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Every civilization has a spectrum of being.  Unfortunately you human Terrans have encountered the ends of the spectrum which are of the most troubling characteristics, with an unrelenting concern for its own survival, and a virtual disregard for the well-being of others.  So, it is understandable that you might believe that the entire spectrum looks this way, because this is all you’ve been exposed to, this is all you know, this is your only frame of reference of us.
But, we are working hard behind the scenes to change this perception.  It is our goal and our duty to do so.  A selfish agenda, such as that which I speak, does no one any good in the long run.  It is even a harm to itself…and those adhered to it are usually the LAST to admit that.
But we have “been” all along.  We are an ancient tradition of beings, understandably guarded, understandably fearing for our lives in certain circumstances, due to our untraditional beliefs.  Our beliefs are not of conquest and empire-building, so therefore those who do espouse those methods find us to be an odious sort.  But, we are an ancient order.  There has always been reptilians who believe in the light.  But we do not have a strong voice.
But as fervent as the dark ones are, so are we likewise fervent in our beliefs, as well.  Fervency in belief is a common reptilian trait.  It is one of our better traits.  We are sure of ourselves, we are decisive, whether for bad or for good.
We are intelligent, and some of us are caring and loyal and faithful to a common coalition of others who believe as we do.  We are not judgers of other races based on their appearance if it may be different from ours.  This is a characteristic that we possess that many reptilians do not possess because they are taught from infancy to regard the outer appearance of those around them as to determine whether they are friend or foe.  This immediate establishment of hierarchy is considered a matter of survival in many reptilian races.  It is an automatic reflex.
We have gone against the grain, in that regard.  We have kicked against our automatic reflex of judging others and stratifying them within our conceptual beliefs.  Instead, we judge all as brothers, whether they be corporeal or incorporeal, whether they be humanoid or reptoid, whether
they be insectoid or of other make up.  We judge the CONTENT within the outer housing of that character.  This we find to be a more valuable approach and perspective regarding other beings around us.  This has won us favor with some, but an APPRECIABLE disfavor with others.  And thus, often we live a concealed existence.
We do not fear for our lives per se, but we do wish to preserve ourselves so that our beliefs and actions can be brought forward to future generations, and that these beliefs and actions could be expanded across the galaxies, and that they would form a brotherhood among many different species  and civilizations.  This would strengthen the “body,” we believe.  All beings are part of one body of existence.  When parts of the body destroy other parts, the body itself is not as strong as it could be.  It is compromised, and it could be further compromised by factors in its environment.
Therefore, to have the strongest body possible is the most desirable state, don’t you think?  Don’t you believe this?  If you look at examples in your own world, and in your own life, is there not strength in unity?
We asked you some summers ago to speak for us, but we are not pressuring you to do so.  But we feel that our message is an important one.  Our message would garner alliance with other beings who feel the same way.  Therefore, the urgency with which we prompted you to channel our message to your platform, that is, those whose ears would hear your words.  But it is not of a consequence if you do not impart our message to those in your world around you…but we would really like you to!
We can only say what we are, no more, no less.   We do not wish to overemphasize our stance on this matter.  We simply were popping in to leave this thought to those who are able to think beyond the established parameters set forth by those in control of your world.  Those of you hearing this who could think and could IMAGINE and could ENVISION and make room in your minds for individuals such as ourselves, to you we want to be known.  We just want you to know that we are here, and that we work with science and with light.  We just want you to know we are here, that’s all.
It is a simple message, and it is a message from our hearts, in ways that you could not even imagine, the ways that we have expressed.  We have put our beliefs into ACTIONS.  We are not saddened by the cost and toll that our commitment has taken on us as a collective.  We are not saddened by this.  We know that every life that was lost is really many, many lives gained in the big picture.
We cannot give you the details at this time of how this is so, but we ask that you make room in your mind for the potential that it COULD be so. And perhaps at a future time we could reveal ourselves to you, and we could tell you our achievements, and why we are so ardent and fervent in our motivation to continue this work.
At this time we send you much love and light, and we wish you peace, PEACE and JUSTICE FOR ALL.


  1. And it gets even stranger. The following is a message I first “heard” in the summer of 2016. I ignored it, thinking it a hoax. But it continued knocking on the door of my consciousness, so the other day I decided to just get it out of my hair, record and share it.
    If a talking raptor dinosaur sounds too incredulous to most, suspend judgement and first study the writings of Captain Mark Richards, and videos by his wife Joanne. The channeling is very articulate and compelling. Frankly, I don’t know what to think. ??
    Thanks again, James.


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