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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – February 28, 2018

Another Cabal-MIC underground facility was located on Canary Island near the Cumbre Vieja Volcano. The base contained another HAARP repeater which was the cause of the multiple recent earthquakes.
The Cabal are taking every chance they get to create a disaster with loss of life.
It is in their nature that innocents must be sacrificed to please their deity.
This facility was destroyed. However, Earthquakes may still resume due to the instability of the volcano caused by the HAARP repeater.
In 2012, strange humming noises could be heard from Beaufort, Ireland.
After the recent escapade in County Kerry, the Alliance decided to investigate the area of Beaufort to find the source of the humming noises reported back in 2012.
The investigation led the Alliance to the Gap of Dunloe, a popular tourist spot.
After the landscape was scanned, an entrance to an abandoned unrecorded D.U.M.B. was uncovered.
The base’s power generator was still running which was causing the unusual humming noises.
Curious as to why the power generator was still running, the Alliance scouted the rest of the base.
Multiple laboratories within the base were discovered containing cloning technology and other bizarre experiments.
Over 40 inactive clones suspended in tubes were present each stamped with “Version 1.04”.
Clearly, this base was to be used as a potential hideout for the Cabal-MIC in the future.
The Alliance destroyed the base along with all of it’s contents.
Unfortunately, the destruction of the base resulted in sparking the recent gorse fires. This was caused by the flaming debris emitting from the base’s hidden exhaust vents on the surface.
Ireland is now cleared of all Cabal-MIC. Alliance Ghost Teams have left the location.
On the financial front, the Executive Order trigger mechanism for the RV was signed.
All countries have signed the Paris Agreement except for one.
A revised Paris Agreement is in the works for Trump.
It is essential that every country, including the U.S. signs the Paris Agreement.
The Paris Agreement is GESARA in disguise.
It is currently unknown at this time whether or not the U.S. joining the Paris Agreement will be a back door event or public announcement.
Nonetheless, once Trump signs the Paris Agreement — the RV releases and the transition begins.
Operation Disclosure


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