Wednesday, May 29, 2024

RIP Preston Nichols of Montauk Project

According to Preston Nichols friend, Clark, Preston Nichols passed away this morning at 4am (today) October 5, 2018.  He had suffered a heart attack in July followed by a stroke in September.  The news of Preston’s passage was also confirmed by another phone call.  It is not known if there will be a conventional funeral.  His body has reportedly been taken to a mortician, but I have no further information at this time.

Preston is thanked for all the work he did to investigate the Montauk Project and bring issues to light that other would not look at.  He always said his purpose was to get humanity through to a certain point.

It is my hope that Preston will be able to do more from his new place in the universe.


  1. I’m discouraged, and a bit sad. I suppose I could admit feeling somewhat heart broken over discovering Preston has checked out already. I’ve never met him and didn’t know much about him other than that he was connected in some way with the Mantauk Project. It was only recently that I took an interest in him and began researching him. The more I learned, the more fascinated I became. I felt compelled to know more. I found one video where he even gave out his personal phone number and welcomed anyone to call him if they desired. I wanted to call him but since the date of this recording was in about 2013, I thought I’d better make sure he was still alive and well and active with his hobbies and interests. It’s very discouraging news as I come across this latest report on Preston Nichols! I know he leaves behind a vast legacy. Who will carry it forward? Anyone?


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