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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – “Hot Spots” – November 12, 2019


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Sources are claiming the Inspector General’s report on FISA court abuse is expected to be released before Thanksgiving.

Mainstream Media (MSM) is now in the spotlight and are getting heat over a cover up story about Jeffrey Epstein.

In the Middle East the Iraq News Gazette claims that Mossad and US Intelligence are stationed in Iraq.

Behind the scenes…threats are flying left and right as Israel is preparing to attack Iran while Turkey threatens to attack Israel in response.

The 3 major powers (US / China & Russia) are currently in private talks about this situation.

President Trump is currently in talks with Iran about having their currency revalue on the condition of denuclearizing.

In Asia the situation in Hong Kong is worsening as the HKPD tyrannize local protesters.

North and South Korea are preparing to announce reunification.

In Europe Prince Charles is expected to visit the US and meet with the Earth Alliance to discuss the future of the crown in the UK.

Deutsche Bank (DB) is now expected to collapse earlier than projected.

The collapse of DB will also bring down the European Central Bank (ECB) and ultimately cause the bankruptcy of the EU.

The dismantlement of the fiat financial system is being engineered by the Earth Alliance.

Once the “bigger than Lehman Brothers” collapse occurs, a cascade of events will follow that will lead to a global economic transition.

Once the transition occurs, oil will become the primary asset to back currencies.

This will cause oil to rise and gold to drop.

Gold is then expected to skyrocket which will then trigger all countries to adopt a new gold standard monetary system.

According to sources, there is high expectancy for the RV to occur between November 12th and the 29th.

The battle against the Khazarian Crime Syndicate (KCS) rages on as they continue to fight to preserve their global criminal network.

(Note: The Deep State Cabal is the US branch of the KCS. They have several other Cabals in Europe and other countries.)

The US, the Middle East and Mexico are the current hot spots of the battle against the KCS.


Operation Disclosure


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