The collapse of the stock market is proceeding as planned.
All due to the EO that was signed behind closed doors under the Republic (not the USA, Inc.).
The Alliance’s final killing blow to the Cabal.
If everything stays on track, we will see a 40-50% plunge in the stock market over the course of an unknown amount of days.
Once the stock market reaches the point of no return, the gold/asset-standard will be introduced and the RV released.
The introduction of the gold/asset-standard is the new financial system.
The RV is the trigger for the new financial system through redemption of fiat currency and historic bonds (Zim Notes).
The new financial system should be in place before the Yuan Oil-Gold Future Contracts go live on the 26th.
NESARA/GESARA is ready to go.
The prologue is just beginning.
Operation Disclosure