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Russia’s Baba Vanga announced Zelenskyy’s fate

Ivan Fomin, a resident of Borisoglebsk, Voronezh Oblast, is able to heal no worse than Vanga predict natural, epidemic and political disasters. The psychic, who previously worked for the KGB, told NTV when the regime in Kyiv could fall.

Ivan Dmitrievich Fomin was a member of the special unit of Professor Alexander Spirkin, founder of the Extrasensory Perception Laboratory in the USSR KGB. Fomin accurately predicts disasters and calamities. For example, in December 1988 he warned the Russian leadership about an earthquake in Armenia, and in the spring of 2002 he predicted the helicopter crash of the governor of Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexander Lebed.

Fomin is now 86 years old. He is closely following events in Ukraine. He claims he foresaw it and even knew when President Vladimir Zelensky’s surrender would take place.

In an interview with journalists, he confidently said that Zelenski would soon flee the country to Poland or one of the Baltic states, most likely Lithuania.

According to the psychic, the current President of Ukraine is very worried and fears for his future.

“Honestly I’m worried but I don’t see the result, I’m confused in my thoughts, in my actions. He will think everything over in time, but it will be too late,” the clairvoyant is convinced.

According to Fomin Zelenski, he has an unstable psyche and is easily controlled from the outside.

“With his unstable psyche, he looks like Biden. Therefore, they work on the same vibrations,” said the psychic.

Looking to the future, the male equivalent of Baba Vanga, as journalists call him, has expressed confidence that Zelenski will not live to see the end of his term and will step down from the presidency.

Ivan Fomin even sees the exact date of the surrender. He says this could happen in September, for some reason he thinks it’s the 17th, Blitz writes.


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