I am supposed to be in a facility and have been there over the past few months being reprogrammed in a trip chair along with Max by tall humanoid beings with red eyes, annuaki? But somehow i slipped into a different timeline one which I never was sent there, i think someone in the program helped me out with this one. So from your perspective nothing changed but for me it did. Anyway its nice to be back even though no one knew i was gone lol.

James Rink

James be aware of the beings with red eyes it is not good I have come across beings with red eyes before and they are evil as. Well the reprogramming did not work aye bugger that. One of your clones must be going through the reprogramming instead. One thing we can count on James is that they are all of the same mind they all think like evil robots and they are not very sophisticated. That is the ones behind the projects and the handlers and the alien entities. Because of this we can use this to our advantage. Which you do anyhow.

That is there weakness it is that they all think the same or have the same mind patterns. Not one of them is different have you ever noticed that. It is something to talk about when you are with other super soldiers. They will properly say the same thing.

Which means they have no character let alone being spontaneous. They do not have a go between like we do. In other words they have not evolved to a point to where they should. This is something that seems to stick out a mile with them. And this is why they cannot control us apart from mind control and imprisonment. We do their heads in because we are sophisticated enough to know most of their plans. They are not spontaneous or see outside the box.