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Scientology Mark 8 e-meter

An update to this following Scientology article which was deleted from the server by hackers:

I have seen the new Mark 8 e-meter in detail. The shill rips against it are false. The main rip against it is the cost, and when it was actually finished. The Mark 8 was manufactured in 2004 and held for 10 years before release. The reason why it was held back is because many people had already bought mark 7 e-meters, and the mark 7 was excellent. Since the Scientology church mandates the use of the latest release, they held back on the mark 8 for 10 years to allow the mark 7 to run it’s product lifetime out.


I predict that the Mark 8 will be the last e-meter. This is because e-meters use microprocessors and all of the new processors, starting around 2009 or so, can be assumed to be bugged. If the NSA or other intelligence agency had a way to hack an e-meter and screw up auditing, they could destroy a lot of people.

The mark 8 e-meter is very high priced, however, there is some justification for it. All of the dials are optically encoded to prevent potentiometer noise, and that reason alone will give the mark 8 an indefinite product life span – it won’t ever wear out. Additionally, the probes that people hold in their hands, which are called “cans” are all machined from a single piece of metal and not cast or stamped. This means they cost around $30 USD each to make, and there are 24 in a set. The case that goes along with it would cost at least $300 at any discount store, and upwards of $500 at any high end retailer. So though the mark 8 is expensive, it is not junk. My only gripe against the quality is that the main control dial tends to stick a little before moving when turned, which will make fine adjustment difficult despite the fact that it is optically encoded. This could have been unit specific and should be possible to alleviate through mechanical calibration and /or lubrication.

Once again, I am NOT a scientologist, I am a journalist who can get a story straight, and here is the main Scientology report that got hacked.


The Scientology E-meter is 100% legitimate

Jim Stone, Nov 26 2013


I am not a scientologist, but I have looked into this. And I have actually (recently) been asked a few questions while on a Mark 7 E-meter while being allowed to watch the needle and can state with certainty that the device is extremely stable and actually works.


Scientologists use the e-meter to clear bad hidden memories or “engrams” with the end goal of removing all bad engrams and leaving people in a state which is uninhibited by past hidden memories that limit their ability to perform rationally. I have my doubts that a state of “clear”, in which all bad engrams are removed thus allowing application of un inhibited logic to dictate reactions and responses can be achieved and maintained, but I do believe they are onto something legitimate and are far better than any shrink.

It is my guess that the e-meter functions by applying a high voltage which is far beyond the breakdown voltage of skin at a very low current, and measuring changes in electrical flow through the body that are triggered by thoughts. There are several phases of thought you go through with each thought, and if you are lying it can be clearly seen on the needle because it affects the way the phases of thoughts transition. This can clearly be seen on the needle. The e-meter by itself does nothing, it requires a skilled interpreter to see the peaks and valleys in your biological resistance and determine what they mean. It was obviously accurate, because the interpreter was standing in front of the e-meter telling me what the needle would do next without touching the e-meter at all when I was questioned. It followed the interpreters predictions exactly, and no matter how I manipulated the sensors called “cans”, nothing I did could fool the machine into displaying a false reading.

I was able to get ahold of decent pictures of the circuits in a Mark 5 and a Mark 7 e-meter, and can say that the calibration potential in even the Mark 5 exceeds the possible precision available in the best of what the NSA had for signal electronics. There is no doubt that even the Mark 5 is a precision device. The Mark 7, which I was able to test the stability of by squeezing the “cans” is an order of magnitude better, with 11 20 turn calibration potentiometers for a single signal path. That’s unheard of in my experience, the best I ever saw at the NSA used 5 per signal path, 11 for a single signal is unbelievable. And it gives the e-meter an ability to shrug off all lies, it’s simply too stable to fool.


I looked into this simply because the elite hate scientologists so much

You can see it on TV, in Hollywood movies, in the news, EVERYWHERE, scientology is arguably the most elite hated religion out there. And there is a reason. It’s the fact that Scientologists use government level top notch lie detectors for practically everything, to keep infiltrators out. They routinely boot the CIA out and catch and remove infiltrators almost as a routine. Since the CIA has a goal of infiltrating and destroying all but one zionist religion, the fact that Scientologists have a device which functions as an immune system against invasion makes them absolutely hated by the powers that be.

I was also able to conclude that Scientology is in fact not a cult

Another major reason why the elite hate scientologists is the fact that the people who are members are typically wealthy and influential people. And unlike what you are told, they are not slaves to the religion. Scientology for the most part is funded by donations from wealthy members, and the members stay wealthy. These people own businesses, run private schools, are doctors, engineers, etc and not just preying on lower scientology members. In fact, the funding that comes from the wealthy members in the form of donations is so top weighted that it appears the poorer members get a free ride.


Most people have heard that scientology has slave workers trapped in a cult. That is the lie Hollywood and the MSM tells, (as usual)and I’d like to ask people why they know Hollywood and the MSM is lying about 9/11 while believing these same liars would tell the truth about anything else? Over the last two weeks I had the job of installing a theater in a scientology church and got to know some of these volunteers, who account for a whopping 5 percent of the total scientology community.

They could be compared to volunteers who work for any religious organization, be it the Salvation Army, the Catholic Church, or any of the other Christian denominations. They work hard but are treated well. Their needs are cared for very well. And they choose that lifestyle because they see the good in what they are doing and the results it has on society.


What do volunteers do?

You might find this eye opening. Many people know that the Salvation Army has an enormous drug rehabilitation program, staffed by volunteers. The Church of Scientology does also. And arguably the biggest thing the scientologist volunteers do is provide alternatives to modern psychiatry.


Scientologists are fighting the flu vaccine and other damaging medical practices harder than any other group, which makes them a target of elite hatred. They actually took my article “tainted nightmare”, ran it by their own people and released a modified version to be distributed church wide years ago, shortly after I published it. They all know, as part of the religion, that the world banks are the enemy and that most governments are rotten to the core, so much so that you cannot be a soldier or other government employee and be allowed into the church as a member. Unless you are something like a fire fighter, working for a government which by default is virtually always evil and oppressive is too big an evil to be accepted.

Scientologists also refuse any people as members who have done psychedelic drugs or have EVER been prescribed a psychiatric medication such as antidepressants, because they are fully aware of the fact that those types of drugs do permanent damage that can never be recovered from and that once you take them you can never be truly stable or “yourself” ever again. They are also front runners in the fight against psychiatric procedures such as electro shock therapy and the bogus “counselors”.

And they have a point – if a “psychiatrist” lacks a basic tool such as an e-meter to find out what is really going on inside someone, if a psychiatrist sits in a chair and declares you to have a mental illness outlined in a book most people with common sense know is b.s., and then blows someone’s brains out with an SSRI without having even basic diagnostic tools, it makes them quacks with the ability to destroy. And destroyed people who have lost themselves are exactly what the “elite” want the masses to be composed of, people who are too confused, drugged, wiped out or otherwise damaged to set their own paths and destinies. The elite want you to watch what is on a screen and OBEY.

Certainly it would be better to talk to someone who has a machine that knows if you are being honest with yourself, who can therefore keep questioning to the root of a problem and address it and actually make you able to live your life (if you really are that messed up) than it would be to just take a pill on the advice of a shrink and solve the “problem” by blowing it away along with everything else inside you, would it not?

I am not a scientologist. I will never be one. However, I know who the enemy is, and it is not them. And before writing this I took a look at some of the shilling hatred against them on the web. It’s all B.S. The shilling hatred mostly focuses on the volunteers and how they are trapped in a “cult”, and get driven to destruction by forfeiting all their assets to the church.

Folks, this is a bold faced lie. A BIG FAT LIE. It simply does not happen that way. I saw all the members in this community, and they all have outside jobs, businesses, good cars, IN MEXICO. Do you know what part of the social strata you have to be in to drive a Lexus in Mexico? And there are no slaves anywhere, they are just normal people attending a church that has a couple volunteers, who ALSO HAVE A CAR IN MEXICO. Believe me, if you have a car in Mexico you are NOT a slave, and in this case the personal car the volunteers have is church provided. And the theater? It had 3 Bryston amplifiers, 4B SSt’s, a whopping $5,000 U.S. EACH. The scientology community in this town in Mexico is the first group of people I have ever seen in Mexico that ALL HAVE CARS. THAT is a positive anomaly that makes the lies against them being “slaves” completely transparent. This cannot be possible in a cult that destroys it’s people, if you think the Church of Scientology is a cult you have been badly fooled.

sure – the E-meter in my opinion could cost less and looks hoaky. Sure, they sell lots of written materials to members, sure, they are the kings of glitz but it actually produces results, there HAS TO be a reason why their membership is composed of the top people in this society and I would hedge my bets that it is because the church provides guidance to it’s members in all aspects of life including business and what it takes to get ahead. These people are not suffering, that much is certain.


And when it comes to the e-meter, I am among the most qualified out there to say it is completely legitimate. I actually understand what makes things work, and there is no doubt the e-meter is exactly as represented. The shillage regarding this device and the rest of this organization is really really thin.

January 9 2014


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