The numbered titles I’ve given below are the closest super-short description I could think of based on my experiences.  Those who have delved deeply enough into the study of the reptile-like ‘aliens’ will know that such simplistic titles don’t do justice to their complexity and also the service they provide.  Yes, I said ‘service’ because even creatures like snakes, bats and  spiders — beautiful animals that for some reason many humans loathe — contribute in their own unique way to the balanced functioning of creation.    

1.  Nordic king, ‘Great White One’.
2.  Female heritage species
3.  Dragon warrior, Japan
4.  ‘Draco’ youth
5.  Researcher
6.  Assassin 
7.  Bodyguard (to Draco)
8.  Tube craft navigator
9.  Batallion commander
10.  Aristocrat – poet
11.  Dark one
12.  My former handler 
13.  ‘Gar’ – Warrior
14.  Scamp
15.  Anubis Draco-child
16.  Draco governor
CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE   Similar to the plastron on the underside of a turtle this type of Reptilian has a chest plate made of cartilaginous plates.  I met one of this type in 1979 in Eugene, Oregon.  He was a dark coffee brown color with the chest armor slightly different shades ranging from a dark amber color to a dark brown.  He stood a little over 6′ tall and had a sturdy but not stocky build.  I’ve named this particular being Gar because he reminded me of a gargoyle.   We had a short conversation that was cordial but also rather intense.  This is an individual who I’ve known from other life experiences and we have engaged in a variety of activities, including extremely intense Kundalini energy fusion.  
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