Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Reptilian Resistance

James I wanted to share my experience with you of a astral  encounter inside a Annunaki ship. It began with my friend calling to ask if I could see a portal opening up near San Francisco. As soon as I brought my awareness there I was taken directly up into space a saw a massive long black ship. That looked like this




The front was  saucer shape, the backside was triangular and long and the back section looked black and dirty. The inside looked very spartan and basic similar to earth based war ships. Here I saw a reptilian, 7 to 8 feet tall, lighter green color with black markings on its back. She had blue eyes a ridge on her head and a long tall.

She immediately knew I was there and quickly went right up to me and said hey then ran away real fast. I tried to follow her but she telepathically said not too as I was being watched and they will follow us here. She said they are part of the resistance, and they are about to go war.


Then today I was relaxing earlier and saw a similar ship. But it was smaller, saucer shaped, and was black and dirty. Went inside, and it was a lot nicer; looked like a tanish color. Saw tall blondes, white skin people with reptilian eyes, and a weird tongue. They had purple, black, and white, suites on. They were skin tight. I went into ones head and asked what they were doing. He said nothing. Just observing. He was lying.


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