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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – January 17, 2018

Yesterday, Jan. 16, errors were encountered in the new financial system which were quickly solved.
The Cabal then launched another offensive in an attempt to stop the transition event.
More nuclear ballistic missile(s) were launched towards Japan (target unknown).
The missile(s) were launched from another Cabal MIC stealth nuclear submarine.
Both the missile(s) and submarine were destroyed immediately by the Alliance’s SSP. (secret space program)
Japan claims it was a human error (just like Hawaii).
On the same day, high-ranking rogue Cabal elements attempted to escape the planet and were shot down over Michigan by the Alliance’s SSP.
The Cabal have no where to run, no where to hide. They are becoming desperate and reckless in their attempts to stop the transition event.
We are nearing the end of this “shadow” war.
Final authorization for the release of the RV was given but temporarily put on hold.
In the meantime, practice runs are being made for the RV under the new financial system to ensure no further errors are encountered.
Operation Disclosure


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