Nazis used to pay him. There was a lot of child trafficking going on at this time. But now unfortunately, it has gotten even worse and way out of hand.

Dark Fleet is very aware of your work, Super Soldier Talk. They are not happy about the light of the truth. They will do everything in their power to stop the truth of us reptilians; especially the experimentations to genetically modify humans into reptilian DNA. I could never live a normal life, unless I was regenerated back into a human. One thing is for sure. I will forgive but never forget. I wish to see my mother because of how beautiful she was. Mother is probably dead, they killed a lot of my family, and they said my father was somehow involved in this horrible nightmare.

A lot of other reptilians won’t help me because I fought back. I want you to go to level 5 and check out that part of the facility were the children are, you need to go through the three exit doors, there are alarms everywhere and they are very sensitive, they have voice recognition and cameras in the area. I will try to censor the alarms and cameras and try to shut them down.

Even here in these tunnels, it is not safe. We torture children and eat flesh off their skin. There are many corridors, you do not want to go into. It becomes very dark, evil, and it’s very sinister. I want you to get out of here and go back my children. I will find those who are responsible and rip their heads off. But I don’t have the strength. I don’t have the strength to move like I used too.

I don’t have much longer to live so we need to speed things up, if I want to live longer. I was forced to eat children’s flesh; it’s the only thing we can do to survive. In their rituals, we live off their loosh energy, because children produce more loosh, and life force. I don’t like it, I don’t accept it, and I don’t agree with it; because I once was human and now, I will die as a Draco.

Please be careful, go with God, please find someone to help me. I feel your pain and I know you are searching as much as I did to find your memories and the truth so that you can help guard and protect it.”

At this time, we both thank Haracka for this help. We both go up the elevator to level five and see a hospital looking hallway with many normal looking security cameras. A soldier can be seen carrying something that looks like a bucket. This area used to be under construction in Adrian’s dream, but now everything is all fixed up. It’s interesting how they fixed everything up so fast.

The door leading to the gymnasium, is round, and you can hear 80’s or 90’s disco music and the noise from tons of people inside. This is where they are having their meetings. There are lights on and they are having a party. Waiters are giving people glasses of blood and they are being tipped with money.

A man dressed in a cape, is talking on the microphone. He almost looks like Hitler, he’s dressed like him, but it’s not Hitler, maybe a captain from Dark Fleet.

I see Nazi and American flags in the gymnasium, but they are separate. I am also seeing Chinese, Japanese, and German flags on the walls. They are all singing, laughing, dancing, and clapping. I hear them talk about how together, both Nazis and reptilians are going to take over the world and the children. They show on a big screen their plans, but I don’t understand it because I don’t want them to see me.

There is woman now, talking in German, she is wearing a grey jacket with pins and buttons of the Nazi party on it, and she has her hand up doing a Nazi salute. Many of the men are balding. They look like Hitler’s men. But this is a very old memory, this place is isolated, it’s a hologram. They are playing something back in time to show us what happened when Dark Fleet took over the bases. This room is a hologram room, playing old scripts from video recordings.

We both go into another corridor, and I see my younger self. Painted on the door I read, “James Rink’s Room.” I am only 5 or 6 years old and I am painting and am humming. He thinks he is at home, but he is not at home, they made a replica of my bedroom to suppress this memory. I see a bunk bed. There is another boy on top of the bunk bed. His name is Kyle.

Younger version James, sees me and asks “who are you?” I said, “I wanted to paint with you.” And the younger me said, “You like the color red? You like bright colors?” He is painting a sail boat with stormy sky on white paper. It looks like it’s raining in the room but it’s not raining outside its sunny. The children are in some kind of simulation.

There are cameras in their room and sensors in the walls where they watched everyone all the time. The cameras and sensors are deactivated now. I told both children that we need to get you out of here and take you both home. But my younger self said, “We are home.”

Knowing I didn’t really have time to explain the full process, I told him “I have a time machine and I want to show it to you but you must come quick because its about to leave.” When I was a boy, I always wanted to ride a time machine, so I knew that would motivate him. My younger self says “Really? I want to see it.” But Kyle says, “You can’t leave here, and I want to stay. They got tracking devices on your ankles.” Kyle was also taken from his family and put into project surrogate too, and he may even be biologically related to me. He wanted to stay behind because he was too fearful to escape with us.

I tell my younger self, “Now you need to be very quiet.” I cover his face with a bag and he says, “This isn’t fun anymore.” I tell him, “There are very bad people that are out to get us. I am going to take you home.” My younger self says, “I thought I was home.” I tell him, “They used magic to make you think you were home. But I am your future self and I want to help you.” My younger self responds, “Then I want to get out of here, so you can take me to my real home.”

We both go out the backdoor, up the stairs, to the top of the roof, where Adrian threw a ball into the air and it rolled down near the helicopter, where a chronosphere popped out.  The three of us get inside and take off, and we all go to a Pleiadian ship. Inside, one of the Pleiadians tell us, that they would take over from here. They thanked Adrian and gave him a metal, which was put over his neck, for rescuing me. They then put my younger self into a bedroom, in one of the ships. It had a glowing fish lamp that would help him go to sleep. The room also had gaming arcade systems and they allowed my younger self to play any game I wanted. There was a basketball and soccer ball in there. There were also two closet doors that could open up electronically. There were socks, shoes, underwear, all rolled up nicely on the shelf.  Also, there was a paint set there. That is how we left my younger clone; were he is still today, I guess.

My brother Kyle, didn’t fare so well. He was punished and his privileges were taken away. They took him down to the furnace room in the cellar. As a punishment they starved him, and they didn’t allow him to participate in other activities with the kids. He was also forced to watch the reptilians eat other kids. Now that the Pleiadians have my younger clone version of me, they are making a plan to shut down the operation and recuse all the kids.


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