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Response to Triangle Crest December 27, 2012

Hi James I saw the mark and that the pleiadians had taken you on their ships. James be careful since as we are MILABS any activity alien wise is all connected to the MILAB complex. Theses Pleiadians if there is such a thing will be renegades.

Or they will have some contract with your government. Because the MILAB complex is a negative entity they would not allow any positive group to grab you. I do not wish to be negative but I have to be truthful for your protection.

James if a positive group were to grab you that would had been done long ago. Also the activity with you and MILABS and me has intensified over the last few short months 24/7. So they will jealous of anyone wanting to step in from another outside group.

I wish I could say ohm fantastic perhaps this and that but I cannot James I would be lying to you. Freedom from the MILAB complex will come but not like this and in this way. Car hire in Tenerife To me it is another standard mark that represents a group that is connected to the complex it is a branding. Someone is borrowing you for some work. This is what is happening we are being borrowed or shifted around to others.

So just be aware of everything and stay focused on what is more realistic when it comes to the MILAB complex and why they are trading you with another group.


Yeah i suspect there was more at play. Generally the Pleiadian don’t abduct and inject but this wasn’t really a injection mark more of a branding mark like you say. Speaking of branding not only have i received numerous triangle crests over the years , interestingly on Valentines’s Day 2006 i received a heart shaped crest, i didn’t get a picture of it cause it was in my nose. I have also received a crest in the shape of a dragon on my lip. see picture. 


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