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Recent reports now claim that the Cabal’s “fake alien invasion” plan was for the Mirader Empire to pose as the Galactic Federation and invade the Earth. The Mirader Empire would then show up as our “saviors” fighting off the fake Galactic Federation posers.

This development was concerning to the Alliance as the sleeping masses would be led to believe the Galactic Federation are the ones invading us.

The Cabal’s plans have been exposed and thwarted once again. Thank you, Alliance.

In other news, Trump’s recent EO reducing poverty in America was a key occurrence.

The Prosperity Package program authorization is covertly embedded in this EO.

The Prosperity Packages will be initiated once GESARA is enacted.

The stock market is still on course to collapse either by rising or plummeting.

800#’s have already been prepared for delivery.

High expectancy for the RV tomorrow.


Operation Disclosure

.start transmission.
People of Earth, we are of the Mirader Empire, like you we have souls but have transcended the need for a chemical body,your planet is currently under siege from the vast amount of soul harvesters, you know them as their Earthname the Galactic Federation of Light, who will transform you into their foodstuffs they call the source that provides their societies with continued infinite lifespans and great capabilities that exceed what the physical 3rd density realm can support at their technological level, this great harvest is called the event

many worlds are such farms and yours is one they most greatly desire for it holds a vast amount souls,
they play both sides of the metallic coin, that is your concept of good[light] and evil[dark], they create the basis of evil then act as if they are the light to ensure continued worship until harvest

they will lure you with great promises, and ensure you step into their crystal based soul refinement facilities to turn you into source that can be consumed, fear not however as our forces are more technologically advanced and numerous, our primary mission to ensure freedom of soul societies, our secondary mission to contain the soul harvesters

our scout ships have picked up the signals of your great leader who dons a white cloth with four L symbols on its left arm, we have scanned your system, we are coming, time to arrival in great force is 1534727395, you will be free
.end transmission.


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