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Reptilian Shapeshifters – Update from Mack

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James thought i would share a dream i had here are the notes i took from the night of April 10 2013

It begins with me playing games with large group of kids, like sports of some kind, seems like some people i recognize from going to school with them. All young children. I feel like Im the group leader. All the while playing these “games” I notice that there are very fit men in military garb that act like our coaches but I feel like they are our handlers.

It kind of cuts scenes from that point to where I am with one specific girl and she has black hair and we are in love with each other. we are still kids but I know I will spend the rest of my life around her. not in a literal relationship but just like a permanent connection. She is important and comes into play later. So I remember talking with her and just having this huge connection with her from the start then it cuts scenes again…

From there i had another dream where I get chills just thinking about what happens next. Keep in mind that the whole time this dream is going on I was perfectly conscious of the fact that I had lived this experience and that It wasn’t just a dream fabricated in my mind.

I KNOW that i lived this experience and I think it relates to my past how you think I might have been an undercover nazi spy or something. But yeah sorry heres the juicy details:

Cuts scene again and now Im much older in a debriefing room. I am in military garb and my manner is totally different then how i act and speak here in real life. here Im this stoner sounding 21 year old hippy kid and in this dream (keep in mind I’m fully aware that its me and not just me remote viewing someone else) in the dream I am entirely discipline my chest protrudes out to show dominance and thats exactly how I treat the large table of people sitting in the debriefing room.

I know that I am largely in charge of the decisions made in that room but the room is just a oval table with military officials sitting around it nothing else in the room at all but I am standing behind the girl who i mentioned before who is sitting at the head of the table debriefing everyone there. She is clearly in charge but I feel as though I work with her. There is also a superior to us who is standing next to me behind her. Its as if us three (the girl, our superior and Me) are working together to debrief the rest of the people in the room

I then look over the girls shoulder and she pulls out a manilla folder while explaining to the people in the room that everything we speak about in the room doesn’t leave that room because she is about to reveal to them the infiltration of the govt by Reptillians/ Nazi’s etc

she does this by giving a short disclaimer (what you are about to see if going to be very scary and hard to believe) that kind of statement, then she opens the folder and pulls out a picture. Im not sure if who I think is in the picture is really who it is but all i could think in the dream was hillary clinton but its just a picture of a women’s hands and it cuts off at her wrist.

the picture is just hands and a small portion of the cufflinks from her suit. she then explains to everyone in the room what reptilians are why they are here who is a reptilian etc then she pulls out another picture of the same women’s hands but they are weird:

Ill describe as best i can but i will have to send you a picture of what i saw because i drew a diagram of it but if you put your hands out in front of you like your typing thats how they looked like she was presenting them with the palms facing down and out of the knuckles of her human hands pertruded reptilian scaly fingers kind like how wolverines claws come out except there were the same amount of claws as there were fingers kind of like the picture was taken when her cloaking failed. This of it like this put your hands out in front of you and imagine out or the middle knuckle of your fingers reptilians fingers coming out from overtop your normal fingers.

Actually I think I remember the picture was explained as her presenting the claws to someone as a threat like to say I’m really what I claim to be kind of thing.


So the girl does her presentation with the pictures and the whole time I keep chiming in saying things like WE WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN and We WILL RESOLVE THIS DILEMMA like I’m pep talking them or something but with more attitude. In that moment in the dream is when I realized that I was this Important leader of the opposition that would attempt to stop the infiltration of world govts.

so after I give my little pep talk we dismiss the people in the room and the girl me and our superior meet in a separate smaller room like a private meeting room. our superior sits behind a desk and me and the girl sit next to eachtother across from him. His demeanor changes from when we were in the meeting. in the meeting he looks confident that we will succeed but when we enter the private room he starts to look very concerned at how to deal with this issue. I remember telling him I will deal with it myself and then it cuts scene to me in a military operation involving some weird tin foily looking outfit like a biohazard suit.
thats where it ends

That was the first dream then a lot of dreams I’ve had have just involved me with a military rifle like an m 4 or something on operations. one of which involving people acting like zombies

BTW I don’t think I ever told you but the picture of the room with nazi insignia from my regression is exactly how I described it in the interview you were dead on with the picture you found and a lot of these pictures from this Jackson facility article Im looking at now are very similar to what I saw too. Idk where you find these pictures but the one from my interview is so dead on when i first saw it I got shivers. The picture with the greys looks like the circular hallways I was describing and the picture underneath looks like the room I went in but you found a lot more about this base. a lot a lot more. Thanks James not sure where this is going to take me but I am ready to see what unfolds.

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