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Saint Germain Message December 2021 Jekyll Island – Includes Transcripts

On December 23, 2021, the 108th anniversary of the signing of the Federal Reserve Act; I traveled to Jekyll Island at the southern tip of the state of Georgia to present a special channeled message from Saint Germain; courtesy of Kimberly Lusanna of

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Hello I am James Rink of Super Soldier Talk, today is December 23, 2021 which is the 108th anniversary of the signing of the Federal Reserve Act. I am here at the southern tip of the state of Georgia on Jekyll Island to present a special channeled message from Saint Germain; courtesy of Kimberly Lusanna of

“Greeting’s humanity, I’ve been asked to comment on the state of Jekyll Island and its intentions for your society. Jekyll Island was once the home of the Timucuan tribe, which was a group of Nephilim Canaanites, who would visit this location from other dimensions in order to conduct cannibalistic rituals and blood sacrifices, which they believed was necessary to boost the affect the of their intentions in the most impactful and destructive way possible. Unfortunately, the negative energy that was imbued into this sacred land, so long ago, by these cannibal giants still remains after so many years.

In the 1900’s, the Rockefeller family had built the Indian Mound House cottage on Jekyll Island over a buried Nephilim alter in order to empower the negative energy vortex that was created by these Canaanite giants. The Rockefellers hijacked this same corrupted energy vortex, for their own nefarious agenda that was in the making.

Members of the banking elite chose to meet here in, November 1910, in order to discuss plans to create the Federal Reserve Central Banking system. This date was chosen, due to it’s particular celestial astrological alignments, that could offer a distinct energetic advantage to depraved individuals seeking to impoverish a thriving nation and subject its people into an inextricable, debt slavery system.

However, myself and other commanders, councils, and confederations were monitoring everything that was taking place at this meeting on the island. This group of elites had focused their attention on utilizing the Babylonian money magic system to create and cast a spell onto the American Dollar currency and then eventually the worlds entire monetary system. This spell was not intended for the benefit of all and undeniably, this spell has been rather successful, due to the lack of awareness of what has been going on energetically, within your society as a whole.

During the meeting, on the alter below the home, a child was sacrificed to soil this location and attach a demon to their plans, to maximize their negative outcome. Magic is all about effecting outcome. This served to amplify negative energy, and to continuously poison the well, so to speak. There is also a certain amount of resonance, that comes from these rituals because at a certain level, it works.

But rest assured, the families that participated in these schemes, will reap what they have sown, “QUOTE UNQUOTE.” When the entire planet finally experiences the implosion, and the imprisonment of this group of criminals, the bouquet of the wine of their final destruction will be so sweet it will behold the attention of everyone’s palette.

It’s going to be like watching a movie, and the bad guys finally get what they deserve. Once that singular awareness is experienced by enough individuals on the planet, it will be similar to a ringing bell; and the people who align with the resonance of that ringing bell; will rise up with that energy stream, into higher levels of awareness and consciousness, that have never been seen before on this planet.

Eventually, when the public discovers what was done to them, not only on Jekyll Island, but in other power spots around the world, the people on this planet will cleanse and transmute all negativity off of Mother Earth, once and for all.
Money is not inheritably bad, if you use a system which is positive for all. There is an alternate timeline, in which the Federal Reserve Act did not get signed into law. There were other issues that came along with that particular timeline, but the outcome was not as dire as what you are currently facing. The Federal Reserve Act, enabled large corporations to consolidate great power, and wealth, and allowed corporations to express themselves, as a voice in governmental affairs. This dangerous merger of corporations and government, has laid the foundation allowing corporate entities, to control every facet of your society, as well as contributing to the deaths of millions of people through an engineered, “viral” outbreak that you are now regrettably experiencing.

Soon, there will be bankruptcies within the central banks, as these institutions are corrupt and losing money. When they rupture, America and the rest of the world, will recover quickly. A new banking system will emerge, formulated from a mix of many different systems. Some will like it, others will not, but it does contain a little bit of everything for the betterment of the entire human race.

Everyone, will have their basic needs met with a form of universal income and replicator technology to feed, house, and clothe everyone at no cost. Once lack is rectified with technology, peace and civility will be brought back to humanity. People will then have time, to focus on cleaning up the mess that has been left behind on your planet. There are a lot of masks in the ocean, there is a lot of garbage to be cleaned up. Focus needs to be placed on restoring your environment back to its original pristineness, as well as removing all toxins and poisons from the ground and air, to make this planet flourish once again.

When resources are finally rallied to clear Jekyll Island of its negativity; evil will no longer be tolerated here. Soon Jekyll Island, will also be harmonized with the new 5D earth that is emerging as we speak. The purple ray will once again be anchored into your planet, and it will shine like a beacon all around Mother Earth. There will also be other areas on this planet which will soon be approaching the middle 4th to 5th dimension; which people will gravitate to; leading into other ways of governance, buildings, technology, and healing.

Thank you, to all of the people holding these magnificent rays of light, you are the ones driving all of the positive changes coming into your reality. We, in the stars, acknowledge and salute you, all, for your continuing service, and divine journey, through the higher dimensions. It is time for the bell of freedom to ring loudly in your ears; may you hear it, and rise up to answer the call.

Mother Earth is beautiful, unique, and blessed, so please take time to celebrate your home, and all of the amazing life forms upon her, by remembering that you are all sovereign beings of light, and that you are the ones that are propelling the enlightenment of the planet forward into new boundless realities… May you all be blessed.
Much love,
St. Germain


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