James I had an awful dream and hopeful you could help me make sense of it…….

I Woke up in the middle of a dream and I could see my bedroom clearly. Then a 6 foot reptilian held me down by my arms and legs and began a rape attempt – held me down, I was fighting, and I was escaping enough to beating the wall for help-the reptilian I did not know. He was very heavy and kept sticking his tongue down my throat…I fought, and cried out over and over to God, and the battle continued. He wrapped me up in my blanket, and laughed. Next, I squirmed out of the blanket but I went into a sleep paralysis. I was yelling, but this thing was stealing my energy and using it back against me..

Then, all around me, I saw one of my old friends but since distanced myself from because of their negative behavior writing dark magic symbols on my wall that appeared to be witchcraft of some kind. I fell on ground crawling for help and beating the floor for someone to hear me. I heard my partner coughing in the living room, wondering why he was unable to help. I was thrown around the room…then felt pain in my vaginal area. Finally, I screamed out for my natural mother (who died years ago)…the sleep paralysis left and everyone else including the Reptilian. Calling my mother a loud stopped it. I woke up. I have never had such a horrible dream-rape in my life. I got up and checked my phone. There was an actual “Missed called” from this person in the dream on my cell phone. I didn’t answer of course nor will I be calling back. What a awful dream. Still recovering. I feel this ex friend of mine probably works for the Cabal and was sent in to try to sabotage my own recovery.

Here are the pictures I took of the incident when I woke up in the morning.

IMG_20130928_122921  IMG_20130928_122941 IMG_20130928_122951