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Reverse the Situation of a Super-Soldier

“There are techniques that are known that can fully reverse the situation of a super-soldier, and it does require commitment, and time to do it, and it can be done, and they haven’t been known before Ron Hubbard.

And I believe the techniques done to make a super-soldier, they can be reversed. You know of Cathy O’Brien? The first person to help her when she escaped was a Scientologist who took her in, a friend of mine.

Cathy had her memory restored by a number of techniques, and not only by him. That’s remarkable. There are no others of her ilk with restored memory like she has. She was implanted severely. From childhood – babyhood, actually.
The super-soldiers should get together with the White House models and examine their mind control programs. Would be a great joint project! Invite Cathy O’Brien to the super-soldier convention…”
Project Camelot interviews Dane Tops
Los Angeles, September 2009


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