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Emily Iona· Thursday, March 3, 2016
Targeted individuals by Rothschild’s and illuminati agents.
In 2012 I become a target by the illuminati Rothschild family.
The Rothschild’s are very evil and malicious rulers over this world.
There reptilian annunaki hybrids and they are harvesting souls on this planet. The illuminati are in contact with many other extraterrestrial races they communicate through other super computers.
The Rothschild’s put me under electronical harassment via the Irish police headquarters Dublin castle. I was also cloned they now have many cloning centre across the world America and Europe. They take human DNA to create there reptilian clones and then they ritual sacrifice there victims in ancient oracle sites such as Egypt and Greece. The clones with the reptilians are made in other ground bases in Europe and America Dulce is one of the post famous one.
In 2012 I was channeled via my pineal 3rd eye by Annuanki queen by the court of Amon Ra this is why the pyramid is on the dollar bill. The eye of Horus represents these off world overlords who set up civilisation such as Egypt, Mayan and the global pyramid network across the globe.
I have meet many of these reptilian hybrids in the past few years working in the police force and religious institutes in Ireland they have been malicious towards putting me under a lot of surveillance and harassment….
I’m under 24/7 electronical harassment via scaler waves done through satellites and computers which the NWO want everybody controlled under. This is a dark fascist fate for humanity the same families where behind the Nazis and Zionist movements that have set up this one world evil.
I hope this gets exposed further in the future and humanity wakes up to these nefarious cabal such as queen Elizabeth Rothschild’s Putin Clintons and everybody who works for them. Like President Kennedy said they want to enslave every man women and child on the globe.
One very important thing is that the brotherhood of serpent the Jedi of Egypt are droning I saw one women been drone with vril serpent parasite which attach to the spinal column this process is depicted on the ancient murals of Egypt. The dark side of the illuminati attacked me on an astral level with these parasites. After this women was drone she was ritually sacrifice by the female reptilians at an oracle site in Greece. This was depicted in the star gate series who are Hollywood insiders and know the operation of the dark side of the illuminati.
The Rothschild’s I know for a fact a black Satanist who practice much human sacrifice between killing babies and women there are many online accounts of people who have witnessed these Satanist rituals such as Arizona wilder and john Todd who left there testimony.
The mk ultra programme they have me under they would use certain images like the Kabbalistic tree of life and shattered mirrors.
They were also trying to programme me in an illuminati space programme.
The elite are now travelling to other star systems such as Orion and Draco and Pleiades, this technology was back engineered since the Nazis space programmes in 1940s.
The Rothschild’s Paul and Nathan from Germany are some of the perpetrators of this crime on me. They harvested the ovaries from my womb for the reptilian hybrid programme.
The illuminati and their agents were making treats to drone me in there rituals please research Donald Marshall online website and YouTube post on illuminati cloning programmes and drones.
Many of the elite know what’s happen to me such as freemason, military and celebrities and leaders across the globe. Targeted individuals are hooked up to NWO super computers people can be viewed in their homes through infrared scaler wave technology this was also shown in the divergent film.
This is happening to many hundreds of thousands across the globe.
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